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The Pilgrims Are Coming

This is Kidlet #2 hamming it up at her school’s Thanksgiving play last night. Right after this pic was taken, the kid behind her knocked off her pilgrim hat accidentally and the tears came down in buckets. I always forget to take a picture of the meltdowns and I should because they are really funny.
And just so my son does not feel as if I am always leaving him out of posts, here is a pic of him getting ready for bed. He is sort of giving me the “why must you always take pictures?” look. The answer is, because I am a Mom and that is what moms do.

As you can see this is a wasted week for me as far as reading but with all the pre-holiday festivities and the holiday itself, who can blame me? A break can be a good thing sometimes (as I pop a few dark chocolate M&Ms into my mouth).