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Sunday Matters: I’m Back!

Sunday Matters

I actually came back earlier this week but you know how it is. You come home to laundry, no groceries in the fridge, and piles of mail to go through. And yes, my family was home.

My group and I had a fabulous week though. I spent a lot of hours outdoors and it was so good to just sit outside and be. This was an early morning shot of the lake. It was so peaceful in the morning.

Hume Lake
Hume Lake
Hume Lake
Another shot of Hume Lake.

A few highlights:

  • I didn’t die (always a plus but lots of people were injured during activities)
  • Somehow my average of 3.0 hours of sleep per night did not affect me at ALL. I had lots of pep.
  • The girls taught me how to play Mafia and it was super fun.
  • Although I didn’t get the gluten free meal plan, I had plenty to eat and didn’t have any reactions. Huge win.
  • So many wonderful conversations in the cabin.
  • Even when our bus broke down and something ran across my foot, I could see the humor in it.
  • There is nothing quite like bonding in a cabin with 10 other people.
  • Sink time or mirror time is like a Hunger Game’s battle when there are 10 other ladies in the cabin. What would it take to hang another mirror up??

Right Now:

We are about to head out to church. In the summer, our church does At The Movies and it’s so much fun. They show a clip of a movie and then tie it to the teaching. They make popcorn too! Last week we saw The Sandlot. Not sure what today’s movie is but our pastor said to bring tissues.

This Week:

Praise Jesus because my daughter’s one summer class is almost done. Just ten more days. She still has the other class to deal with but it will be easier for her when she only has the one class. It’s been a challenge to cram a semester into 5 weeks.

Also, she was cast as one of the Doo Wop girls in Little Shop (Ronette), She got a callback for Audrey, huge accomplishment but it would have been a lot with her two classes. She is very happy with Ronette.


I finished Pachinko for book club. I will get the review up soon. I just started (for real this time) The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister. I just love her books.

I didn’t get much reading done at the lake. When I had time I spent it just gazing out at the water or sneaking a shake in. They have the best shakes there.


I keep watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt because one day we want to live by a body of water. Could be Oregon. Could be somewhere else.

But, the new season of Stranger Things is just around the corner! I cannot wait! My entire family plans to watch the entire season over July 4th weekend. That is when it comes out, right?

Fear the Walking Dead started up again and as usual, the story is all over the place. Pick a direction for these characters and go with it!

New Things I’ve Tried:

At my club meeting this past week, we were served a Korean meal to go along with Pachinko, and part of that meal was this delicious Korean drink. It’s kind like flavored vodka but made of rice. It’s potent and so yummy.

Grateful for:

I am so grateful for our awesome camp experience. I was so worried about my health when I left but all was good in that department and I seem to be good right now although still sore. All that hill climbing to the cabin and back! Wow. My legs hate me right now. Still.

So what did I miss? A week without internet or my phone and nothing much seems to have happened. Fill me in.

The Return

Hume Lake

As some of you noticed on social media, I’ve returned from my week of camp. I’ve heard that these camp experiences are life-changing but it’s one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. So, was it life-changing?


I went into it with a back injury which became a bigger problem later in the week. To say that I spoke to God on a regular basis is an understatement because for much of the week, I was begging for this pain in my back to subside. I seriously underestimated how physically exhausting camp would be. For a taste:


All that aside, I had an amazing experience. I am still processing it and can’t really put into words, at least not at the moment, how this experience has changed my perspective on life in general but it has.

The Girl enjoyed herself but she had many “Mom” moments where me being a leader conflicted with me being her mother. I heard many long, drawn out “Mommmmm” warnings all throughout the week. Moms of teens know what I am talking about. Mostly, she told me to stop dancing.

Some of you asked if I had time to read. No! I had very little time to do anything not related to camp but I am slowly catching up on my reading today. The days were full and although there was “free” time built into the schedule, I often spent my time with the students so they could do things like go kayaking. Yes!! I did it too.

The lake was beautiful but I was sad to see so many dead trees. The drought and a beetle infestation has really take its toll but I had very little issues with bugs and didn’t even get sunburned although it was pretty warm up there.

What did I miss? I had no signal at all so I couldn’t even make a phone call. It was nice to be disconnected for a week but now I am back at work trying to clean-up my inbox. Joy.