COVID-19 – March 19, 2020

Social Distancing
Photo Credit: CalMatters

These are strange, strange times. I feel the need to document some of it because heck, did we ever think something like this would actually happen? Sure, we’ve READ about it, but even now, it’s happening and it still feels utterly surreal.

The other day while driving to work, there was a bus full of people wearing masks. It was a strange sight. Something you see elsewhere but not here. Plus, my drive to work that morning had me sharing the road with just a handful of drivers. The the lack of traffic was enjoyable but also strange.

Today, is my first day working from home. It’s been too crazy at work to even consider it before today but yesterday, there were only about ten people I could see  on a large university campus and again, it was strange.

I see social distancing, but I also see loads of kids playing with each other at the park. I also see large groups gathering for coffee. The stores are a challenge. I mean, at some point you have to go into one and then you encounter more people.

Restaurants are closed to dining in. Gyms are closed. Libraries are closed. So glad I can utilize Overdrive. Dental appointments made six months ago cancelled. One good thing, Netflix Party.

The daughter is upstairs doing her classes online. I am downstairs working and there is an ethernet cable hanging down from the loft to my computer. It’s all so strange.

How are you doing?

13 thoughts on “COVID-19 – March 19, 2020”

  1. I can’t really say what is happening around my town since I haven’t been out in public since Friday. (I did go into my old office briefly on Tuesday to grab my personal effects but HR prevented me from seeing anyone but her and my former boss.) Holly starts her first day of virtual classes today. Her last day of in-person school was Monday; the district used two snow days to allow the teachers to prepare lessons and communicate with parents. Her studio officially closed Monday morning. Jim started working from home on Tuesday. Out of the three of us, I think Holly is struggling the most. Without dance and school, she’s lost all of her outlets, and the weather has been terrible for going outside – cold, damp, rainy, gray. I’m hoping school will at least occupy her. Right now, I’m in my office, Jim commandeered my craft room downstairs because it has a door, and Holly is at her desk in her room. The dogs have no idea what is going on, and I think they are a little frustrated with us for screwing up their naptimes. I only hope this does not last the eight weeks I have heard in predictions, that all our efforts now will mean we can have a normal spring in two weeks.

  2. Some people around here are taking things seriously and others are not. Restaurants, bars, and breweries are to go only here but I don’t know what a bar can serve to go. We’ve closed our business down and are staying isolated for the time being. My dentist office is closed until the 30th and I have an appointment on the 31st and I don’t know how that’s going to shake out. Stay safe!

    1. My son’s dental appt was this week and it was cancelled. My daughter has one the second week of April and they seem to think they will be open but I doubt it. They cited lack of supplies.

  3. I don’t think our area is taking it seriously yet, since we have no (reported) cases yet. With our governor (in Pennsylvania) shutting down non-essential businesses today, I think that might start to take it more seriously…at least I’m hoping so.

  4. I work in health care and still go to work. I wish people would take this more seriously. It’s very frustrating being self quarantined but if we do this now, maybe better later…
    My husband lost his job one week before all this madness. Its next to impossible to find anything now, tho he is looking.

    1. First of all, thank you for your service during this crazy time. I am so sorry your husband lost his job before all this. It will be challenging to find another right now but I suspect there will be a lot of need after things settle down. I DO wish people would at least try to adhere to the order. It will cut down (hopefully) on how long we will have to do this.

  5. Our town triples during the winter months and the roads, parking lots, stores etc. are packed, but the last time I was out (Wed) everything was way less crowded. I’ve been off the last two days and have stayed home but I go back tomorrow and am wondering how it is now. Hopefully everyone who doesn’t have to go to work or the store will be staying home.

  6. These really are strange times. We’ve been so busy I haven’t really read this week or visited blogs so here I am on the couch catching up. Stay safe.

  7. I’ve been working from home all week but it wasn’t until Friday that the strangeness of it all caught up with me. Until then, I was going through the motions but suddenly it hit me that this could go on for a long time, at least until we can get a vaccine or a cure. Strange times for sure. Watching the numbers climb in Italy is giving me major spooks.

  8. I have an ortho appointment for my daughter prescheduled in April, but I fear that will have to be changed/cancelled. I don’t want to accidentally bring anything home to my elderly parents with underlying conditions. I cannot take that…

    It’s been a rough week trying to teach my daughter and work at home because they have closed schools for 2 weeks but then had no online courses prepared and no videos. It’s all written and i have to explain to her before she can do the work.

    1. My daughter’s school closure has been extended through the second week of May which means they are done for the year. Very sad for the seniors who never got to experience all the grad stuff and never got to say goodbye. Waiting to hear about graduation but I am sure it will be cancelled too.

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