Whatnot – Week 8

My post is a day late because for the past two days my power has been off. I’ve mentioned it before but the power company shuts us down now when there is a weather event, whether that is high winds or super dry conditions. It’s becoming excessive and making me feel like I am living in a country where power is rationed. This time, we had a generator for the fridge but what a pain. We are up at the moment but I just got another alert that we will be down again soon. Not great given what is taking place this week. School had to be missed and it was difficult for me to work from devices with low batteries.

On another note, I finished The Overstory and hope to have the review written soon. I have many books to read but Miss Benson’s Beetle is the one I am currently reading while trying to find another book to read with it. My review copies are flooding my Kindle at the moment so I need to work some of those into my reading schedule as well. It’s a good problem to have.

Without power for the beginning of this week I’ve lost track of my days. Looking forward to the weekend and this wind ending. The poor pup hasn’t been able to go out because of how windy it’s been. She’s looking at me now but trees falling everywhere is not conducive to a nice stroll.

Did you watch the inauguration? My power came on just in time for me to catch it! What a beautiful ceremony.


11 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 8”

  1. I am so sorry to hear that the power is off and on like it is. Hopefully that doesn’t mean your daughter’s auditions were interrupted or postponed. It does kind of make working from home rather difficult.

    I have been plugging along through festival submissions, but I still feel behind…I need to finish up so final decisions on poetry programming can be made. It’s a tough process given the lack of certainty about in-person vs. virtual events — I’m leaning toward virtual…the others are delusional.

    I hope the power situation lightens up soon, but it’s a good thing you have a generator for the fridge.

    1. As long as we are in a drought these outages will continue. Well, the power company is supposed to be moving the above ground lines underground but that doesn’t appear to be happening. Ours were moved underground a decade ago… actually maybe more than that.

  2. Too bad about your power issues but, safe instead of sorry is the goal I’m sure. Curious about your thoughts on The Overstory. I’m on a reading roll this roll this year but, not ready for Overstory yet. I have way too many unread eGalleys as well.

    The Inauguration was beautiful. I love how Biden is able to to easily express emotion (love this trait in men). I love our VP as well, she is such a beautiful and genuine speaker and so inspirational to young girls and women everywhere.

  3. I felt such a sense of relief once they were both sworn in! Your power is shut off way more often than ours, what a pain. Glad you’ve got power again.

  4. It’s not fun to be without electricity, especially since we’re all so used to computers etc. I hope the winds die down and stay down.

  5. I’ve been meaning to find out why you have been having scheduled power cuts. Reminded me of the few years when I lived in my home state in India – scheduled power cuts are quite common there. It’s rarely due to rains or winds – but more for budget reasons. The electric company (which is government-owned) periodically runs out of money so they have the whole state in darkness for 30-60 mins daily or weekly to help save some money. And since no one can do much of anything during those 30-60 minutes, that was when the whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc because we lived in the ancestral home) came together to talk about anything and everything. It makes me nostalgic now but in those days I was very annoyed because I couldn’t read my book lol. Of course, yours is not 30-60 mins long, which may have made it more manageable, plus the unpredictability of it makes it harder – anyways over the past few weeks since you mentioned the power cuts, it’s been reminding me of those years so I wanted to share.

    Yep, Wednesday was beautiful and so full of hope! I hope there are more such hopeful days on the horizon.

    1. There is a city council meeting to discuss Edison’s extreme use of it to prevent brush fires. Our lines are underground but we are lumped into a zone that has lines above ground. They have had years to work on these lines but haven’t, so as soon as there is a breeze, they shutdown random zones and it takes sometimes a day and a half to be turned back on. With everyone home and working or going to school, this is a huge problem. Even with it off we still had two brush fires, small ones.

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