The Sunday Salon: Reading, Cooking and Hanging Out Edition

Pimm's Cup, My Kindle and The View

On Friday I posted a recipe using Pimm’s liqueur and made a promise to do something summery and just for me this weekend. Well, I’m happy to say that I made good on my promise. I prepared a traditional Pimm’s Cup which is basically Pimm’s, ginger ale and lemon, fired up my Kindle and spent a good chunk of the day in my backyard. The little one was with dad who was visiting his brother across town. The big one was grounded and carrying out his sentence in the privacy of his bedroom, so that left a sunny, afternoon all to myself. And yes, that is a jelly jar. I drink out of mason jars all the time.

I put a large pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove to simmer away for tonight’s dinner and read The Stand while sipping my refreshing drink. Later, a friend of ours is coming over for dinner, but it will be real casual with good conversation and yummy food. Sigh. I only wish that my son had behaved himself and that he wasn’t grounded, but I can’t really dwell on that too much. Kids have to learn the hard way sometimes.

I am a bit off kilter with my reading schedule. I had planned to finish Tinkers, but it’s sort of a heavy book even though it’s so short. It’s not the type of book to read on a beautiful, sunny day but then again, neither is The Stand! I checked out Homecoming by Schlink for this month’s book club meeting so at some point I am going to have to start reading it. It’s not calling my name right now though.

Book Download – Kindle Survey Results

You know how I was making such a big deal about downloading my first paid Kindle book? Well, apparently 44% of you agree that the first download is quite important:

Kindle Survery Results
Kindle Survey Results

For the record, my first FREE download was Emma by Jane Austen.

My first PAID download was You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried by Susannah Gora

I picked YCIMIYT because the Brat Pack totally defined who I am today. I was in high school when those movies came out. I dressed like them, I listened to the same type of music. Those movies felt like they were based on  my life. I still watch them today and my iPod is filled with music from that era.

What I learned? If you see a book you want, just download it because with all of my waiting, it fell off the bestseller’s list and ended up being $4 more. Lesson learned.

Happy Sunday to you!

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Reading, Cooking and Hanging Out Edition”

    1. The Pimm’s is really, really good. I am not a fan of gin but it’s very light and subtle. So subtle that at first I didn’t taste anything as far as alcohol but it it’s deceiving! Two drinks and I was feeling rather mellow.

      BTW…I don’t really drink much since I have to take so many meds for the Lupus, so I am quite the lightweight, but perfectly fine with this drink. Light and refreshing.

      I found Pimm’s at BevMo, in case anyone is wondering.

    1. It’s hot here too, around 97 or so, but in the shade it’s pleasant. It’s a dry heat though which I know makes all the difference.

  1. The drink looks delicious and the view amazing! Glad you had such a nice day, but sorry The Boy was in trouble…I really enjoyed your post as I am currently awaiting the arrival of my Kindle (Tuesday) and am obsessing over which book to buy first!! I’ve changed my mind a dozen times and will probably do so a few more before I actually buy one! Have a good week Ti!

  2. Wow–sounds like a great afternoon!

    To be honest, I can’t remember what my first Kindle book was but I remember being SUPER excited about my Kindle in general. In fact, it may have been Sons and Lovers because that is what I was reading at the time my Kindle showed up and I couldn’t bear to finish the hard copy when I had my Kindle just begging to be read!

  3. At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, I am SO jealous of that drink. I discovered gin last summer and would love to try that one. I’m much more of a summer drinker, love to make up a drink and sit on the deck with it. This summer, tho, WAHHHHH!

    1. Haha! The last time I had a drink was like 4 months ago. I’m sorry that you can’t enjoy this one but you know what? I made a non-alcoholic version with diet ginger ale, lemonade and iced tea and it tasted fab too. Maybe something like that would do for now?

  4. Definitely have to try the Pimm’s. I drink out of Bell jars too! Especially in the summer, for some reason they just seem so summery to me. I saw that you said it was 97 over there today… it’s always amazing to me how different the temps are in the same (general) area. We’re still having some June gloom, (which I actually love) here in Santa Monica.

    Let me know what you think of YCIMIYT. I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Hey Ti! I missed your survey but I would have clicked on the third statement. The first book I downloaded and read on my Kindle in March 2009 was THE READER. Since part of the point of Hubby giving me my Kindle was to limit the amount of physical books coming in the house I try to buy all my books on the Kindle. I actually go into bookstores and make a list of new-to-me titles and then go home and see if they are available on Kindle. I then download the free sample and create my wish list that way. If books aren’t available on Kindle I add the title to my Amazon wish list. Happy Reading!

    1. I am loving my Kindle so much, that I can see myself going that route and not batting an eye over it. As the others said, the first book took a bit of thought but man, I’m not doing much thinking about it now 😉

  6. I could identify with your feelings about your son being grounded. My eldest daughter (age 17) is fun to be around and I have so many experiences I want to share with her, but she keeps getting herself grounded by not keeping her grades up. I feel like I suffer as much as she does when she’s grounded because I lose the pleasure of her company.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. My son is good 90% of the time but when he gets in trouble, it’s usually for something big so he leaves me no option. I have to ground him, and take stuff away and the actual grounding makes it so much harder on the rest of us.

      This grounding lasts one week, with the option to extend, depending on good behavior but it’s no computer, no TV, no anything which makes it so hard!

  7. It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it? It is SO hot here, but in the afternoon, I can wedge myself under the palm tree, feet away from the pool (so I can stick my feet in quickly). I did that the other night with my first volume of The Stand graphic novel! Happy Sunday (on Monday).

  8. What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday. Sorry about your son having to be grounded……par for the course with teens sometimes 😦

  9. I think sitting out in the sun in the comfort of your own yard is the perfect place to read The Stand to keep from getting too creeped out! Sorry to hear about your son! I often think my kids were easier when they were 2 than when they were middle-school aged!

  10. I”m glad you got the weekend you hoped for (minus the grounding of course). And I’m glad the agony of picking your first book is over! Download away!

  11. What a view you have! Sounds like you’re in the kind of place where you have summer almost all year long. So, anytime is summer reading time. Enjoy your reads! Hope you like Emma… maybe you’d like to see the movie after.

  12. I graduated in 85 – what’s your favorite brat pack movie? I love them all – not sure if I have a favorite. Sixteen Candles is good, Breakfast Club, About last night…. what am I missing? I know there are movies they were all in together.

    Your yard is amazing! So glad you enjoyed your day.

    1. I graduated in ’86. My fave movies were Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club but Sixteen Candles and Jake Ryan were awesome as was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I think I’ve memorized Pretty in Pink, and just named my Kindle “Duckie.”

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