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The Sunday Salon: Danish Style

We went to Solvang today. It was sunny and gorgeous and you can’t stay indoors when it’s sunny and gorgeous out. A friend recommended this pancake house.

She is very excited about her pancakes.

He’s excited too. What do you think of his new short haircut? The GIRLS asked him to cut it apparently.

The Danish Pancake Special. YUM. Look at the size of them!

They have bookstores there. Two of them. I bought a copy of The Space Between Us. She bought a bookmark.

Now that we’re home, we are about to throw something on the grill. Yep. More eating. It was right around 80 degrees today and it just felt wonderful but the warm weather makes me hungry. Should be the opposite. Too bad I can’t blame it on a growth spurt.

As you can imagine, I got ZERO reading in because of all my frolicking in Solvang but once the kids go down, I plan to curl-up with The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott. So far, the story is charming and it will be the perfect end to my day.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday as much as I am.


It’s Starting

You see this cute little boy? He was about three when this photo was taken. Just a little moppet in a bookstore.

Well, he is 11-years-old now and tonight, I get to take him to a junior high parent meeting.


It’s all starting, the girls, the text messages, the girls walking by our house at night, the deeper than deep voice that came out of nowhere and oh, did I mention the GIRLS?

Now I realize that back in the day, I did not have a cell phone to text my friends, but I don’t recall being into the boy-girl scene until I was about thirteen.  The other day he woke up, had a girlfriend and then by the end of the day, they broke up. How can this be? No dating took place.

Anyway, tonight I descend upon the school for the very first time. He’s mortified that I have to take him but it is a parent meeting afterall. Do you think he’ll survive? Do you think I will survive?