Isolation Day #?

My city, all locked up.

Everyone has lost track of the days, right? I didn’t self-isolate until a bit later due to my work schedule but I am doing it now and the days blend into one another. It would be great if we had some sun to break it up. It’s been cloudy and dreary. My dog lies in wait for a random sun beam to stream in from the window.

How is everyone doing? Some of my friends are reporting flu-like symptoms. Others are losing their minds, or starting to, over their young children being cooped up at home. Husbands and wives everywhere are getting on each other’s nerves.

As rough as it is, and for as long as we have to do this, we will survive. It just seems like such a long time and with no definitive end in sight. What I love though is how the community is coming together to make some things accessible to all, like online dance classes, or Broadway shows streamed for free. My daughter took a class with Debbie Allen the other day. Remember her from the TV show Fame? That is how we are getting through this.

Ideally, this would be a great time to read. I am doing better in this area now. When this all started I was so distracted. Too distracted to read but now, I am feeling a little more at ease and starting to look forward to reading again. Of course, the right book helps and the one I am reading now, The Women in the Dark is just the book I needed to get back into it. The story immediately grabbed me.

This has been a year but I offer this, someday this will be in the past.


14 thoughts on “Isolation Day #?”

  1. This is isolation day 9 for us and we’re doing better with it than I thought. Reading was VERY difficult to begin with but has gotten better. I’m frustrated by the people who aren’t taking things seriously. A friend of mine works at Target and she says people are in there shopping for a lot of nonessential things like clothing and items to decorate their homes.

    1. Those people shopping, they probably shop to self medicate. It’s a bit ridiculous.

      If I count, this is day 8 for me. Feels long.

  2. We’re on day #13 here with the kids home from school; I work from home, so that’s already isolating enough. Kiddo is busy with her workouts for swim and soccer, plus I have her reviewing work from school. This week MD told parents they would close schools through April 24, which means I have to now go out and get her chromebook from school at the distribution center on Friday. That will be a line…but we’re told to be in the car and distant…lol

    I hope that distance learning with the teachers involves the kids seeing each other and their teacher, but with elementary, it might be hard to do with all the kids.

    1. I think it’s great that they can offer you a Chromebook. Our school district handed them out at the beginning of the school year. Our lights just flickered here. My daughter said I was imagining things but nope, the rest of the town has no power. My husband’s work, no power either. We are prepared to use our phone’s hotspot if we have to because she is in the middle of class.

  3. Difficulty focusing on reading is a real thing though I did manage to finish a book today. Victory! It’s now sunny up in SB, but super windy. I am glad that I don’t have little kids at home!

  4. We’re like on #10 of self-isolating (with dog walks). I’m going a bit crazy truth be told. Husband working at home & everything closed. But I’m trying to get to long-lost projects, bahhh. Our gym trainers’ online classes are working though. We are trying to do those once a day. So I know what you’re talking about. And online grocery shopping. I don’t know what the day of the week is …. Stay safe & sane Ti.

  5. I think this is day 15 for me. This week has been tough because Holly is on spring break. She’s sleeping. I’m sleeping. Jim is up and on video conferences all day long. We have had exactly two days of good weather since this started, which is not helping. I am excited for Holly to go back to virtual school again next week if only because it adds a little more routine to the day.

    1. I get super excited about any change in routine. Like right now, I am biding my time before I can eat lunch because it just sounds exciting to step away from this machine. Although, my food is not that exciting.

  6. i am glad you are finding it easier to read again. I hope I will soon. My daughter has lost track of what day it is and so my husband has her moving the square on our daily magnetic calendar each morning. LOL I hope you are staying well and safe, Ti.

  7. I’m absolutely amazed by the creative ways people are finding to help each other, to keep their businesses running, and to help entertain and educate the kids.

    1. I am liking the restaurants with the pantry essentials option for pickup. Our county just approved them doing this. Pick up a meal but also pick up pantry essentials like bread, milk, eggs and even TP. Good for the older folks who just need the basics.

      1. I don’t know that I’ve seen any here doing that kind of essentials, although I know some sandwich places are selling their sliced meats, cheeses, and breads.

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