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Sunday Matters: Downtime

Sunday Matters

How are you doing this fine morning? I think most families are beginning to wind down. I know that we are in the final stretch. The Teen is now a senior and The Girl promotes this Friday. It’s true, The Teen starts summer school tomorrow. Not much of a break for him but to keep doing what he does, he has to take his required courses over the summer.

As for work. The university has classes year round so we don’t get much of a break during the summer but the pace does slow down, which allows me to work on all of the projects I haven’t had time for.

Regardless, it just FEELS like summer now. I want to sip iced tea and swing on a hammock. I don’t own a hammock but it does sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Right Now:

I am sipping coffee, eating cinnamon toast and getting ready for church. A new series starts today called, Respect the Beard. I have no idea what it’s about. Sounds very interesting though,

This Week:

This should be a good week. The only thing I have on the calendar, is The Girl’s promotion ceremony on Friday. I am taking the day off. The Hub will attend the ceremony, go back to work, and then we’ll all meet-up to have dinner.


Still reading Misery for a read along (#MiseryRAL) and it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Still reading A Little Life.

I finished All the Light We Cannot See. For the most part, I enjoyed it but there were a couple of things that seemed a little too convenient to me.

Never got around to picking up King’s new book, Finders Keepers.  I plan to get it very soon, but I just haven’t been able to hit the store and I haven’t decided if I want it on my Kindle or not.

I will be announcing the read along I am hosting in July very soon. It’s a chunkster. I know many groan when I mention the book in question but come on! It will be fun. More on that soon.


I haven’t been able to watch Mad Men at all this week. My secret hiding spot at work was booked for a conference all week long and that’s usually where I hole-up to do my Netflix bingeing.

Doesn’t Orange Is the New Black start this week? Need to make some time for that one.


Yesterday, I made the best Dijon Chicken.  Another blogger posted it on Facebook and it was so easy and super delish! Thanks, Patty! It was really nice to eat a home cooked meal. We’ve been eating so much take-out  that I was craving real food, cooked at home.

Tonight, I’ll probably make  tacos. I need something easy and quick since I am volunteering at the church later.

Grateful for:

Downtime. Rest. Naps. I came home from my dental appointment Saturday and collapsed. My bed never felt so good. SO grateful to finally have a moment to breathe.

What’s been going on with you? What do you have planned for the week?


Grab Your Book! Long Weekend Ahead!

Grab Your BookI get excited about long weekends even when I know there won’t be much time to read. Like this weekend, we will be out and about and yet, I still feel the need to toss books into a bag and go.

This weekend though, I find myself completely consumed with A Little Life.

A Little Life

It’s exactly the kind of book I like. Deeply flawed main character and heartbreaking passages aside, this book comes to me at the right time and it just fits. I just love when that happens. So this weekend, I am devoting what little reading time I may have, to this one book. Unheard of for me!

What about you? What’s in your bag this weekend?