The Clover Girls Is In Stores Now!

The Clover Girls is in Stores Now!

Hello, friends! I am part of the influencer campaign for The Clover Girls which is now available in stores! Here’s a little bit about the book:

#TheCloverGirls by @viola_shipman is in stores NOW! Grab a copy of this “beautiful novel” (@nancythayer) that @kristywharvey calls “a love song to long-lost friends, an ode to the summers that make us who we are.” Sweet, nostalgic, and loaded with 80s references, THE CLOVER GIRLS is the tale of four women whose friendship was formed at the Lake Michigan summer camp of their youth.

Shipman deftly explores how the bonds of friendship are tested over time, and the value of never losing sight of the people and places that make us who we are. As @maryalicemonroe says, “Like a true friendship, THE CLOVER GIRLS is a novel you will forever savor and treasure.” @graydonhousebooks @authorwaderouse #summerreading #beachreads #authorsofinstagram

Doesn’t it sound good?

4 thoughts on “The Clover Girls Is In Stores Now!”

  1. This looks good and I look forward to hearing how it is. I am so far behind on visiting blogs that it’s a bit overwhelming. Good thing it’s almost the weekend and I’ll have a bit more time.

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