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Review: Before She Disappeared

Before She Disappeared

Before She Disappeared
By Lisa Gardner
Dutton, 9781524745042, January 19, 2021, 400pp.

The Short of It:

So far, Gardner has not disappointed me. Loved the amateur detective in this one.

The Rest of It:

Frankie Elkin is just an ordinary woman who chooses to find the missing people others have forgotten. She asks the questions that others don’t and because she has no personal ties or even a steady job to hold her down, she can blend into the scenery and find the clues that everyone else seems to miss.

I really enjoyed Before She Disappeared. Frankie is one of those perfectly flawed characters. As a recovering alcoholic, she is constantly aware of her weaknesses which makes her so likable and easy to relate to. In this installment, because apparently this is Book #1 in the Elkin series, Frankie looks for a young girl who has gone missing. Her family has been holding onto hope for over a year but no new leads have been found. Frankie gets herself a bar job, yep, as a recovering alcoholic it’s what she knows,  works out a deal for housing which includes a very hostile feline roommate, and digs into the case.

The pacing is really good and I found myself reaching for my Kindle every chance I had. That’s the sign of a good read. I’ve lost count but this was read for 10 Books of Summer.

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