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I Cannot Love Friday Any Harder Than I Do

This has been an interesting week. The Girl, I guess I will always call her The Girl, is now in high school. When did this happen? Technically, yesterday. Her summer will be filled with shows and volleyball.

The other one, the Lad? The Young adult? He’s done with school for the year and starts his new job next week. He hasn’t been contacted by anyone since sign-in so I keep thinking of that Seinfeld episode where George shows up for work but isn’t sure if he’s hired. I told him to bring the Penske file with him just in case. Smirk.

Penske File

I finished a great book and I am giving a copy away so be sure to enter.

I found a new band to love and I am declaring this song my personal song of the summer. I noticed they are playing in LA in July too.

This weekend we are working a prom for those with special needs. I did this last year and it was a blast. I can’t wait to serve our honored guests.

There is just something about Friday so Happy Friday to you all!

It’s Friday and the Reading is Good

Grab Your Book

Good morning. How are you? I’ve been good, but distracted with the many things that go on in my life. The Girl had some weird “blow-out” of her elbow which caused her to miss track practice. I know. It was her elbow and not her leg but she told me that the swinging of her arms really caused some discomfort. To her credit, the next day her arm was swollen and black and blue. I have no idea what she did! We think maybe it was the rowing machine she used for PE last week.

Then, The Teen, utterly obsessed with the Kickstarter he created for the spring musical he’s in, fell into one of his moods. They will make their listed goal but truthfully, he wanted twice that and it’s not looking like that will happen. What’s been really exciting is how actors from Broadway have been supporting them. Some of the cast from Hamilton, Aladdin, Wicked and more. It’s really gotten them all worked up.

So with all this nervous energy in the house, reading has been a real treat this week. Every morning and evening I hunker down with my book, which at the moment is The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt. I am REALLY enjoying this book.

The Nakeds

My book club meets next week to discuss Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child. That means I better get the book read soon. I am hoping there’s plenty to talk about. I mean, it IS Morrison so I am sort of counting on it.

I am pretty much all caught-up with my review copies and my book club book won’t take long to read because it’s so short, so now I have the luxury of choosing something from my backlist. Although I haven’t a clue what it will end up being.

What are you reading right now? Anything really good?