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Review & Giveaway: Promises of the Heart

Promises of the Heart

Promises of the Heart
By Nan Rossiter
Harper, 9780062972132, February 4, 2020, 384pp.

The Short of It:

This story is full of heart. It’s a story about acceptance, new beginnings and continuing to have faith in what you cannot see.

The Rest of It:

Macey and Ben appear to have it all but the one thing they miss the most is a family to call their own. After several miscarriages, Macey is beginning to wonder if they will ever have a child of their own. Ben, although supportive, has his doubts too. Especially when Macey sets her sights on a three-legged dog at an adoption event, and then meets Harper, a little girl in foster care who is in need of a new home.

I’ve read everything Nan Rossiter has written and enjoyed all if it. She has a way of pulling you in with likable characters, beachy settings, her extreme love of animals and food and drink! Promises of the Heart is a little different in that it tackles a topic she hasn’t written about before, the foster care system, but she does so through a hopeful approach while bringing the topic into focus.

I enjoy books like this because it forces you to go a little outside of your comfort zone. There are so many children in foster care and many couples who are not able to have children of their own but deciding to foster is not an easy decision and Rossiter presents this doubt in an honest, realistic way.

If you are familiar with her other books, The Gin and Chowder Club or Nantucket, you will notice a difference in tone with Promises of the Heart but the things that remain are still solid and true; wholesome relationships, steadfast faith, and relatable characters.

The author has offered me a copy to giveaway! If you’d like a chance to win a copy, check out the details below. Please note, the book releases in February 2020 so the winner may have to wait a short while to receive it.


This giveaway is for one copy of Promises of the Heart and is open to the US and Canada. A winner will be chosen randomly by me. The book will come directly from the publisher/author once released. Only one entry per person. Giveaway closes on January 5, 2020 (pacific). I will contact the winner for his/her mailing address.

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Review: A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty
By Joshilyn Jackson
Grand Central Publishing, 9780446582360, 2012, 352pp.

The Short of It:

A thoroughly engaging story about three generations trying to live the best life they can, but battling demon after demon along the way.

The Rest of It:

Liza is a “grown-up kind of pretty” which gets her in trouble more times than her mom “Big” can count. Boys are not her issue, but men? Grown men, preferably married ones are what catch her eye. Drugs too. But when Liza becomes pregnant at the age of fourteen, Big becomes her fierce protector.

Years later, when Liza’s daughter Mosey enters her own teen years, Liza suffers a massive stroke which leaves Big as Mosey’s primary caregiver. Big’s sole purpose in life is to keep Mosey from going down the same path as Liza. But Liza has many secrets. Some of which Big is just now discovering and include something buried in the back yard.

I have to tell you. I have had this book on my shelf for a long, long time. Seven years. Possibly more.  One of the Instagram accounts I follow posted a photo of the book and since she was reading it, and I happened to have it, I joined her. So glad I did. This book has it all and it’s not full of fluff, which the cover might lead you to believe. It reminded me a lot of Steel Magnolias. You know how the women stuck together no matter what? Plus, Jackson can write her fanny off.  These characters leap off the page with all their faults but I still loved them.

If you need a quick read but one that is kind of fun but deep at the same time, go find a copy of A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty.

Source: I won this copy in a giveaway!
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