Sunday Matters: Oh, Yeah

Sunday Matters

Okay, you got me. I totally forgot the day again and so I had no Sunday post scheduled. I woke up looking for it and then realized I never wrote one so this will be super brief just to touch base.

Right Now:

My daughter sings for a church sometimes and that church returned to in-person services so we were invited to attend to ensure that they had good numbers. It was a lovely service. I double-masked and every other row only had 1-2 people. I felt very safe.

Now, I am heading to my own church because youth group is returning to the building for the first time. I shall attend that while my husband and daughter attend the regular service, outside. We will then grab a bite to eat afterward.

This Week:

We should receive some college decisions this week. Stay tuned. We should also know the status of that special thing I have yet to mention.


I am reading Brat: An 80’s Story.


We are on the last season of Schitt’s Creek. I am very sad about it.

The Walking Dead was pretty good last week so we will watching again tonight.

Haven’t watching any movies yet. Curious about Coming to America 2.

Grateful for:

  • We have some college choices now. So happy for that.
  • Grateful that in-person church services are happening and that they are being done properly. Online is great but it’s not the same. I would happily take that over being unsafe though.
  • I got an appointment for the vaccine. They opened it up to education so my appointment is 4/6! I am scheduled for Moderna but it says that whatever is available at the time will be given, including J&J. I really do not care at this point. I’ve been lucky and any of them will help quite a lot.

Let me know how you are doing. I felt like blogs were pretty quiet this past week.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Oh, Yeah”

  1. Glad you’re heading back to church…and safely.

    I’m waiting like y’all in anticipation about college decisions and “the status of that special thing.”

    My wife and I tried Coming 2 America, but couldn’t get into it…but we might try again. We’re also looking forward to Staged, Season 2, on Hulu…with David Tennant and Michael Sheen. The first season was really good and the second “drops” on March 16. We probably will binge-watch all seven episodes that day and the next since I am off for vacation next week and my wife is off on her regular days in the middle of the week.

    1. I’ve heard from many now that Coming to America 2 is the worst movie ever made. Hard to imagine. Perhaps they should have skipped the remake.

  2. Very exciting about the college decisions! It’s an exciting time.
    You’re not alone in thinking that the blogs have been quiet. They have been.
    My husband gets his first vaccine tomorrow!

    1. Yay on your husband getting his vaccine. Hope that went well today and he has little to no side effects. All of my friends have been okay with theirs.

  3. I am so happy you have your vaccine appointment. Mine should happen this week. I can’t wait to hear your daughter’s college choices (why do I get so excited about this?!). It must feel nice to be able to be back at church in person. In general, I feel like there is a hopeful feeling in the air.

  4. Excellent – you have a date for the vaccine! That’s awesome. And your daughter’s college decisions, how exciting. Keep us posted! I’m now back in Canada after leaving Calif thru Palm Springs. It was so sad to leave my parents … but my sister is there now … and will be moving them into the senior care village we planned for. Crossing my fingers on Thurs/Fri. Enjoy your books & shows.

    1. I’m glad you arrived home safely. I know it’s a big move for your parents but it will be good. My in-laws really liked the village they moved into. They did more there than they did living on their own.

  5. Ti, so happy to read that you have an appt. for the vaccine. I had my first last week and 2nd 4/2 (Moderna). My husband was supposed to have #2 last Wednesday but the supply did not come in so her tries again this week. My daughter gets the J&J tomorrow as an educator.

    Good luck with those college letters and yes, blogs were quiet, think we needed a break:)

    1. This college stuff has left me very anxious. I don’t get anxious often but I am feeling it. I need to chill out.

  6. Yay! I’m glad you are scheduled for your first vaccination! I’m on a wait list and might get mine this Friday. Fingers crossed.

    I’ll bet your daughter is very excited about the upcoming news from the colleges. Looking forward to the big reveal of your other news, too.

    Have a good week!

    1. I didn’t realize how badly I wanted the vaccine until I was told I had to wait because of that shingles shot. But, 4/6 will be here before I know it. Gosh, the year is flying by. I hope you get your shot!

  7. Very exciting that your daughter has choices… the college decision comes next! So glad you’re scheduled for your first vaccination. My husband is scheduled for his second on Friday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can snag a first appointment this week. Small steps back to normalcy at last. Have a good week, Ti.

  8. Looks like this is going to be that week with so much anticipation and exciting news! I’ll keep my fingers double crossed for extra luck and good news to send your way!

    Glad that you have a date for the vaccine now! It feels so good to read about all the little good news across many blogs of life returning to normal even if just for a day or for an occasion.

    1. Many of my friends have been vaccinated so we are definitely headed into the right direction. Thank God. I don’t think we would be if the administration had not changed at the White House.

  9. My fingers are crossed for your daughter and I hope she gets some good news! I want to watch Coming to America 2 as well. Most of my friends who have seen it seem to have liked it. I am glad you were able to schedule a vaccine appointment. I am sure that is a relief. I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  10. I’m probably one of the few who never liked the first Coming to America. My husband loved it but I did not. I’m not interested in watching #2 but will probably be in the same room when it is watched because my husband will likely be watching it. It was a super busy weekend for us with a swim meet and my daughter’s birthday on Monday (no school so a day of fun). I’m exhausted but at work today so…

    1. I, personally, thought Coming to America was just okay. It was a stupid premise but had some funny moments and Eddie Murphy and Hall playing all those other characters made it kind of different. I’ve heard from several that the sequel is horrible but I know my husband wants to see it so like you, If I am in the room I will watch.

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