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The Sunday Salon: Reading Prompts are Everywhere

Hurley Sweatshirt Front View

I’ve been in quite a reading mood lately. I’ve been zipping through the Indie Lit Shortlist for Literary Fiction and enjoying much of it. BUT, The Girl, who is normally a reading fool like her mama, has not been reading too much (three weeks off from school will do that to you). So imagine my surprise when she donned her new Hurley sweatshirt and found this:

Read a Book Tag

Might be a tad hard to see, but right at the hem, on the inside of the jacket, The Girl noticed this imprint or tag for lack of a better word. The tag says “Read a Book.” With so many hoodies incorporating ways to listen to your iPod, I found this incredibly refreshing.

Guess what she did.

Yep, she started to read again.

Thank you Hurley!

Sunday Salon

Today is a rainy, gloomy day here in Southern California. I am chilled to the bone and cannot seem to get warm. Our house is a two-story and when it’s comfortable upstairs, it’s still quite chilly downstairs and I spend most of my time downstairs (of course). I may get the fireplace going in a little bit so I can finish reading C by Tom McCarthy.

Later, we plan to watch some football and spend the day eating football food. When I say I’ll be watching football that means that it will be on, and I will be reading in between plays. I’ve got lots and lots to read. I’m not sure how my pile got so out of control. Now that I am back at work it’s certainly harder to fit the reading time in.

Oh, and I completely forgot that we are picking the Freshman Common Reading book this week which means I have another two books to read before Thursday. Hmmm. I better get off this computer and get cracking.

Happy Sunday to you!

Snow in Southern California!

My Side Yard

I am scheduled to return to work tomorrow.


I live at the top of a hill. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it down. We don’t have snow plows in So. Calif. Isn’t it pretty?

We have no TV right now because the satellite dish is covered. It’s really nice and quiet and I am enjoying a bowl of gumbo and reading Great House.

I LOVE this weather.