Sunday Matters: Change Is In The Air

Sunday Matters

I really love this time of the year. It helps that I have a lot of time off scheduled, but the change in the weather, holiday meal planning, and everything else that goes along with this time of the year, makes me happy.

The museum job that my son was supposed to be offered fell through. Due to increased restrictions, they aren’t reopening after all. This is disappointing on many levels but it almost guaranteed he would be home for Thanksgiving since they aren’t open on holidays. Now? We have no idea. If he gets a job between now and then it may not work out.

Right Now:

I am trying really hard to focus on health. This weird pain I had and the ultrasound that followed has prompted an in-person appointment to discuss results. They were very vague and either didn’t want to discuss it on the phone or the nurse who called me didn’t know. The soonest appointment, December 8th.

That said, I’ve been meal planning and walking a ton more. Just trying to focus on me for once. Trying to get more sleep too even if that means a mid-afternoon nap. Although, I must tell you that the election results helped tremendously in the sleep department.

Later, my youth group is meeting at the church for the first time in a long time but outside, for a worship night. I plan to claim my space with my mask on. Hopefully it won’t be too cold.

This Week:

More college audition invites have come in for my daughter. This is good. You aren’t invited to audition unless you pass their video pre-screens so this is good.


I kind of gave up on reading this week. I thought my focus would be better since most of the election was behind us but turns out, I was too pre-occupied with life in general. The only book I am reading at the moment is the one for book club this week, An American Marriage.


I haven’t picked up any new shows. Again, kind of distracted. If you have any to recommend, I’d be interested in hearing about them.

Grateful for:

  • A cozy, heated home. It’s been brisk. I am already wearing sweatpants and socks and could live like this indefinitely.
  • Lunch or coffee dates with friends. Done safely, of course.
  • The Tiny library that my neighbor has down the street. I don’t get much from it as I have way too many books of my own but on my walks I bring at least 2-3 of my own to put in there and I get excited to see them fly off the shelf.

Tell me how you are doing.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Change Is In The Air”

  1. I just finished with my poetry workshop group today, so I thought I would pop over. I hope the news from the doctor is nothing scary. I have a biopsy this week coming up that I’m nervous about.

    No reading really except kids books, not much writing either because of work loads increasing.

    I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving. All that planning. I have no plan at all at this point. I do have that week off, so I’m looking forward to that part.

    1. I plan but now that my son got another job (he just got one) we have no idea if he will be coming down or not. Waiting for his schedule.

      My mind always goes to the worst possible thing when it comes to medical results. I hope whatever it is, it can be dealt with and not be serious.

  2. The weather has turned colder – it’s definitely the start of the winter season. We have decided to not do our usual big Thanksgiving gathering for obvious reasons – just our kids.

    Sending hugs – the wait to see the doctor is always nerve wracking. They shouldn’t make you wait for test results.

    I am reading Monogamy by Sue Miller, feeling so so about it so far. I am listening to The Woman Who Smashed Codes by Jason Fagone. It is proving to be interesting, but aggravating in that Elizebeth Smith did not get proper recognition for her work, and her husband did.

    We just started watching The Queens Gambit on Netflix, it’s about a child chess prodigy. The first episode grabbed us and we look forward to watching more. We celebrate our youngest’s birthday today, she is turning 29. Yikes, how can that be😜!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. The holidays will be different for sure but not bad. Just different.

      The wait and see doctor game is no fun but time does seem to fly so 12/8 will be here before I know it.

  3. I’m sorry your son didn’t get the job at the museum. It’s such a tough time for people looking for work as we head into more lockdowns across the country. I feel for him! Good luck to your daughter, too!

    I’m sure December seems like a long way off, but it sounds like you’re staying calm and taking care of yourself. Now that the election is over, I’m not drinking 2 glasses of wine every night, so my sleep has improved considerably. We’ve had so much rain, I haven’t been outside to walk in forever, but I do get on my bike every morning and ride for 30 minutes. 2020 is all about adapting to new rules and situations, right?

    My reading took a dive, too. I gave up on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil after about 100 pages. Picked up and tossed two other books, but now I’m going to try Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated. I’m listening to American Dirt, as well, and it’s sucked me on from the open lines.

