Review: The Guide

The Guide

The Guide
By Peter Heller
Knopf, 9780525657767, August 2021, 272pp.

The Short of It:

I read this one in one sitting. Held my attention even though it’s different from Heller’s normal fare.

The Rest of It:

The best-selling author of The River returns with a heart-racing thriller about a young man who is hired by an elite fishing lodge in Colorado, where he uncovers a plot of shocking menace amid the natural beauty of sun-drenched streams and forests. – Indiebound

I’ve read a couple of books by Heller and loved them both. What I did not read before this book is The River. Apparently The Guide is a follow-up to that book but I didn’t miss it at all. This one stands alone just fine. Thought you should know that in case you pick this one up thinking you have to read The River first. You don’t.

This was an interesting read for me. I was fully taken with the setting. Heller is a master at putting you in the setting. The river, the lodge, the people in it, all very descriptive and he totally pulled me in. What I didn’t expect was the mystery behind what is going on at the lodge. As an outsider working as a fishing guide to the rich, sometimes even famous clients, Jack sees things that raise a red flag to him. For one, the hasty retreat of the guide before him. A women’s scream in the middle of the night. Was it an owl? Perhaps. Why are there so many cameras and a gate code to get out?

I felt like the mystery was a bit farfetched but I enjoyed all that time on the river and I enjoyed Jack. He’s endured a life full of loss and finds peace on the water, so when his peaceful world is shattered by these nefarious events, you take notice. The Guide was a good read and I read it in one sitting. I will be reaching for The River soon.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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8 thoughts on “Review: The Guide”

  1. I’ve had The River on my Kindle for quite a while. Who knew? Ha! And I’ve seen this one at my library. I’ll try to pick it up before long. I seem to have lots of ‘spooky’ books to read first.

  2. I haven’t heard of this one, but any book that you read in one sitting is a good thing. I see you are reading This Tender Land for your book club. I’ve had it on my TBR shelf for so long and keep avoiding it, though I am not sure why. If you enjoy it, maybe I’ll get motivated to read it.

    1. The Dog Stars was a fave of mine when it came out. I need to read The River. I’m not sure why I missed that. I HAVE it, even.

  3. Yeah my husband liked this one too. So I will get to it. We both liked The River … and have read most of Heller’s novels. I like the outdoorsy-ness of the plots … a bit of survival in the woods kind of thing. Still The Dog Stars remains my favorite perhaps.

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