The Sunday Salon: All Puffed Up and Nowhere to Go

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Many of you know that I am allergic to chicken. BUT, for whatever reason I am not allergic to turkey and let me tell you, this year I cooked THE BEST TURKEY EVER. I’m not kidding. The Hub and kids sighed over it. It came out, it looked great (they always do, don’t they?) but it was so moist and delicious that I went into a turkey stupor.

Forget the side dishes. It was turkey, and more turkey and after eating it on Thursday, and working two sandwiches into my diet these past couple of days, we are now without turkey and we are all sad. Sad, I say! Even the neighbor girl, the one that “helped” decorate the tree,Β  said that it was the best turkey she had in her entire life. She’s eight. Just so you know.

What did I do to the turkey to make it so good? Heck if I know. I cooked it the same way I always do, in an oven bag for the exact time it says to do so, stuffed with oranges and veggies. Just so you know, the oranges make THE BEST GRAVY.

It was a year of BESTS and I am stuffed. Well, not really but I never eat that much. Why do you feel hungry all the time after eating one big meal? I feel sluggish and just want to veg on the couch which is exactly what I shouldn’t do.

As for shopping, I was pretty much done with my shopping by Black Friday but it’s tradition that I head out into the chaos so out I went. It was crazy, but good crazy. Cold, crazy (brrr). The kind of crazy that has you sipping Starbucks and singing Mariah Carey songs. Yep, I’ve lost it. I did get terribly excited about a B&N coupon thinking that I could get the entire Harry Potter set for $24 but alas, it was not to be. I’ve read the series through book four, but never finished the series so I was thinking of reading them all over Christmas break.

Today, I am in denial. I have a paper to write, and I am thinking of work and all the projects sitting on my desk waiting for my attention. I had a nice week off but it’s never long enough. At least, it never seems to be.

I plan to procrastinate just a bit more so I can catch-up with my reader. Off, I go!


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: All Puffed Up and Nowhere to Go”

  1. Congrats on the yummy turkey! It always makes my Thanksgiving & Christmas…& Easter (oof) πŸ˜€ I’ve been considering reading the Harry Potter series as I’ve only read books 1-3. Hmm…if only there were 48 hours in a day.

  2. We didn’t have turkey, but yours – and your entire weekend – sounds great!

    I’ve read all the HP books at least once, and some of them two or three times, but they’d make a great holiday reading project. I want to re-read …Deathly Hallows before the second movie comes out next summer.

    Back to real life tomorrow! Ugh. πŸ™‚

  3. Your turkey sounds great…I use a cooking bag and they never fail! I have never heard of stuffing your bird with oranges…I think I like that idea and will try to remember it for next year! And I try and not brave the crazy black Friday crowds if I can. I did get some online shopping started instead.

  4. How wonderful that your turkey turned out so good. Hopefully it will happen again next time too! I went out on black Friday and got most of our shopping done for Christmas. My only frustration was that I missed out on a few of the deals because we hadn’t made our minds up about what we wanted to get the kids for Christmas at that point.

  5. I have always stuffed my turkey with oranges…pecans, apples, and onions too. Makes for delicious aromas as well as the bird and gravy. I veg the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend as well…no Black Friday shopping for me…I’m an in my pajamas on the laptop kinda shopper. That way nobody gets hurt πŸ˜‰

    1. I find that the delicate citrus of the orange, imparts a lovely flavor to the gravy and sort of breaks up the richness. It’s give the turkey a really good flavor too.  

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful meal. I’m not sure if my neighbor reads my blog so I can’t blog about it but bless her heart… she and her MIL are terrible cooks! The turkey was underdone, the mashed potatoes were instant potatoes from a box, the gravy from a jar, stuffing from a box! Can I say I was shocked? I didn’t expect this from my ‘organic, trying to eat vegetarian most of the time’ new friend. HA

    I’m dreaming of Miracle Whip popsicles! πŸ™‚

  7. I love turkey and yours sounds quite delicious! I’m so happy for you that it came out so well, great job!

    You braved the stores on Black Friday, wow, I’m impressed! It sounds like a wonderful week off but it ended too soon..just think Chriostmas when you’ll be off again!

    Good luck with your paper!
    ~ Amy

  8. Sounds like a wonderful bird! I feel your pain regarding work–we had all of last week off due to snow & ice & the holiday and going back this morning was difficult. Catching up is never easy…hope you got your paper written and your work day went well. πŸ™‚

  9. Retrace your steps! Was the over pre-heating? If so for how long? Where did you buy the turkey?

    Good luck for next year, expectations will be high πŸ™‚

    1. The only thing I did differently, is that I let the turkey sit for an hour before carving it. Usually, I let it sit for 30 min. I got sidetracked with stuff so it sat, untouched for quite a bit. Perhaps that made the difference!

  10. It sounds like you had a great dinner! It wasn’t Thanksgiving here but my mom cooked a turkey and wow was it good. Turkey is like that – sometimes bone dry and yucky and other times it’s amazing and you can’t get enough of it.

    You should definitely finish the HP series. I’m planning a reread for myself in the new year.

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