Just wondering…

I have been obsessing over which book to download to my Kindle…first.  I downloaded a bunch of free ebooks (all classics) without any thought at all, but for some reason, the first PAID read is a big deal to me.

So I am wondering how many of you are like me, or if I am completely off my rocker? It’s Friday so let’s find out:

*Poll closes on 6/25/10.

**I’ll let you all know which book I downloaded first in one of my Sunday Salon posts.

17 thoughts on “Just wondering…”

    1. Perhaps because with an actual book, you can read it and pass it on if it’s not something you want to keep. With an ebook though, you sort of have it forever. Even if you delete it from the device, it remains in archives, at least that is how it is with the Kindle.

  1. I think my first one was by Nancy Thayer – about a family at the beach or something. Isn’t that terrible that I can’t remember? You know, Ti, my problem is that it is way, way too easy to download. It’s like it’s not real money or something. I have bought way too many and then, just like with regular books, have not gotten to them very fast. It’s an addiction for me and I am trying to do better with it. I love my Kindle though and love the pre-order function. Then the book automatically downloads (of course I have to pay the credit card bill for it) the day the book is released. Good luck with your decisions!

    1. Wow. I didn’t know a about pre-orders. Too tempting! I’m also a little afraid that once I buy a book, I will just keep buying books blindly without any regard to cost. Now I don’t do that with iTunes and damage there is minimal with tunes at $1.99 but books and tunes are totally different items! I salivate over books.

  2. My first download was The Help. It was last year, spring break. I think it was the perfect choice for me. The book is good anyway, but on the Kindle, it was amazing. It made me love my kindle. After that I was a downloading fool. I had to be careful though, they add up pretty quickly and without a stack of read books you can forget how many you have and how much you have spent.

    1. And the “sample” feature makes it so easy to see if you like something too. I have so many samples downloaded right now trying to figure out which book will get the honor of being first.

      My first free book was Austen’s Emma, in case anyone was wondering 😉

  3. But I don’t obsess anymore! I’m like a crack addict. My first ever Kindle download was The Help, and was so glad. It deserved that honor! (BTW, upgraded yesterday and I’m tickled!)

    1. See? And you remember your first download too. So it must have been important. So glad you got that upgrade. I am having so much fun with it.

  4. But after that…it was a free for all…if I wanted it I bought it…I just read an article that said Kindle owners buy more books than any other book buying group…it is just too too easy…the very first book I Kindled was Obedience by Will Lavender…and I loved it…

  5. I made sure I got my money with my first purchase; it was WOLF HALL–hefty in size, and guess what, it is still unread, LOL

    1. Yes! Cost is a factor too! I don’t want to pay $9.99 for a book that is only 200 pages long when I can get a 700 page book for the same price.

  6. I don’t remember it being a big deal for me. I think I was just so excited to see how it worked. Plus, almost any book was cheaper on the Kindle than it was in book form. I think my first was The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society. I bought my Kindle around the time that was released.

    have fun choosing!

  7. I remember my first paid ebook was, The White Queen, by Phillipa Gregory.
    It seems silly, because I don’t remember the first book I bought. Maybe it is because you can get a book anytime you want to. That’s what is so cool about ebooks. However, I still like reading a traditional book in my hands. I like seeing the pages flipping I guess. It is hard to gauge where I am in an ebook still.

    1. I am doing a re-read of The Stand, starting on Monday and the length of it may not work for me on the Kindle. For an epic novel, I’m not sure that progress bar would be enough. I get why they can have page numbers though with the varying fonts and all, but man.

  8. I totally relate! I agonized over it for some reason. It seems silly now. I ended up picking Ken Follett’s “World Without End” … and the irony is that I still haven’t read it!

  9. Hello.. I have been out of the loop..but YAY… you got a Kindle.. I got a Kindle right before the biggest reading slump of my life. But I have to say that first “buy” was hard. It ended up being Pride, Pred. and Zombies…??? ha ha.. After that it has gotten easier for me. I sure love it…I have guilt in my piles of books to read so that is why I am more hesitant…otherwise…I’d be hitting buy buy buy all the time. I love having my classic collection at my finger tips.

    I also left my Kindle on my desk and drove all the way back to work to get it…just in case I needed it.. ha ha..

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