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Sunday Matters: Planning

Sunday Matters

Right Now:

At this moment, I am waiting for my coffee to brew and taking a quiet moment to write this post. The sun is streaming through the window and I can tell that it’s going to be lovely out. I type this with a heavy heart, though.

I mentioned the living situation of my mother and sister before, but the situation has not changed and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing that I can do. The building is in foreclosure and I cannot reason with them and I feel as if the entire situation is hopeless. I pray. I pray for answers. I pray for patience but dealing with mental illness in its advanced stages is quite frankly, a very difficult situation. It’s not something that I can easily wrap my brain around. I like logic and realistic thinking and planning but I am unable to function this way when it comes to them and it’s killing me.

I apologize for such a downer of a post today, but I’ve always been “me” on here and today’s “me” is struggling a little. I’m about to head to church and I am hoping that I find some clarity for their situation while there.

This Week:

I got through this past week. It was busy, but not nearly as crazy as I anticipated. This week is more of the same. I have a holiday party to attend this Friday. The Girl has Peter Pan rehearsal on Monday and her Winter concert this Wednesday. This is her first choir concert so we are all excited. The Teen has two more performances of The Cat’s Meow, which I thought went very well this past weekend. It’s a fun show with GREAT flapper like costumes. Everyone looked so great.

Since it’s been a few days since the cast list was posted, I think it’s okay to share that The Teen was cast as Seymour for Little Shop of Horrors this Spring! His girlfriend got the lead of Audrey so this is going to be a very special show.

With the flurry of activity I’ve been dealing with lately, I pulled out my new, 2016 planner and got to work on putting in appointments for 2016. This ALWAYS puts me mind to ease. Knowing what’s coming, putting it down and getting it out of my head is a great comfort. This year, I got a daily planner from Simplified Planner. I usually use a monthly planner so this is a bit of a change for me, but isn’t it pretty?

Simplified Planner


It’s embarrassing but I am still reading the same two books I’ve been reading for the past month. I just cannot get them read! Too much going on, me not feeling well, etc. Blah blah. Excuses. I need to get them read and reviewed before the month ends.

I am starting a new book today, Tender is the Night, which I am reading with another blogger. I’ve always wanted to read it. It may be my last book for this year at the rate I am going.


I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night. My kids saw it while we were on vacation one year, but I offered to stay with the pup so I never got to see it. It was good, once I got past what I thought was a very slow beginning.

I am loving Fixer Upper. It’s a home improvement show with a big reveal at the end but Chip and Joanna Gaines are a lot of fun.

Other than that, I’ve been watching I Love Lucy and Seinfeld. My go-to comfort shows.


I baked some banana bread to sell at one of the shows. I made a chicken stir-fry last night but I haven’t a clue what to make tonight. I’ve got a Christmas “wrap” party to attend for the middle-school ministry later so maybe we will just go out!

Grateful for:

Friends, and their ability to make me laugh no matter what is going on.

What’s going on with you this week? Anything you are really looking forward to?

Sunday Matters: I Took a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Sunday Matters

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was great. I caught a few of you on Instagram and Facebook and it looked like everyone had a great time with family and friends.

I don’t know what happened to me but I had the week off and spent the entire week battling some unknown infection. When you have Lupus, doctors typically blame everything on it so I don’t really know what I had. I just know that I was down for the count. I was able to pull the meal together but I did not have an appetite for it. and had trouble eating,  which kills me because it’s my favorite holiday of the year.

I am very thankful to have had the time off though. I didn’t plan to spend it being sick but at least I had the time to stay home  because there was no way I could go to work in that condition. I spent most of it on the couch watching movies. The weather was sunny but crisp which made for some nice couch time. I just feel as if I lost the entire week. It’s a weird feeling. Very much like falling down a rabbit hole.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel all that great but I had to get out of the house so we drove to Santa Barbara, did a little shopping and had a nice dinner out. Also, somehow all the decorations went up so we are set in that department.

The beach was just so gorgeous. Look at that view!

The beach!

Right Now:

I’ve got a cup of coffee in my hand and it’s the first time all week I’ve been able to enjoy it. I am listening to my church’s service online and debating whether I will make it to the service today.

My son had to go to Hollywood to shoot some promotional stuff for the show he’s doing right now, The Cat’s Meow but he did not pick a good day to do it since the streets are shut down for the parade. Sigh. The Hub went with him. The Girl is still sleeping. The sun is streaming through the window and I am just loving the quiet.

This Week:

I am off on Monday and I am so glad I decided to take the extra day because it is going to be a busy week:

Monday: Rehearsal for The Girl and Teen. Two different shows.
Tuesday: Doctor’s appointment. Unrelated to my current issue.
Wednesday: Rehearsal for The Teen.
Thursday: Hair appointment, Book Club Holiday Party.
Friday: Opening night of The Cat’s Meow, Middle school leader Holiday party.
Saturday: Working concessions and seeing The Cat’s Meow this night. It also runs the following weekend so if there’s not enough help I may wait until next week.


Rereading Kafka on the Shore. I am at 50% right now. Wasn’t able to do any reading this past week so I hope to finish it up tonight and tomorrow. I am about 60% into Irving’s Avenue of Mysteries and it’s grown on me. Such a rough start but I am enjoying it now.


Oh my goodness. I’ve watched so much this week due to my time on the couch. I watched Birdman, Singin’ in the Rain, Home Alone, loads of The Twilight Zone, Miracle on 34th Street, Little Man Tate, Elf on the Shelf, episode after episode of Seinfeld and Roseanne, and I’ve got a lot recorded to watch today.

Let’s not forget tonight’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead!!


I honestly haven’t a clue. We have tons of leftovers so maybe it will be a leftover night.

Grateful for:

I am grateful that the pain has subsided and that I am feeling more like myself today.