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Review: Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park
By Katherine Faulkner
Gallery Books, 9781982150310, January 25, 2022, 384pp.

The Short of It:

If you are into page-turners, Greenwich Park should be your next read.

The Rest of It:

Helen and Daniel are expecting a baby. They live in a beautiful house that Helen’s family left to her. Every day Helen realizes how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful home and after several  miscarriages, she is finally looking forward to having a baby boy. Plus, she’s lucky to have her brother Rory and his wife Serena, also pregnant, living close by.

One day, at a pre-natal class she meets another young mother by the name of Rachel. Rachel is a little bit odd. Kind of loud and brash. The father of Rachel’s child isn’t in the picture so when Rachel attempts to make friends with Helen, she reluctantly gives in, feeling a little sorry for the girl. Lunch here and there. Tea. It isn’t such a horrible ask until Rachel shows up with bruises around her neck and asks to live with Helen and Daniel.

Daniel is immediately put off by the request but Helen, fearing for the girl’s safety, allows her to stay for a day or two. What is this girl’s story? Who is hurting her? What does she do in her free time? She has plenty of money but doesn’t appear to have any kind of job.

As Helen’s due date approaches, the mystery ramps up and the tension runs high as Helen tries to figure out a way to get rid of Rachel without hurting the girl’s feelings.

What Helen doesn’t realize is that none of this is accidental.

Oh, I love a book that gives you a reason to forgot all household duties. Dinner? Nah. I gotta get back to my book. Laundry? Only if I can read in-between loads. I RACED through this one. Actually, I tried to read it a long time ago and put it down for something but when I picked it up again this past week I flew through it. I highly recommend it.

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