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Review: The Wife Upstairs

The Wife Upstairs

The Wife Upstairs
By Rachel Hawkins
St. Martin’s Press, 9781250245496, January 5, 2021, 304pp.

*No Spoilers*

The Short of It:

This is the perfect read for now. Quick, impossible to put down and some twists for good measure.

The Rest of It:

Jane’s life has been less than luxurious. As a product of the foster care system, she is skeptical, guarded and envious of those who have it easier. Scraping pennies to get by and forced to live with a roommate she truly cannot stand, she finds a job walking dogs in a ritzy neighborhood. Jane is not much of an animal lover but she is fascinated by the McMansions in this community and the people who live in them. The women, all rich and well-taken care of, have no idea what it’s like to not make the rent. Jane wonders what it would be like to be one of them.

Jane’s fascination with these women leads her to Eddie who is recently widowed. His wife Bea went missing in a boating accident with her best friend Blanche. Bea was eventually declared dead even though they never found her body because in order for Eddie to take over her home decor business her death had to be legally noted. Eddie lives alone in his big, beautiful house but when he sees Jane walking the neighbor’s dog there is a little spark. A spark that prompts him to get his own dog so that Jane can walk his dog too. The two find an instant connection but Jane senses something more there.

Eddie’s wife has only been gone for a short while and since many of the ladies in the neighborhood were good friends with Bea and Blanche, they can’t help but be skeptical over this new, young woman in Eddie’s life but Jane is determined to be one of them and when Eddie provides free use of his credit card, she begins to find her way in.

It all sounds very superficial but it’s superficial in the way those rich housewives shows are. Juicy and full of gossipy goodness. Jane is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but as the story unfolds, you quickly begin to realize that something much darker is at play and it’s good, very good. I picked this book up and didn’t put it down until I turned the last page.

It’s being called a modern retelling of Jane Eyre which I find interesting. I didn’t see it as that myself but it was juicy and twisty in all the right places and perfect for my mood. Very entertaining.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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Sunday Matters: My Reading Is On Fire

Sunday Matters

My reading pace continues to be good and I am really happy about it. Just keep those books coming. Review writing has been good too but mostly because I have to write my reviews right after I finish a book. For those who review, do you do that too?

Why do the weekends fly by? Here it is, Sunday and I am already thinking about work.

Right Now:

Not a lot happening. I am just easing into my day. I will try to get a walk in and then later a short meet-up with my youth group. With masks, outside in the cold, distanced. All the safety stuff in place.

My daughter has another audition later but this one is kind of fun. I will hold off on details for now.

This Week:

Nothing on the schedule besides work stuff. Nice!


This week my reviews for The Wife Upstairs and Interior Chinatown will post on the blog. I liked them both very much. I will be writing up my review of Are We There Yet? to post next week. So that leaves me with two new books to read, both are review copies.

I am super excited about both of them. The first comes out in March and the second in April but I can’t wait until then to read them.

And… King is coming out with a new book!

Billy Summers
Photo Credit: Stephen King’s Newsletter


When the show 9-1-1 first came out, I thought it was cheesy and poorly done. But these past two weeks, the show has centered around a dam break in the Hollywood Hills. Given that Hollywood was my stomping ground as a kid, I had to watch. Not bad. It’s better now since they added some different actors. Not sure I will watch it regularly but I do have next week’s episode set to record because it’s a crossover with 9-1-1 Lone Star with Rob Lowe! Might as well watch that one too.

Grateful for:

  • The rain we’ve gotten. If you don’t live in California or the desert it’s hard to comprehend just how dry we are. We didn’t get as much as they predicated, at least not where I live but I could literally hear the ground drinking it in. It’s like every plant went, “ahhhh”.
  • I am still grateful for being able to work from home. It’s been a really good thing. I’m not sure what the pup will do when I have to go back. She’s become so used to me being here and follows me everywhere.
  • Comfy sweats. I clearly need more.

Tell me how you are. Are you keeping busy? Have you added any new hobbies? I keep seeing people do embroidery and it looks interesting.

Between you and I, I am obsessing over the Little Free Library down the street. My old neighbors kept it looking pretty nice but they sold their house and the new people have let it go. I am tempted to reorganize it like a total creeper. I would really like one of my own but don’t want to spend the money. They are spendy.