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Whatnot – Week 10

Hello friends! In another month, it will be a year since I was sent home from the university to work from home. At the time, they were saying 2-3 weeks. In my mind, I was thinking 1-2 months. I rigged a watering system for my plants and left most of my personal items there, only taking my work computer and the important paper files I knew I would need.

A month later I went back to the building for my plants and some other items. The trash had not been emptied anywhere and the campus was a ghost town. At that moment I knew I would be gone for some time. Here we are, almost a year later. Unbelievable.

Hasn’t the year gone by fairly quickly though? Time is funny that way, isn’t it? As most of you do, I busy myself with work during the day and then it’s cooking, so much darn cooking it seems, and then I surround myself with all the books I can to escape from reality. Okay, sometimes I read about pandemics but reading about the hardships of others is not the same as living through your own. Am I right?

Right now, I am enjoying Klara and the Sun which comes out March 2. I should be done with it today and the review will post next week.

Klara and the Sun

Last weekend we made a rare trip to another city so I could visit one of my favorite bookstores. I found this gem in the Valentine’s Day gift section. This is the kind of humor my husband and I share. He told me to take a pic and to post it on social media. He thought it was so funny and I think it is too.

Valentine’s Day is coming up so why not surprise your loved one with this sweet sentiment?

Tea Towel

Is anyone watching the Super Bowl this weekend? I am not a fan of either team. I was hoping the Packers would be in it but alas, it wasn’t to be. Now that I am vegetarian I am stumped on what snacks to make. I could make a meal out of seven layer dip and good tortilla chips. Perhaps, I will.

Tell me how you are doing and what’s new. How are your sweet pets doing? Mine is in love with me more and more every day but then she will turn a corner and be totally sick of me! She has perfected her canine side eye. She surely did not get that from me!

Whatnot – Week 9

I can’t believe that February is nearly here. I come to you on this cold, dreary morning full of reading mojo. I swear, I am on fire right now with my reading. My “picker” has been spot-on. The last two books I picked up in the morning and finished the next morning and they were good too! That is why I am stressing a little over my next read. I don’t want to break the chain. We are supposed to get three days of heavy rain so a good read is a must.

I am thinking about this one, or that one. The latter is a review copy and comes out in March.

Interior Chinatown

Are We There Yet

I am leaning towards the Yu book. I liked his previous book How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.

Other than that, things around here have been okay. Some of you sent me vegetarian recipes to try and I am so grateful. I needed a little inspiration. My favorite quick meal right now is curried lentils made with a splash of coconut milk over brown rice. My daughter enjoys this too so it makes for a nice, quick lunch. I do have the Moosewood cookbooks buried in my kitchen somewhere so I will dig them out soon and this gem, by the same author, The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest. It was my first vegetarian cookbook, purchased a decade ago and it has a lot of easy recipes. Tasty too.

The college audition process continues. For the most part, she is done. There are “walk-in” auditions being posted by some schools so she is carefully watching that list to see if she wants to audition for any others but now we wait.

What are you going these days? With all this rain we are getting, it actually snowed for a bit the other day, walking may not be in the cards for the pup and I. Tell me how you are keeping busy.