Sunday Matters: Controlling My Thoughts Is Like Trying To Give A Cat a Bath

Sunday Matters

From a very young age my brain spirals out of control from thoughts. I am one of those deep thinkers. I ponder things, constantly. What I read, what I see, what I do, what has to be done. It can be exhausting. Lately, it’s been hard to break the cycle. So hard that I am thinking about taking up jogging. You know I am desperate to even consider it. Jogging and I do not mix. If you know me in real life then you are probably laughing over this. What to do?

Right Now:

Church, youth group and a long walk will have to suffice for now. We only have two more meetings for youth group and then my seniors are off like a bird.

This Week:

We have Senior Recognition Night this week. You have to be invited to it and we were so that will take place on Wednesday, which conflicts with my book club meeting for Dear Edward so I need to pass on that.

This week is also our wedding anniversary. I just did the math, 27 years? Between the kids leaving and 27 years of marriage I am feeling ancient. On this same night the choir banquet was just scheduled. I am glad they are having one. No food, so  not a banquet really but the idea is there and it will be outside at a park.


I finished Dear Edward and will have the review posted soon. I must finish The Invisible Husband of Frick Island this week. I was going to read the latest Reese Book Club pick next but the publisher is sending me a hard copy and I’d rather wait for that than read it on my Kindle. I need another book now.


My TV watching was wonky this week. When you feel like jumping out of your skin and can’t settle down, the idea of sitting in front of the TV is not appealing. Repainting a bathroom sounds appealing though.

Grateful for:

  • My son purchased a car. It was stressful since he was only in town for so long but I’m grateful that it’s done.
  • Breakfast for dinner. It’s a meal we have a least once a week and it is always well-received and easy enough. I am back to easy meals. No fuss is a plus.

The forecast says rain, which really means drizzle for Monday. We need every drop so rain, drizzle, mist, we will take it. What did you do this weekend? I spent some of it trying to get a TB test for my daughter’s new job.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Controlling My Thoughts Is Like Trying To Give A Cat a Bath”

  1. I’m not laughing. I think jogging sounds like a good idea and might I suggest meditation? I am like you in that I am thinking and overthinking EVERYTHING, to the point I can’t stop. But I have learned to pause with meditation. I use two apps: Headspace and Insight Timer, depending on my mood or the day. And also journaling. But not worrying about getting it “right” every time or for a set amount of time. It’s that I’m doing it at all, that’s important. I also was introduced to a form of meditation via Deb Nance from the blog Readerbuzz: Again, I don’t always do 20 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes, but it has helped and is continuing to help…and oh, I don’t do it both morning and night and sometimes I’m too anxious to do anything, but when I do do it, it helps. Just a suggestion for you or a variety of suggestions that may or may not work for you.

    1. I have tried meditation a few times. Seriously, so. I just cannot disconnect. My friend is a guided meditation specialist and she guided me and I just kept coming out of it. The only thing that seems to help a little is getting all this anxiety out of me through activity. I probably need to add another walk that’s more strenuous.

  2. Ti, sorry about the overactive brain of late. Maybe 30 min of yoga and calming music vs. jogging which is so hard on the joints. Glad your son was able to get a car and congrats on 27 years. (We were 20 years a few weeks ago – 3rd times a charm…well, occasionally…anyways.. LOL)

    I hope you have a calming week. I really enjoyed the Laura Dave novel.

    1. Thanks. I try to meditate and yoga is okay when I do it but I still can’t leave my head these days. I will skip jogging. Funny how so many of you know me and know me well. I sometimes get so antsy that I can easily envision myself just opening the front door to run away. My husband thinks this is hysterical.

  3. Those mental treadmills can be very exhausting! I used to get stressed out about things out of my control and I couldn’t turn my brain off. Walking (or any kind of exercise) helped me a lot. I also ask myself if I’m doing everything I can to work through the problem and if so, then I just have to tell myself to let it go! Maybe walking while listening to an audio book will help you get out of your head for a little while. I know you walk your dog, but maybe you could go solo for 20 minutes when you start to feel anxious.

    Congrats on your anniversary. We will celebrate 33 in November! Seems like another lifetime ago that we say “I do.”

    1. Maybe I need to add a second long walk to my day. And the audio book idea is a good one. I listen to podcasts sometimes but they tend to make me think more! I had a rough night last night with my thoughts spinning all over the place.

  4. You sound like me last night, I couldn’t sleep until after 1:00am, which is really unusual for me. I just had so much running through my brain and I couldn’t turn it off. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Every time I woke up last night I started to count and then went back to sleep but that only worked three times and then I was up at 4:30am. My wake time when I was driving in to work was 4am so I don’t think I can ever get past that hour.

  5. I was a runner in my 20s & 30s … but now in the 50+ category … I am no longer able to … I think brisk walking is perhaps what you should stick to. And I want to say Happy Anniversary! That’s fantastic. You two have quite a history! It’s nice your son found a car. A relief. I hope you guys get rain down there …. !!

    1. I am sure walking is what I will stick to because even with all this pent up energy, I know I will end up injuring myself if I try jogging. This is when I wish I had one of those Peloton bikes.

  6. I have almost finished 1 fiction novel, and I need to finish and write my review today. EEk!

    TV watching is non-existent for me. I am an over-thinker too. Seriously, I get that. I try to at least take an evening walk with the dog after dinner. But lately I’ve tried to take a 5 minute walk or so at lunch with the dog too. I need that calm. I meditate for about 5 minutes when I feel overwhelmed; it resets the brain. While it isn’t all at one time, I find these moments of focus on nothing help.

    1. So many have suggested meditation to me but I’ve tried and tried and cannot disconnect.

      What fiction book are you about to finish? I just finished one and wrote the review for tomorrow but it was supposed to be up today. Oh well.

  7. Yup, I can get on that mental treadmill way too often just like you. Les suggested walking with an audiobook and that’s just what I do… my morning walks are a must. My whole day suffers if I miss it. Maybe it will work for you, too. Jogging might kill me… or at least it might kill my knees!! Take care, Ti.

  8. I know what you are talking about, and it is awful and hard to stop. Overthinking. Thinking and then rethinking and rethinking. Endless. Bryan and I have both had a lot of luck using meditation, Ti. I recommend it highly.

    Very light books have helped me, too. There’s a great list of mood-boosting books from England, and I’ve been reading a lot of them. Contemporary fiction? It’s so bleak that I just can’t seem to stick with it.

  9. I find crosswords are an effective distraction when I can’t let go of something.though to be fair jogging would probably work too because I’d be busy thinking I was about to die.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you for the laugh. For sure. I would for sure think I was dying if I took up jogging. Crosswords would be good. I sometimes pull out my phone for MahJong. Those tiles and all that matching distract me for a little while.

  10. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep for thinking. Most of the time it’s about stuff from 40-50 years ago! How nuts is that? I may have to give Mahjong a try.

    1. That’s the thing. If my husband didn’t wake me by snoring I would stay asleep. I am a light sleeper but would stay asleep. It’s when he wakes me and it’s always around 2:30am so that leaves a long time for me to toss and turn and worry. I really need to chill out.

  11. My dog wakes me up either moving around or snoring. If not that it’s my youngest cat darting into the bedroom when I go back from the bathroom. She runs under the bed where I can’t reach her. Then she starts jumping from one place to the other. If I’m quick enough I can open the hall closet and she’ll go in there (open any door and she’s like lightening getting inside) and I can get into the bedroom and shut the door before she comes in. It’s funny but not.

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