Sunday Matters: My Reading Is On Fire

Sunday Matters

My reading pace continues to be good and I am really happy about it. Just keep those books coming. Review writing has been good too but mostly because I have to write my reviews right after I finish a book. For those who review, do you do that too?

Why do the weekends fly by? Here it is, Sunday and I am already thinking about work.

Right Now:

Not a lot happening. I am just easing into my day. I will try to get a walk in and then later a short meet-up with my youth group. With masks, outside in the cold, distanced. All the safety stuff in place.

My daughter has another audition later but this one is kind of fun. I will hold off on details for now.

This Week:

Nothing on the schedule besides work stuff. Nice!


This week my reviews for The Wife Upstairs and Interior Chinatown will post on the blog. I liked them both very much. I will be writing up my review of Are We There Yet? to post next week. So that leaves me with two new books to read, both are review copies.

I am super excited about both of them. The first comes out in March and the second in April but I can’t wait until then to read them.

And… King is coming out with a new book!

Billy Summers
Photo Credit: Stephen King’s Newsletter


When the show 9-1-1 first came out, I thought it was cheesy and poorly done. But these past two weeks, the show has centered around a dam break in the Hollywood Hills. Given that Hollywood was my stomping ground as a kid, I had to watch. Not bad. It’s better now since they added some different actors. Not sure I will watch it regularly but I do have next week’s episode set to record because it’s a crossover with 9-1-1 Lone Star with Rob Lowe! Might as well watch that one too.

Grateful for:

  • The rain we’ve gotten. If you don’t live in California or the desert it’s hard to comprehend just how dry we are. We didn’t get as much as they predicated, at least not where I live but I could literally hear the ground drinking it in. It’s like every plant went, “ahhhh”.
  • I am still grateful for being able to work from home. It’s been a really good thing. I’m not sure what the pup will do when I have to go back. She’s become so used to me being here and follows me everywhere.
  • Comfy sweats. I clearly need more.

Tell me how you are. Are you keeping busy? Have you added any new hobbies? I keep seeing people do embroidery and it looks interesting.

Between you and I, I am obsessing over the Little Free Library down the street. My old neighbors kept it looking pretty nice but they sold their house and the new people have let it go. I am tempted to reorganize it like a total creeper. I would really like one of my own but don’t want to spend the money. They are spendy.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: My Reading Is On Fire”

  1. It’s Sunday and I’m trying not to think about work…but I just worked yesterday and don’t work again until Tuesday. That’s lucky for me because it’s cold and heavy snow expected over the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to chilling with music (already am) and reading. Hopefully later… Oh yeah I need more sweats too. Sitting here right now in slacks and it seems…wrong.

  2. I am going to read The Wife Upstairs this coming month and am looking forward to reading your review. Loved the rain, but appreciating the beautiful post-rain crystal clear and crisp days.

    1. I agree! The post rain moments are the best. I caught a few rainbows and our mountains, in the distance, are covered in snow which makes it so pretty.

  3. Ti, I’ll look forward to hearing what you thought about The Wife Upstairs. Glad your reading has been good. Mine has been as well and I’ve been doing the read/listen method with most of them. The books are mine, either print or Kindle, and the audio – checked out from the library. It’s been a good method for me the last few weeks and I’ll likely continue until it gets old. The little free library down the street – could you talk to the new people and ask if you could ‘take it over’ to keep it going or maybe you could even move it to your house? Just a suggestion. Glad you’ve gotten rain. I know how hard it is when it’s so dry. Have a good week!

    1. If I ever saw the new neighbors out I would ask but they have been lying low. Even their neighbors on either side of them said that they don’t see them either. Cars are always in the same location too. It’s a mystery. LOL.

  4. Kay just wrote exactly what I was going to say about the Little Free Library! Hope you and the new people can work something out. Glad you finally got some rain. We’re in “dry season” now and had our first fire danger day last week. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a happy medium?

    Glad your reading is going so well. January was a pretty decent month for me, too. Let’s hope we can both keep it up for February. Will look forward to your thoughts on Interior Chinatown! Have a good week, Ti.

    1. My review for Interior Chinatown posts on Friday is my memory serves me right. I am still pondering the Little Library dilemma. Ha. I never see the new neighbors out!

  5. I used to let my reviews stack up and would get so far behind, but now I sit down and write each review within 24-48 hours of finishing a book. I’ve been able to stay on top of them for the past three years. I guess it helps that I’m now retired.

    Glad you got your much needed rain. I felt so bad for the folks near Big Sur who had yet another landslide, washing out part of Hwy 1. They just went through that a few years ago!

    Kay and JoAnn are on my wave-length, too. I’ll bet the new homeowners would love your help with the Little Free Library. It certainly couldn’t hurt to ask.

    1. That section near Big Sur is treacherous. I keep thinking that it’s so lucky that no one was on the road when it collapsed.

      I never see the new neighbors. I walk by every day but they are never out. If I catch them one day I might say something.

  6. I used to hate Sundays when I had one of my jobs as I’d be stressing about the week at work. Fortunately, I did get easier more enjoyable jobs the last 15 years I worked.

    Glad that your 2021 reading is going so well; me too so I hope it continues.

    1. I am just glad that I don’t have to drive into work physically. Working from home definitely makes Mondays a little better.

  7. I am at work today and it is super busy as usual. I am pretty much busy all the time with the volunteering and work and virtual schooling. We had snow this weekend — not as much as predicted. I think we got maybe 6 inches…but probably more like 4, which is really not much compared to the predictions of 1 ft or more.

    I did pick up a fiction book finally, and I’ve read about 90 pages, so that’s progress. I have a couple poetry books to review still.

    1. There’s a lot of snow everywhere. It just started to rain here again. Just a little bit. We need it. It’s cold for me though so I am about to bump up the thermostat.

      What fiction read did you pick up?

  8. I write my reviews immediately after I finish the book. I never let a review go for more than a day. I try to write down a few thoughts while I’m reading, too.

    I’ve had my Little Free Library since November of 2012, and it wasn’t much of an expense. My husband built mine with plans online. The easiest thing would be for you to see if the neighbors would like to let you take it over, I think, though.

    1. The neighbors are keeping to themselves. No one has seen them. If I go to the Little Library site they sell the kits for $350 and then you buy the post kit. They are pricey now. I think I am just going to start adding books again and straighten it up when I do.

  9. Love it when we are reading so much and going from book to book! Hope it continues for a long time for you. Mine has slowed down but mainly because of not enough time to read.

    I’m curious about Klara and the Sun – hope you enjoy it.

    My husband used to live/work in the SFO a long time ago and when we used to visit years later, he would point out places that have browned out but were majestic green places in the past. It’s hard looking at it over years but it’s also possible we stopped by during very dry seasons.

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