Sunday Matters: Happy Birthday To Me!

Sunday Matters

Hello friends! It’s my birthday today! Normally I take an extra day off from work but this year the Labor Day holiday is my extra day. To celebrate, we puttered around Santa Barbara yesterday. Ate all the things. Being near the ocean makes me happy.

Right Now:

I am about the head to church to hang with the J High and High School students. I’ll be there until around 1pm. Then, the whole day is wide open.

My daughter went home with her roommate to Arkansas for the long weekend. It was nice of them to invite her. I am sure they will have a blast.

This Week:

Flu shots are available now. If you are so inclined, you might want to get one early to avoid the COVID booster clash that I am anticipating. I can go during the week but the hub can only go on the weekend so we will do the walk-in event on Saturday.

Nothing much going on this week but on Saturday night we are having dinner with two dear friends. The last time we had dinner was right before the big shutdown. Feels so surreal to think of that dinner. I was still at work and the dinner conversation was full of “what ifs”. As we all know, these last two years have been a big what if.


I am reading Reese’s new pick We Were Never Here. Then, I want to read My Heart is a Chainsaw for RIP.


American Horror Story: Double Feature is really good. I am recording The Walking Dead this season and will watch it all at once. I am just not motivated to watch it now but I want to see it through. I heard this is the last season after all.

Grateful for:

  • My daughter’s friends at MSU. They look to be the sweetest group of people.
  • That someone from Kia corporate finally called my son about his car. It’s been gone since 7/17 if you can believe it. I don’t want to get excited too soon because they have not reimbursed him for one cent as of yet.
  • Always so grateful for my little Otter Pup.

Have a wonderful Sunday and check in if you can!

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. Thanks for the reminder about flu shots. We’ll get ours sometime this month!

    I’m glad your daughter is settling in and making friends at college. She’s going to love the fall weather and change of seasons.

    Enjoy your birthday, Ti! Glad you were able to get over to Santa Barbara for a fun-filled day.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for asking! Doing okay. I need cataract surgery but the pressure in that eye is too high, so need to get that under control. Glad your kids are doing well- it is hard when they are far away. Your on to the next stage in life- empty nest. I am reading Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny- the Inspector Gamache series. I always enjoy them. Listening to Leave the World Behind by Rumania Alam. Seems okay so far- who to believe- so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

        Weekend is almost here !


        Sent from my iPhone


        1. I hope the pressure in your eye is handled quickly so they can do the surgery.

          I read Leave the World Behind in print, at the beginning of the shutdown which really added to the tension. I thought it was very well done. People disagree.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ti! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful birthday weekend. Very good advice about getting a flu shot early this year… we plan to get ours sometime this month.

    I haven’t read much at all this week – so many distractions. Will start something for RIP later this afternoon. Have a good week.

  3. Happy Birthday Ti and so glad to read your daughter has such a nice roommate. Flu shot time already, I got the text from CVS. Today is rainy and so I’m cooking and it’s just nice to hang indoors. Have a great week. I’d be livid about the KIA stalling addressing your son’s issues. Have a good week.

    1. What made the entire situation even more frustrating is that you cannot get a hold of anyone in corporate or consumer affairs. The call is on hold for hours and they never pick up. The portal, useless. No updates. It wasn’t until we blasted social media that someone JUST called him today. I will never, ever buy a Kia or Hyundai (same company) based on that service model.

  4. Happy Birthday! I am glad SB was restorative for you!

    I cannot believe the saga of your son’s car, what a nightmare. But, how very sweet that your daughter is being taken in by her roommate and her family; my daughter had that as well for holidays and it was/is wonderful.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ti! I am glad you were able to get away to Santa Barbara for a bit. We should probably think about getting our flu shots too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week!

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Ti! Glad you got to eat ‘all the things’! Ha! Also, glad your kids are doing well. Looking forward to reading some of your thoughts about We Were Never Here. I want to try that one. And, yes, I’ll be getting my flu shot in a few weeks too. I always get one. 🙂

  7. Sounds like you had a great birthday, and i hope that your son gets his car soon and reimbursed. This has been a nightmare for him and you guys. I am so glad that your daughter has a roommate that she can spend time with away from campus too. I’m still friends with my college roommate — diary of an eccentric’s Anna. Lasting friendships are so wonderful.

  8. Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one.

    Oh man, the car has been away for close to 2 months? That is long. I hope he gets it back soon. I missed whatever it was that caused it to go to the shop, but I can’t imagine them needing that long to fix it.

    So glad to hear that your daughter has settled in and the move went well. Looks like she is making friends right away as well!

    1. The car has been done for over a month but Kia’s corporate response has been absolutely horribly and he can’t begin the reimbursement process until the car is in his possession due to rental fees and the like, which are now over $3K close to 4K. It’s in New Mexico and he is in Kansas.

      His engine had a catastrophic failure in the middle of nowhere on his way to Kansas. It’s part of a class action lawsuit, thankfully but this has not been fun at all. They had to put in a brand new engine. And replace many other things that were damaged when the engine failed and metal debris got into all the moving parts. After we blasted them on social media and blew up all the exec email inboxes, he finally got a person to deal with his case. Just now. If you can believe it. ETA is hopefully next week.

  9. I hope you had a great birthday! Sorry I missed it — it’s been busy. My bday is coming up too. Uh-oh. You deserve to buy a book on your bday!

  10. Happy birthday, Ti! I hope you had a gloriously wonderful day (or, if you are like me, a gloriously wonderful birthday month…why not?)

    Thanks for the reminder about the flu shot. We need to do that next week, I think.

    1. I do try to spread my birthday out but usually it peters out after a good 3-4 days. Tomorrow, flu shots for us. I’ve never been so excited. Everyone here is getting COVID. Even vaxxed folks. I do not want any sickness, be it a cold, flu, and certainly not Rona.

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