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Sunday Matters: Change in Routine

Sunday Matters

This past week has been pretty good. We had one heck of a rain storm on Tuesday complete with thunder and lightning . If only California had a way to capture all that water. Come summer all that green will be brown and ready for wildfire season. I dread it.

Right Now:

I went to church on Thursday so my morning is wide open. I have a work conference on Monday and Tuesday so in a little while I will probably pack my bag for that.

This Week:

Monday and Tuesday I will be at an Assistive Technology Conference. Tuesday night I have my life group but I don’t think I will make it back in time. I also have to miss outreach. Other than that, the week is pretty normal.


I am reading White Elephant by  Julie Langsdorf. So far, so good.

White Elephant

I’m hearing more and more about Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  I don’t know, it just sounds like my jam. Maybe I should buy it for my trip.

Daisy Jones & The Six


We are back to watching The Haunting of Hill House. I’m not sure how many episodes we have left but we are about seven episodes in. That Bent Neck Lady. Ohhhhh she is a baddie. I am at the point where I know who she is but still.

We finally watched Book Club last week. I love Diane Keaton. I love Candice Bergen. I actually love all of the ladies in this movie. It has Andy Garcia too. Um, hello! It was light and funny and sweet.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I feel dumb. I’ve had weird eyebrows for a while now. With the low iron and well, AGE, my eyebrows were so sparse. PLUS, what the hell? Gray hairs in your eyebrows? Was not prepared for that. That made me look like an albino rat. Anyway, I tried a brow pencil for the first time this week and now I look so awake. My daughter uses one all the time, even with her lush brows but I caved and bought a cheap one thinking I’d try it and now I see why people use them.

Grateful for:

The people I volunteer with. All of them. Serving is rewarding but it is also fun when you have good, fun people around you.

If you could volunteer anywhere, where would it be? I took a spiritual gifts quiz and it said that I have gifts in all areas which means I try a lot of different things. It also means, I’m busy.


Review: The New Me

The New Me

The New Me
By Halle Butler
Penguin Books, 9780143133605, March 5, 2019, 208pp.

The Short of It:

Think “The Office” minus all the funny characters who make it laughable.

The Rest of It:

Millie is a thirty-something who hasn’t quite figured out how to be a grown-up. She lives alone in an apartment that is partly paid for by her parents. Friends? Not many. She eats poorly and has become a slob. Dressing is too much effort. Just getting up is too much effort but she drags herself to and from her temp job, hoping for a permanent position.

Millie embodies what I think most people this age feel these days. Their social skills are lacking to the point where everything they do is marked by awkwardness. A simple interaction with a co-worker becomes an anxiety-ridden experience and miscommunications become a daily occurrence. Millie is woefully aware of her shortcomings. Because of this, I found myself wanting to take her out for a coffee just so I could give her a little pep talk.

I really enjoyed The New Me. At first, I thought the entire book would be an outline of her day-to-day existence but although there is a lot of that (what she wears, eats, thinks, does), there is enough self-discovery going on for it all to have a purpose.

I found Butler’s take on cube life to be quite accurate. I’ve always had an office but for the past two years have been working out of a very nice, well-appointed cubical and all the little details she adds to embellish office life are spot on. The noises. The sighs. The trash cans and the smells. I found much of the book humorous but in a dark way.

The ending was interesting and honestly, can be interpreted in a couple different ways. I kind of liked that it was up to me but maybe I am the only one to see the alternate possibility? I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere.

Anyway, enjoyable and short and if you’ve ever had to work in a cube or struggled to get by as a young person, you will be able to relate.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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