Whatnot – 03/30/22

Chloe on the couch.The pup has been a loyal reading buddy but now she has to share space with the cat. She is most gracious in giving up her spots, at least for a little while but she has to have a clear view of whatever I am doing or it’s a big no. In this shot, Root Beer the cat is actually on my chest while The Otter Pup observes. This is how I read these days. I have cat hair all over me but I love it.

What am I reading? Murakami’s latest, Murakami T: The T-shirts I Love. It is the perfect read for me right now. Short observations and stories about his go-to, favorite t-shirts and why they stand out to him. The only complaint I have, is that on my Kindle it’s all B&W so although there are photos of the shirts, I don’t get the full design effect. I need to check out a physical copy to see all his colorful choices. It’s the perfect thing to pick up and put down in between things. Some passages are only a couple of pages long. I should finish it this week.

This Thursday my university is closed for a state holiday so I am off. I would love to spend it outside. After quite a bit of rain on Monday, everything is so crisp and new. I am hoping to get outside so I am pondering my options now. I don’t want to waste a good day off.

The other day I got a reminder to call U-verse about my expiring promotions so I spent thirty minutes re-negotiating what I am willing to pay. Next time,  I may just drop it and go with streaming but once you add all your streaming services it’s not any cheaper, really. I didn’t get it quite low as I did last year but it will suffice for now. I would really love it if they deducted the cost of channels I do not want like OAN and all those infomercial channels. I could really do without any of it but the Hub likes his live sports and news.

We are all living in weird times. No masks anywhere now and yet numbers do seem to be rising but not alarmingly so. A second booster is coming.  I have to think about it more. I am fully boosted but after all the health issues I’ve had of late I am worried what a second booster might do to me. I have some time to think about it.

That’s all I have. I hope you have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Whatnot – 03/30/22”

  1. I love how easily RootBeer adjusted to being part of a human family:) The cat fur on clothing is so worth it IMO. I’m happy Chloe doesn’t mind sharing you too much. It’s still cold here – low 50s, looking forward to warmer weather soon I hope.

    1. The biggest issue with Chloe right now is that she feels responsible when Root Beer gets herself in a pickle. She’s been a little naughty lately. Jumping onto things and trying to steal little trinkets for herself. Chloe gets this worried look on her face every time. But it’s sweet how Root Beer notices what Chloe prefers. The other day they were deciding on which step to take a nap on, two steps were in full sun. Initially Root Beer took Chloe’s favorite step but after Chloe looked like someone stole her ice cream, Root Beer moved and they both settled in. Bed time is fun too because Root Beer is now part of that routine of tucking Chloe in. Ha!

  2. Ah the cat hair! Must be as fun as my husky and her fur! I am so glad you found a book to keep you reading. Murakami is a go-to for you no matter what! I hope you have a great day off.

    1. She obviously has very long hair but she just started to shed in this California climate. Tufts of her hair fly around the house. The other day we took all the hair from her brush and made the pup a hat. LOL.

  3. Cat hair! I have 2 cats and they both shed like crazy! Wiping it up every single day! I love that Chloe and Root Beer are loving each other! My youngest cat is always grooming my dog 🙂

    I’m still waiting on my Booster, I get it the beginning of June. A lot of people where I live are still wearing masks, I’m still wearing one and plan on wearing it until Covid ends. The shots only lesson the symptoms, not keep you from getting it and I do not want to get it!

    1. If I am indoors with people near me I wear my mask. Still. I get some strange looks but if anyone ever mocks me for wearing one they will be sorry. Ha! I will most likely get my booster later this month but the kidney inflammation which went unexplained has given me pause.

      Oh, and we haven’t caught Root Beer grooming the pup yet but she grooms all of us and sometimes the pup has crazy hair when we get home so we think she does.

  4. Yep, we’re over 50 and are in the category of “you can/should get a second booster.” Already? I was really hoping I had until the Fall. Now that I am not in education, I have completely forgotten about automatic holidays. I’ll be working tomorrow.

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