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The Sunday Salon: Where Did the Weekend Go?

This weekend came and went without too much to show for it. I wanted to get some things done around here but I didn’t get to any of it. I guess it’s because I lacked a plan and just sort of went with it and that never works for me. This was my weekend:

  • On Friday, I ate way too much which started my weekend off on the wrong foot. Part of it was because of not eating enough the day before because of some testing I had to have, but really I am just using that as an excuse.
  • Saturday morning I went for a long walk. I haven’t been doing my walking but it felt good to get it in and on the weekend no less!
  • Saturday afternoon I had to buy shoes for The Girl since she is growing like a weed and her little, fake Ugg boots are beginning to look ridiculous in this 75 degree heat. We couldn’t do anything as a family since The Hub committed to helping a friend, so the kids and I just hung around the house afterward and didn’t do a darn thing.
  • Saturday night we watched 2012 which was totally ridiculous but highly entertaining and then because I couldn’t get enough destruction, I went to bed with The Dead and the Gone and stayed up all night reading it. My review posts tomorrow.
  • Early this morning The Girl came into our room and had a breathing episode. She has reactive airway and something set her off, so a couple of breathing treatments later she was bouncing off the wall and begging for blueberry pancakes and bacon. Cooking at 6am on a Sunday morning should be a sin. A yummy sin, but still a sin.
  • After breakfast we went to buy a steam mop. Whoopee!! You know you’re too old when you get excited over an appliance.
  • Tonight we are going out for pizza (see how overeating on Friday has caused an avalanche effect on my eating?)

Right now I am going to try to finish Mockingbird. Only a few pages left but the house is sort of filled with kid noise right now so it may not happen.


The Sunday Salon: I. Love. Long. Weekends.

I have a furlough day on Monday so this is a three-day weekend for me. I love long weekends. I mean, who doesn’t? After our tax appointment today, we decided to check out a bookstore that I had never been to before. The Flintridge Bookstore and Coffee House was damaged last year when a big rig slammed into a car and then ran through the front of the bookstore. Unfortunately, two people were killed in that accident. However, the bookstore re-opened and it’s one of the most charming bookstores that I’ve been to in awhile.

We had the best time. I picked up a copy of Catching Fire and two, really neat bookmarks. Here’s a close-up of the bamboo bookmark and you’ll see why I like it so much:

As for today, it’s Valentine’s Day and we may head up to the snow. I’d be perfectly fine just hanging around here. I’ve been so burned out lately that a day at home sounds wonderful to me, but it probably won’t happen. For dinner, I think the plan is to order some Chinese food.

Later on I plan to write-up my last Moby Dick Monday post. Yep, I finished it! I can’t tell you how glad I am. Right now I am actively reading The Weight of Heaven and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I will probably crack open Catching Fire too now that I have it in my hands.

Also, I read this post over at Redlady’s Reading Room about adding your blog to the Kindle store. I went right over and signed up, but then aborted the process when I read the terms and conditions. I’m not sure I like how it’s worded but it pretty much says that Amazon can use the content any way they like and that you have to conform to a regular posting schedule, etc. I post regularly but something about HAVING to do it turned me off.

If you’re a blogger, is your blog listed at the Kindle store? My settings are saved right now until I can think about this a bit more.