Sunday Matters: New, New, All The New

Sunday Matters

I DO like it very much when all the Christmas stuff is put away. But I don’t do resolutions and I don’t have a need to revamp my diet in any way since I’ve been watching it all through the holidays. I just like NEW. A fresh start is always good.

Right Now:

High School ministry kicks off again this morning so I will take a few moments to prepare for that. My son left for college so it’s pretty quiet right now.

This Week:

I made the very smart move to take Monday off as a vacation day so I don’t return to work until Tuesday even though the campus reopened last Thursday. My daughter is still out this week so she’s pretty lucky. She starts behind-the-wheel driver’s training next Sunday!


I picked A Good Neighborhood for my #firstbook of the year. I am really liking it so far. There’s definite tension that I’m sensing.


I said I was going to start The Crown but I haven’t yet. I actually squeezed a few more Hallmark Christmas movies in just to get them off the DVR.


I made Million Dollar Spaghetti the other night. It was good but super rich. I think it would be fabulous to serve to a large group of people though.

Grateful for:

I’ve been hovering between hopefulness and a bad attitude. Personally, things are good but work is continuing to be a challenge and I don’t like it chipping its way into my personal space. I’m grateful to have some good people at work to ride the wave with me.

How is the new year treating you so far?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: New, New, All The New”

  1. So far, the new year is okay. I’m trying to start out in a meditative state of mind, at least at home, but at work it’s hard, mostly mentally, not that the work itself is that hard. Mentally, it chips away into my personal space often and I feel like you and Michelle from That’s What She Read but to a much, much, much lesser degree to what both of you have to deal with. So just to let you know I can semi-empathize and I’m here to listen.

    1. Thank you. I know you can relate to a degree and Michelle and I have very similar work environments. Totally different line of work but the toxicity and the lack of good business choices make for a miserable workplace sometimes. I am really dreading going back tomorrow. I could have a new boss, be told to move again, etc. DREADING it.

  2. You really had a nice chunk of time off over the holidays. I always found it super hard going back to work after that winter break.

    Hope the week goes well for you!

  3. I make sure Christmas is down before the new year – when it’s over, I want it all out of the house. I don’t make resolutions – I try to make changes when I realize I need to. That spaghetti looks delicious!

  4. Work really does have a way of worming itself into our private space, doesn’t it?! It’s been really good for me to be away from work for the past two weeks and having my daughter home until January 20 will mean I spend time with her for a couple more weeks instead of thinking about work after hours.

  5. I have tomorrow off of work too, and am looking forward to getting some much needed blog prep in while Mouse is in school. I am hoping to get the Christmas decorations down today, although the tree itself will probably stay up for awhile longer. We have to figure out where we are going to store it, for one. And I like having the tree there, with the lights on in the evenings.

    I hope your daughter’s driving lessons go well! I bet she’s excited.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  6. My Christmas stuff was taken down on the 2nd. I hope your son has a great time at college, and that your daughter does great with her driving lessons.

    1. They changed the rules for driving so technically, she can’t even be behind the wheel until the instructor signs off on her first lesson so she knows nothing. A little different than my son who had at least driven in parking lots.

  7. Work seems to seep in everywhere when you least expect it…I know my job does.
    I wish it weren’t so, but this is the year of boundaries for me. I think that’s my word for the year. I need boundaries and I plan to establish them.

    1. Boundaries are good. I have them, too. They took my Macbook and don’t pay for my phone so now when things need to be done remotely I won’t do them unless it’s something I planned to do ahead of time.

      My first day back is good. No one is here! Campus opened last week but I hear many are sick.

  8. I hope you’re easing your way into the work week. I liked Seasons 1 & 2 of the Crown but now we no longer get Netflix. Argh. I’m missing the new season with Olivia Coleman.

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