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Review: The Deluge

The DelugeThe Deluge
By Stephen Markley
Simon & Schuster, 9781982123093, January 10, 2023, 896pp.

The Short of It:

This book left me feeling very frustrated and honestly, a little sick to my stomach. Climate change is terrifying.

The Rest of It:

In the first decades of the 21st century, the world is convulsing, its governments mired in gridlock while a patient but unrelenting ecological crisis looms. ~ Indiebound

In 2013, Tony is a scientist studying the effects of undersea methane. His discoveries are not welcome and result in death threats. As he continues with his studies, which take him into the mid-2030s, we are introduced to a cast of characters. Some broken, some desperate, some so driven that they are oblivious to their paths of destruction.

This is an ambitious and terrifying read because it gives us a glimpse of where we are headed. We are experiencing the effects of climate change now, but reading about what our lives could be 15 years from now is especially terrifying because I’m not sure we can do much about it at this point. So much damage has already been done. Is this our fate? Temps so hot that life cannot be sustained?

The Deluge is not a fun book to read but it is an important read. It’s nearly 900 pages but I plowed through it, hopeful that I’d find some glimmer of good somewhere in the text. That was not to be. This book will shake you up and leave you very unsettled. If that was Markley’s intent, then he succeeded.

Why read it? Because it’s important to consider how our actions affect life as we know it. Environmentally, rising temps, drought, poisonous gasses, and really, waste in general can do us in. Holing up in the safety of our homemade cocoons won’t save future generations.

Markley paints a very scary picture of the future. Do with that what you will.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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Sunday Matters: Back to Missouri They Go

Sunday Matters

We had a nice long visit with my daughter and her cat. A little over a month. We didn’t get to do all we wanted since the Hub and I got sick over the holidays but it was just nice to have her home. The singing. The smell of vanilla everything. That girl came out smelling like vanilla. She left yesterday and begins classes tomorrow. She changed her major to Acting, from Musical Theater. This allows her to branch out into screen if she so desires. 

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. When I get home we will put the house back in order. Jinx left little love notes everywhere. Her fave seems to be my black Ticonderoga pencils. 

This Week:

I feel like there is something happening this week but my calendar says otherwise. Sweet! I shall spend it purging and simplifying. 


I am reading this one. It’s nearly 900 pages. The opening is a bit harsh but somehow it’s pulling me in. Climate change is a tough topic to tackle. 

The Deluge


Not a thing. 

Grateful for:

  • Planner prepping. Cracking open a new planner feels good. 
  • My church family. They are awesome. 
  • Candles. They bring me instant peace. 

How was your week?