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More About Me

I’ve done two of these so far but I promised Melody so humor me if you will, by reading more about me. Okay? Oh, and be sure to stop by Melody’s blog so you can see the questions she answered.

Here’s what she asked:

Who is your idol? It can be anyone and doesn’t have to be a celebrity or a public figure. 

Um…a certain runner, writer, Japanese guy named Haruki Murakami. One day, he decided to write a novel and he had no idea that he would have the followers that he does today… or this weird, stalker girl named Ti, following him all over Facebook. Notice how I called myself a girl. I kill myself sometimes.

If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

I don’t think I would model myself after anyone out there now, but I would be a famous writer.

What are your favorite TV shows or movies?

I love The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, The Wonder Years and I hate to say it… sometimes I watch Roseanne. I know! You thought so much more of me. I am beginning to watch Downton, too. I have watched a couple of episodes and it’s really good. As for movies, I have several that I watch over and over again, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink (see a theme here?), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Tootsie, Arthur (the original), The Goodbye Girl (original), Some Like it Hot, When Harry Met Sally, Jaws…and the list goes on.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Why?

HP. I never got into the Rings. Never.

Popcorn: Sweet or Salty? Why?

Salty. I do not like sweets too much although since I have gone gluten-free, I crave sweets more than I used to.

Facebook or Twitter? Why?

Facebook. I feel as if I have real conversations there and that I am not just screaming into a room with a lot of people talking over me.

What are your pet peeves?

One big one is when people continue to use their phones at the movies once the movie has begun. This is such an issue with me, that I no longer go to the movies. Put your damn phone away or stay home!

Where do you like to go for vacation?

In my mind, I like beach vacations but when I actually get there, I get irritated with sand and it being everywhere. So I think the ideal place to vacation is a fun city, close to the beach so I can gaze at it from afar, and then do super fun things all day long.

What are the most wonderful memories that you had last year?

Oh, too many to list, but they are all simple things like my daughter helping me make pancakes or learning how to make scrambled eggs. My son growing as a basketball player and becoming a more aggressive player with every season. Stuff like that.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving. Sad, but I like the food part. Oh, and the togetherness.

Would you read a book that’s received lots of hype and positive reviews, even though the story line isn’t what you like to read?

Yes, I would. Yes, I have.

Thanks, Melody!

Lisa Tagged Me, So Here Ya Go…

There are rules, but I am a rebel. I never follow them nor will I post them again as I already did this meme before. BUT, Lisa asked me some new questions and since most people like to read about the bloggers they choose to spend time with, here ya go:

All questions are from Lisa over at Books. Lists. Life.

 1. Could you eat the same thing for lunch every day? What would it be?

I could eat a salad every day, but the stuff inside of it would have to vary. I’d get bored of the same ingredients day in and day out.

2. How many library books do you have checked out right now?

I have four library books checked out, and eleven audio books (the max).

3. Do you feel strongly about specific music? or more of a music in general type person?

I like old school jazz  much more than I let on. It’s not that it’s a secret or anything, but there are only certain times when I can play it and really enjoy it. After my workout in the morning, when I get back to my desk here at work, I really let it fly.  I love Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

4. What is your favorite brick and mortar retail store?

Barnes and Noble, for obvious reasons. I have no indies near me and our Borders closed. Sephora is a close second.

5. What is your favorite online store?

Sephora. I could spend hours looking up beauty creams, perfumes, etc. I am one of those high maintenance women who appear to be low maintenance.

6. What is your favorite moment of heartstopping romantic tension? (Book, movie, music, tv, real life, art, anywhere.)

I am not sure what this question is really asking. When I am watching a movie, and two people who are obviously made for each other, can’t seem to make it work and the girl walks away… I always want to yell…go after her dumbass! Is that what you mean?

7. What is the first book you remember reading?

The Giving Tree was probably the first book I read on my own.  It always made me sad but I read it over and over again and when I went to the library, I always found it to read yet again even though I owned a copy.

8. Are you creative in any way? How so?

If time were not an issue, I am very creative. I used to make cards and I love to write. I have a work space set-up in my garage for crafting, but it often remains unused because every time I go out there, the dog finds me, then The Girl finds me and then somehow The Boy makes it out there too.  For the writing part, I think I am going to enroll in a creative writing class so I will have the rigidity of a syllabus to keep me in check. I really want to write a novel, but I can’t seem to take the next step. Taking a class might help me with that.

9. Not counting your family, pets, and vital personal documents/pictures, what one thing would you save in a fire?

My MacBook. Although it’s limping along and might be better off in the fire.

10. What is your favorite type of vacation (museums, beach, cabin, mountains, theme parks)?

The perfect vacation for me would be at least two weeks long and involve a combination of these activities. Maybe a day of rest by the beach or lake and then the next day, fun at a theme park or museum. My family gets bored easily. I don’t. I could watch the ocean all day long and not even have to eat, but the children…they need to eat and The Hub… he is often the worst one. Sighing and making a pissed off face at me when he thinks he could be doing something more exciting.

11. What is the most surprising or unexpected thing you’ve done in the last 12 months?

This is embarrassing. There is a website called youparklikeanasshole.com. Have you heard of it? You can print off these notices to leave on people’s windshields when they park like asses (take up two spaces, double-park, leave you only an inch to get into your car, etc.) Well, I came across just such a driver and I left a notice on their windshield and then got caught. Apparently, she didn’t park like an asshole on purpose. Her car died and she was waiting for a tow truck. I felt this small, and I felt stupid. It was a dare and I never accept dares and never do anything as stupid as that and let me tell you,  as much as I want to tell people they park like assholes, I never will again. Even when I had to crawl into my car from the back door because I had less than two inches on either side of me. Nope, never again.

Enlightening, isn’t it?