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I’m It! Seven Random Facts – Books Edition

Avisannschild over at She Reads and Reads tagged me for this book related meme. Click here to read her post.

The rules are as follows:

-Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules (done)
-Share seven random and/or weird book-related facts about yourself (done)
-Tag seven random people (I’ll skip this part)

Here are seven random book-related facts about me:

1. On a trip to the library, my father wandered off to get a book for himself. He came back and found me “reading” an adult novel but the book was upside down. He said everyone was giggling over a four year old pretending to read.

2. At the very first L.A. Times Festival of Books, I waited an entire day to have Dean Koontz sign my book. I missed the whole event and he and I laughed about it. The inscription? He wrote, “See you on the other side. “

3. When I was in Kindergarten we watched a filmstrip on the care of books. I have followed those guidelines ever since.

4. I buy a lot of books and a lot are sent to me, but after reading them, I only keep the ones that I plan to hand down to my kids. They are usually classics.

5. I used to have a thing for Stephen King. If you can’t imagine such a thing, read The Stand and then get back to me.

6. I’ve been a member of my book group for almost eleven years now.

7. I try to read books that are outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

What are some random book-related facts about you?