I Cannot Love Friday Any Harder Than I Do

This has been an interesting week. The Girl, I guess I will always call her The Girl, is now in high school. When did this happen? Technically, yesterday. Her summer will be filled with shows and volleyball.

The other one, the Lad? The Young adult? He’s done with school for the year and starts his new job next week. He hasn’t been contacted by anyone since sign-in so I keep thinking of that Seinfeld episode where George shows up for work but isn’t sure if he’s hired. I told him to bring the Penske file with him just in case. Smirk.

Penske File

I finished a great book and I am giving a copy away so be sure to enter.

I found a new band to love and I am declaring this song my personal song of the summer. I noticed they are playing in LA in July too.

This weekend we are working a prom for those with special needs. I did this last year and it was a blast. I can’t wait to serve our honored guests.

There is just something about Friday so Happy Friday to you all!

15 thoughts on “I Cannot Love Friday Any Harder Than I Do”

  1. Sounds like things are going well all around. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I am so glad that it is Friday. I’m going to have a First Grader in less than 3 weeks!

    1. ​Your daughter looks pretty tall. She is going into 1st but looks a bit older. My husband met the volleyball coach the other day at his work (by chance) and the coach said most incoming freshman are short but my daughter is 5’9″ and he was happy to hear that. I hope she makes the team. She grew 8 inches since November is you can believe it. ​

  2. Happy Friday to you! I’ve seen lots of photos on FB for those kinds of proms and they look like so much fun! I bet you get as much out of it as the guests do.

    1. Last year my son was a host but can’t do it this year. However, my daughter and husband are joining me this time around so it will be a family affair.

  3. Thank goodness you got to the end of your workday! You are so generous with your time…I have always admired that about you.

    Don’t forget to rest over the weekend, too!

  4. Hope the prom went well for you all and that you had fun…there is something about Fridays. I know Michelle at That’s What She Read writes a Fabulous Friday post each week to celebrate Fridays too.

    1. We did have fun!! We worked the red carpet this year and it was great to see all of the guests come in.

      Fridays. I always read Michelle’s Friday posts. She and I have similar stuff going on with our kids so I can always relate.

  5. How was the prom? Did you get any pictures? I’ll send you an email shortly but wanted to pop in and say hi!

    You absolutely have to let us know how E’s first day on the job is, whether they actually did hire him or not. I’m worried for him now in case he is George-like scenario!

    I love the new song by Portugal. The Man. It is perfect for summer, isn’t it?

    Hope your week is an easy one!

    1. I only got one picture at prom because this year I worked the red carpet and I was just happy to watch them all walk in. However, when you email me I will share some pics others took. It was beautiful. Over 115 honored guests.

      My son arrived at work today and yes, he was hired. LOL. His boss was on vacation last week so that’s​ why he didn’t get a communication before his start date. He already texted me to confirm this. I’ll let you know how his first day is after he gives me the lowdown.

  6. Ahhh the Penske file, one of the great episodes. It’s in the Top 15 of Seinfelds perhaps. That’s a catchy song … now I’m stuck on it.

    1. And he did not need the Penske file this morning. They were there waiting for him.

      That song… I love it and I’ve now listened to a few others by that group and love all of them.

  7. Hahaha the Penske file! That is my favorite song right now too!!
    ! No need for me to enter your giveaway…. I have never read any of her books but picked this one up this weekend when I saw you like it.
    Hard to believe your daughter is going into HS. And mine is getting married this weekend! She was just in HS herself the last time I blinked. : )

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