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Isolation Day #?

My city, all locked up.

Everyone has lost track of the days, right? I didn’t self-isolate until a bit later due to my work schedule but I am doing it now and the days blend into one another. It would be great if we had some sun to break it up. It’s been cloudy and dreary. My dog lies in wait for a random sun beam to stream in from the window.

How is everyone doing? Some of my friends are reporting flu-like symptoms. Others are losing their minds, or starting to, over their young children being cooped up at home. Husbands and wives everywhere are getting on each other’s nerves.

As rough as it is, and for as long as we have to do this, we will survive. It just seems like such a long time and with no definitive end in sight. What I love though is how the community is coming together to make some things accessible to all, like online dance classes, or Broadway shows streamed for free. My daughter took a class with Debbie Allen the other day. Remember her from the TV show Fame? That is how we are getting through this.

Ideally, this would be a great time to read. I am doing better in this area now. When this all started I was so distracted. Too distracted to read but now, I am feeling a little more at ease and starting to look forward to reading again. Of course, the right book helps and the one I am reading now, The Women in the Dark is just the book I needed to get back into it. The story immediately grabbed me.

This has been a year but I offer this, someday this will be in the past.


COVID-19 – March 19, 2020

Social Distancing
Photo Credit: CalMatters

These are strange, strange times. I feel the need to document some of it because heck, did we ever think something like this would actually happen? Sure, we’ve READ about it, but even now, it’s happening and it still feels utterly surreal.

The other day while driving to work, there was a bus full of people wearing masks. It was a strange sight. Something you see elsewhere but not here. Plus, my drive to work that morning had me sharing the road with just a handful of drivers. The the lack of traffic was enjoyable but also strange.

Today, is my first day working from home. It’s been too crazy at work to even consider it before today but yesterday, there were only about ten people I could see  on a large university campus and again, it was strange.

I see social distancing, but I also see loads of kids playing with each other at the park. I also see large groups gathering for coffee. The stores are a challenge. I mean, at some point you have to go into one and then you encounter more people.

Restaurants are closed to dining in. Gyms are closed. Libraries are closed. So glad I can utilize Overdrive. Dental appointments made six months ago cancelled. One good thing, Netflix Party.

The daughter is upstairs doing her classes online. I am downstairs working and there is an ethernet cable hanging down from the loft to my computer. It’s all so strange.

How are you doing?