Sunday Matters: Back to Missouri They Go

Sunday Matters

We had a nice long visit with my daughter and her cat. A little over a month. We didn’t get to do all we wanted since the Hub and I got sick over the holidays but it was just nice to have her home. The singing. The smell of vanilla everything. That girl came out smelling like vanilla. She left yesterday and begins classes tomorrow. She changed her major to Acting, from Musical Theater. This allows her to branch out into screen if she so desires. 

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. When I get home we will put the house back in order. Jinx left little love notes everywhere. Her fave seems to be my black Ticonderoga pencils. 

This Week:

I feel like there is something happening this week but my calendar says otherwise. Sweet! I shall spend it purging and simplifying. 


I am reading this one. It’s nearly 900 pages. The opening is a bit harsh but somehow it’s pulling me in. Climate change is a tough topic to tackle. 

The Deluge


Not a thing. 

Grateful for:

  • Planner prepping. Cracking open a new planner feels good. 
  • My church family. They are awesome. 
  • Candles. They bring me instant peace. 

How was your week?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Back to Missouri They Go”

  1. I’ll bet it was hard to say goodbye!

    I’ve been taking time each day to de-clutter (following aullorganized on Instagram) and it feels so good! I have a couple of bags to take to Goodwill, and my pantry & medicine cupboards looks so nice and tidy.

    Hope you have a good/quiet week, Ti.

    1. I really love the act of decluttering. I think I will tackle a few things this week. It helps with my anxiety which seems to get worse with age. I never had to deal with it before.

  2. Glad you all had a nice visit. It’s sad to see them return to their grown up life but both of your kids seem to be doing great, which is a good feeling for a mom. Shows you did an awesome job raising them!

  3. I have candles and don’t burn them nearly often enough. I need to remedy that in 2023. I love the smell of vanilla lotions, perfumes, etc. It makes me happy.

  4. I know you are missing your daughter like crazy. It sure didn’t help that you and your husband were sick and you didn’t get to do the things together you’d have liked. Once they leave home, things are never the same, and it’s a hard thing for many of us. I now love our quiet life, just me and my husband, but it took a long time to get to that point for us.

    1. Thank you. It takes a few weeks for me to pull myself out of this empty nest funk. Plus, I miss the kitty too. The Dog does not! LOL.

  5. I hope she enjoys her acting classes. I remember taking drama long ago and having trouble remembering all the lines. But she’s used to all that. Glad your visit went well.

    1. The only thing that changes going from a Musical Theatre major to an Acting major is less dance and music theory. She’s been studying musical theory for years so she’s good there. I would have kept dance but the dance classes at Missouri State are early in the morning and her traipsing over there, early, in the snow, to dance in a cold studio was a hard sell.

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