Sunday Matters: Doing Alright

Sunday Matters

There’s a lot I could say about our current numbers here in LA County but I will refrain. You’ve all seen the news. It’s not looking great. We are following the recommendations as much as possible. We go out for walks and let me tell you, they are much needed. I’ve never craved sunlight before but these days, it’s all I want. We are doing alright. I told my dentist this past weekend when he asked how we were that we are still employed and healthy. What more could we want?

Right Now:

By the time you read this, my daughter’s audition with PACE University in New York will be in full swing. The three of us, the Hub, the pup and myself will be out and about trying to keep active without running into people. The weather is warm and is supposed to stay that way through most of this week. Should be easy to spend more time outside.

My youth group is on break so my evening is free!! Time for a Christmas movie. Maybe Christmas with the Kranks.

This Week:

Christmas is this week and we still don’t know what we will be doing. We normally go to my In-Law’s place for Christmas Eve but that of course has been called off.

Christmas day my son is off work but if we drive up to see him, nothing will be open so that would be hard meal wise. We will probably just stay home and then drive-up after Christmas to see him for the day. It’s a beach town so a fish taco on the beach is really all we need, you know?


You will all be so proud of me!! I am almost done with Pride and Prejudice. It’s like my white whale. Years and years it’s taunted me and no matter how many times I tried to read it, it did not work for me. This time, it’s clicking. Pandemic reading? The need for something lighter? Who knows, but it’s happening! I just need to finish it and review it before the end of the year and I can check that puppy off my list.

Pride and Prejudice

A funny little aside. I was reading it in the park as you can see above. It was beautiful and golden out and everything was so perfect. Then, a bird pooped on my book. Bird poo on my book is so 2020. How fitting. Do not zoom in on my hand as I currently have  HAG hands since I do not have access to my fancy hand cream.


We have been creeping our way through my Christmas movie list. Friday night we watched Deck the Halls. We have seen it before but this time I fell asleep pretty early on. Last night we watch Love Actually. Who doesn’t love that Hugh Grant dance scene?

Grateful for:

  • As you get older, you appreciate a good dental visit. No issues this past Saturday.
  • I’ve gotten a lot of “business” out of the way this past week so I am finally in a place to begin enjoying my time off. For a good vacation, you really need a vacation BEFORE the vacation to do all the required things just so you can relax.
  • The vaccine. I’ve heard from many nurse friends and a few teachers that they’ve gotten the vaccine this past week. This is really good news.

That’s it from me. I hope you are all having fun choosing your first book of the year. I’ve chosen mine and will be posting about it soon. Take care of yourselves!! Don’t chance it if you don’t need to go out. We are all getting tired of being at home but make it cozy and pleasant and try to enjoy this forced downtime.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Doing Alright”

      1. Hi,

        I’m reading Memorial by Bryan Washington, it isn’t great but not terrible either. I am listening to The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. It’s part of the Inspector Gamache series. I decided for the beginning of the year I would read the next book in all of the series I read, but I cheated and started early.

        We are not celebrating Christmas this year on the day. One of our kids is working the eve and the day. So, Christmas will be Sunday. This will be the first year we can spend the day in jammies and relaxing. I’m excited!

        Merry Christmas🎄


        Sent from my iPad


        1. Happy Sunday Christmas to you!! I love it.

          Memorial is on my list but I’ve heard mixed things about it.

          I am a little sad about not doing Christmas Eve with the in-laws but at the same time, I want to, for once, practice that Icelandic tradition of reading on Christmas Eve and eating chocolate. LOL. I am not a chocolate lover. Isn’t that funny that I am looking forward to it just because it sounds so perfect??

  1. I hope your daughter’s audio went well. The bird incident reminds me of a seagull incident with my brother and a curler incident with my mother when I was young LOL

    1. I am so anal about my physical books. They always look unread. Not a crease or smudge so the bird poop set me off. My daughter laughed. I was horrified.

  2. I have not read P&P yet but it’s always amazed me how readable some of these classics are. I know I will enjoy this book but something keeps me from picking it. I’m like it’s a classic, it will be there forever, but today’s hits may not make it, lol!

    I still need to choose my first book of they year. I expect I’ll be doing that sometime next week only depending on what’s going on here and how I’m feeling.

    Good for you getting much of your business out of the way. I know I still have a few, but I’ll hopefully be done by Tuesday. I still work couple of days this and next week, so I won’t truly be “free” for long.

    1. Same to you!! Have a wonderful holiday and stay healthy! I have two grocery errands to run this week and that is all I will be doing. Hopefully.

  3. Good luck to your daughter!

    I am jealous that you are already enjoying vacation. My first day off is Wednesday, but we are back at school on January 4.

    The book I’ve meant to read all year (and for years before that) is Little Women. I thought having seen the movie last year on Christmas would spur me to read the book (I did read it decades ago), but I make it about 100 pages in, and then give up. If I could get that finished over break I would be ecstatic.

  4. i hope your daughter’s audition went well. Sounds like you have a good handle on pandemic reading. I’m still foundering there but with recent goings on at work, I’m out full tilt working 12+ hours, so little downtime. I’ve focused on the elf antics and gingerbread making and other things that are away from devices and reading for now

  5. Congratulations on finishing Pride and Prejudice! On to Little Women next?

    We aren’t sure what we will be doing for Christmas either. I wish we could see my dad, but it doesn’t look likely the weather will be nice enough to stop by and visit outdoors.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Congrats on reading P & P — the white whale, ha, I know what you mean. I hope your daughter’s audition went well and that your Christmas will be peaceful and happy.

    1. It’s funny because P&P is exactly what I thought it would be. Pleasant, a tad frivolous if I dare say it. All that “finding a husband” business but during a pandemic, it’s lovely. Ha!

      The PACE audition went well but she has some reservations about how the program is run. This happens once you get to speak to the faculty.

      Next up is Baldwin Wallace and then U of Arizona and Carnegie Mellon.

    1. I agree. Seeing everyone get the vaccine is giving me hope for sure and I know a few first responders personally who have received it so that is very good!

  7. I honestly don’t know if I’ve read Pride & Prejudice, or if I’m confusing it with Sense & Sensibility. I know I’ve read one of them! 😉

    I hope you have a nice Christmas, Ti. It’s definitely going to be a lot different for everyone, but we’re doing the right thing to stay home and stay safe.

    I’m really behind with blog-hopping and need to catch up on some of your previous posts. I hope you had good news about your ultrasound and that you are feeling better.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Ah, a bird poop on your book. Definitely 2020 giving its last middle finger. 🙂 I hope your daughter’s auditions are going well and that she gets good news in the next few months. Sad that you won’t see your son on Christmas day, but I guess it isn’t the exact day that matters; seeing him when you can is important.

    1. That bird. Figures. I was throwing bread to it. Haha.

      Now that my son has his work schedule we will be driving up the coast sometime next week to see him, just for the day. We will bring the pup too. Everytime we roll through SB I think of you so I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


      1. I just learned that a new-to-me blogger lives in SB! We’ll have to organize an in-person get together when this is all over.

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