Sunday Matters: Life Update

Sunday Matters

I had high hopes for the RIP Challenge but you know me and challenges. The one book I actually got to was not really horror at all. I did watch some movies though. I was so into the challenge but then it got warm and it didn’t feel like fall here. Hard to do a fall reading challenge when it’s like summer outside.

And, the fires. When it feels like all of California is burning, it’s hard to cozy up on the coach with your current read.

I didn’t get to post last week but my daughter’s high school took 1st place in the Musical category at that theatre festival I mentioned. Lots of competition and with half of them evacuated from their homes the day before, they really came together and performed amazingly well. If you are theatre lover at heart, check out Jesus Christ Superstar told in 7+ minutes. My daughter is the tall one and has a nice solo as Pilate.

Right Now:

As you read this, we are on our way to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to see my son in his first show there, Lysistrata. Fires permitting, as there is another one they are battling right now, we hope to get there early so we can take him out to breakfast. It’s a good three hour drive.

This Week:

Nothing remarkable this week. Just rehearsals for Annie and Macbeth. Maybe someday my daughter will finish her driver’s training.


Still reading King’s new book, The Institute.


I did manage to watch Charlie Brown while handing out tons of candy last Thursday but never got around to watching Halloween 2 which was my plan.

Still watching The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

New Things I’ve Tried:

You guys, I work in Information Technology and I had yet to use Grubhub or any other food ordering app. I was aware of the convenience of course, but just didn’t want to put my information in. Well, that is how my university does mobile ordering now so I downloaded the darn thing. It is nice to just walk up to a counter and get my grub.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for the arts. Both of my kids as you know are heavily involved and it’s such a pleasure to see all their hard work pay off in the form of a production. I love sitting in that theater seat waiting for a show to begin. It’s THE BEST feeling.

How have you all been? I received many messages asking about me and the fires nearby. Thank you so much for thinking of me and my family. The night before the competition, I had some kids at my house because they could not get back into their homes and I was afraid they wouldn’t make the competition. Everyone has been on edge. Traffic has been horrific. I had to work from home one day and the university closed one day as well. But, our homes are still standing. Sadly, my daughter’s friend lost his home in one of those fires.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Hello, November and hello time change.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Life Update”

    1. Thank you. They shut power down to prevent fallen lines from starting a fire in the wind, but then when they re-energized them, and no one checked to see if lines were down in the first place, they started some fires! Or the idiots who drive down the freeway with a muffler hanging, tossing sparks into dry brush (cause four separate fires). It’s so out of our hands. That is what makes it scary.

  1. The fires have been awful! I drove to Palm Springs for a conference the day the 405 was closed and traffic has never been lighter (trying to see the silver lining in all this). We have even had bad air quality up here from the Santa Paula fire. I hope your road trip to Cal Poly goes well; it looks like a lovely day for it.

    1. I was worried that the Santa Paula fire would cause some traffic issues but it was out by the time we left for the trip. Still smoldering but out for the most part. We got up and back just fine.

      With these fires almost a normal thing now, we need an emergency plan at my work. So many of us had to come in on some of those days and you could not get here or blocked emergency vehicles trying to get here. One day I just basically said, nope, not coming in.

      1. We’ve gotten pretty good at communicating about bad air quality, school closures, etc since the Thomas Fire 2 years ago. They did cancel after school outdoor activities last week on Friday due to smoke and they moved the football games an hour north.

    1. Yes! Pilate is such a complicated role both on stage and in the Bible. She got to meet the current touring Pilate at the show we attended on Saturday. The actor was super nice.

      We have a very nice visit with my son yesterday. Six hours of driving but got back in good shape.

  2. My husband and I moved to Washington from California nearly three years ago. I lived in CA from 2000-2017 and my husband lived there all his life before the move. These fires seem so much worse than either of us recall from when we lived there. =(

    1. Thanks for humoring me by watching the video. And yes, the fires are terrifying to deal with when the winds are so out of control. You realize quickly that nothing is in your hands.

  3. Glad you are safe with all those fires…so scary. It sounds like your son has settled in well with college life. Hope you can relax and find a perfect read soon.

    1. He’s doing well. We got to spend most of the day with him yesterday. He was a little thin but he is always thin. Stuffed two huge meals into him. Met some of his friends. Hoping he can take on a few more work hours after this quarter.

  4. i really hope the fires die down and the winds are gone soon, and that you get cooler temps. It’s been horrible to write about at work, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for you. Take care and keep the positive. The arts really are a haven in these times.

    1. Everything seems to have settled down on the fire front. No winds right now although they say we aren’t done with them yet.

  5. Yeah the fire news has been very upsetting. I hope this week things calm down there. Thanks for the video performance — very cool. Congrats to your daughter. I’m headed to visit my parents in Redlands in about 10 days so we’ll be flying into Palm Springs. I’m looking forward to it …. but hope the winds don’t come back. Enjoy your week.

  6. There are so many of us who are worried about you and your family and friends in your part of the world. I will continue to pray for your safety and for the safety of all there.

    Your daughter…wow! What a performance! I’d pay big money to see that on Broadway. They were amazing.

    I hope you get a chance to finish your book. And I hope hope hope those awful fires go away soon.

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say. I can deal with a lot of adversity but when it affects young people, whether my own kids or the kids in my youth group or community, I get really emotional thinking about it. All the “what would I have done?” type questions going through my mind. Actually, I know exactly what I would have done. Right now, the community is in this fragile state. Saugus High opened for students again this week and the community has been very supportive.

  7. We had quite a few fires in and around the city where I live this past week that had us all on edge. We were on high alert at work as well. I thought of you often too, hearing about the fires out your way as well. Congratulations to your daughter and her high school! What an amazing performance! Your daughter is so talented. I love Jesus Christ Superstar. I hope you had a nice visit with your son!

    Have a great week, Ti.

    1. We had an excellent visit with my son. He was sick the entire time but none of us cared. He got to rest and eat and just hang out. He was pretty tired.

      The fires everywhere. My drive to work is surrounded by charred hillsides. Everything burned. Now, mudslides to worry about.

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