Sunday Matters: What Is Sunday To You?

Sunday Matters

Sunday is supposed to be, in my mind, a day of rest. Whether that is actual rest or just a break from thinking, either one works for me. I’ve been successful with this train of thought since I’ve been working from home. Mondays don’t hold the same weight that they did when I was going into the office but all that will change soon. Even more of a reason to make Sundays sacred. What is Sunday to you? A prep day? A rest day? An adventure day?

Right Now:

No plans. I haven’t been to the beach once this summer. It would be nice to go but I am going to be honest here, it’s hard to keep the Hub occupied at the beach. He is not a reader and he gets bored. Fast. After sitting for a bit, eating for a bit and people watching, he’s ready to pack it in. Of course, at that point I am just getting settled into a book. That’s how we roll. So that is why we don’t go all that often. I do crave a water view though.

This Week:

I was invited to be on a scholarship committee at work so this week will be spent reading applications since I am out the following week.

I really have to buckle down and prep for our trip. I think I am in denial.


I picked up the new King book, Billy Summers and it’s really good. Actually, I may finish it today and have the review posted this week. It reminds me of the Mr. Mercedes series. In a totally good way. King has such a knack for character development.

Billy Summers

I think my next read will be Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. I saw the clip for the upcoming show. It looks good. I will probably need something for the plane and airport waiting around. Not sure what though.


Haven’t been watching anything. Just reading.

Grateful for:

  • All the things we take for granted. The blue sky for one. It’s been a brilliant shade of blue these past few mornings.
  • This is a funny one. The smell of my neighbor BBQing. I am vegetarian now so BBQs don’t hold the same appeal for me as they usually do in the summer but twice this week I almost invited myself over just to partake in that delicious meal. Ha ha! Can you imagine?

Have a wonderful Sunday and check in if you can!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What Is Sunday To You?”

  1. I hated Sundays during most of my working life as when I had a high pressure job Sunday found me uptight instead of relaxed. Retired means Sunday is just another day but in fall and winter it usually means taking time to make a special meal.
    Glad you are enjoying Billy Summers, I have (2) books to finish (almost done with Paper Palace —wow wow) and then perhaps Billy will call me.

    Have a good week!

  2. When I was a little girl, I hated Sundays. Church, then long quiet afternoons…it seemed so dull. Now I love the simplicity of a Sunday.

    I married a non-reader, too. What were we thinking? Of course, my husband feigned a love of reading when we were dating. Once married…nothing.

    Nine Perfect Strangers sounds compelling.

    1. My husband didn’t even pretend to read before we married. I think he has only read one book and I can name it, The Maltese Falcon, for high school. One book! I try to get him to read all the time. He is a non fiction guy for sure but he refuses. Says it bores him to no end.

  3. Ugh, I hate Sundays because that’s when I do my grocery shopping, gather trash and haul the cans out to the curb and basically stress out over the fact that the next day is Monday and back to work.

    At least during certain parts of the year I have The Walking Dead to look forward to on Sundays.. But this is the last season so there’s that. Sigh.

    1. I will be on my way back from Missouri on the night The Walking Dead premiers so I will have to watch the next night. Is it the last season? I thought they renewed for two more seasons. They are running out of ideas.

      I want Maggie’s son to be saved by Negan in some way so that Maggie will accept him. I love Negan even though I absolutely hated what he did to Glenn and Abraham.

      1. This is the last season but of course there are lots of spinoffs and will be even more spinoffs.

        I know, me too. Love Negan even though I hate what he did to Glenn and Abraham.

  4. That’s funny that you like the smell of BBQ. I am also vegetarian, but totally appreciate the smell of BBQ as it is reminiscent of more than just food.

    Sundays to me are laundry day and relaxing. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Usually I get my way.

  5. I try to keep Sundays low-key. Our main activity is usually a family dinner, but the scale of that has changed since Covid. It’s not as big a deal now… and sometimes even involves takeout. Stephen King’s new book sounds good.

    1. My meetings for worship and study used to be Tuesday nights but my life group disbanded right before COVID but youth groups are starting again this Sunday. I am not a leader this time but working on something else so will have a little bit of flexibility I think.

  6. Sundays are different each week here. Some Sundays are super busy and others are very low key. This past weekend was super busy, but with my birthday off from work yesterday, I feel less stressed this week. That could definitely change as we move through the rest of the week, though.

    I haven’t read much, but I am enjoying Later by Stephen King on audio.

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