    Have you watched The Queen’s Gambit? We finished Episode 3 last night and are completely hooked. We’ll watch The Crown tonight and then get back to TQG.

    Enjoy your cooler weather!

    1. The museum will contact him when they are allowed to re-open but that probably won’t be until February or early spring. He did however snag a job at Starbucks and I have to say, that is one of the few companies that seems to be thriving during COVID. It never shut down and those lines are always around the corner. BUT, that place is open all the time so we will see what his schedule looks like for the holiday.

      It seems a long time to wait for ultrasound results only because the nurse said the doc wants to see me ASAP and then they give me that date of 12/8 but all the docs are being pulled for COVID so their availability is affected. Trying to be patient between thinking it’s nothing and thinking I am dying. I am such a worrier.

      The election is over and things are better but today, he tweeted that he won again. I don’t see how anyone can work with this man.

      So your reading is suffering too? Same. I have to finish An American Marriage today but it’s not what I thought it was going to be. It’s a tad tedious.

      Have not seen The Queen’s Gambit but many of you seem to be watching it. If I can focus long enough on any one thing I may give it a go.

  4. Ti, good luck with that visit on 12/8, hope all turns out well.
    We’ve pretty much avoided talking about Thanksgiving but, we know deep down that each family unit will be doing their own thing. My son’s little girl has a classmate who tested positive for Covid Thursday so they will be quarantined and getting tested and school closed til 11/30. Crazy! The 2 of us may have our big Turkey dinner on Sunday and do a fancy breakfast and our favorite desserts on Thanksgiving day- we shall see. I’m reading a Christmas book right now – go figure. I love it because there are some interesting old recipes to be found within. Have a great week.

    1. My son did end up getting a job at Starbucks right after this posted. We don’t know his schedule yet. We could be doing something similar to what you plan to do as I am not sure he will have the holiday off or, the day after. A fancy breakfast sounds really good actually.

      The whole doctor appt thing is compounded by COVID. I never have problems getting appts when needed but all the docs are being pulled for COVID duty so therefore, my appt is again, a ways out.

  5. Gosh, I don’t know why they expect you to come in to office to discuss results and then schedule it weeks later. Fingers crossed for you that whatever they have to say, is a very reversible or fixable thing. You keep your spirits up, okay?

    Sorry the museum job didn’t work out, but hopefully they’ll keep in mind when they do open, whether he is looking for the work or not. I hope he’ll find something soon and still be able to come home for Thanksgiving – that can’t be impossible right? Even if somewhat hard.

    Sleep well, rest! I’m with you that the election results have helped with sleep, sanity, and also rescuing that pesky little thing called hope. I really feel like good things will happen.

    1. Right after I posted this my son got a job at Starbucks. It’s not in line with his degree plans but Starbucks is one of the few companies that is thriving during COVID even with the ramped up restrictions. This is probably good but now I feel like our Thanksgiving might be celebrated on a different day. We shall see.

    1. I am a huge worrier but I am trying to keep myself distracted and I seem to have plenty to do around the house to keep me busy. The weather has been so great that I’ve extended my walks.

  6. Hey Ti, it’s been a busy week here too. I’m still distracted by the election stuff but not really watching the news — it makes me too mad. I hope your family will be able to be together for Thanksgiving. It’s good you’re walking a lot. I think we might start Season 4 of The Crown soon. Congrats to your daughter … could only be good news! Stay safe & enjoy your week

  7. I hope your ultrasound results are good rather than scary. If they are willing to wait until December 8, it can’t be serious, so that’s a good sign. Congrats to your daughter for her audition requests; that’s so exciting! One step closer….

  8. I am taking all next week off and am very much looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be as productive as I’m hoping–with some rest in there as well.

    I am sorry your son’s job at the museum fell through. It’s such a frustrating time job-wise for many. I hope he is able to find something else. Yay for your daughter though on her auditions! I know it means you can’t decorate for the holidays like you would like to, but hopefully the auditions go well.

    I hope your appointment with the doctor goes well and the outcome isn’t something serious.

    Take care, Ti! Have a great week.

  9. I hope your doctor’s appointment goes well. It must be frustrating to wait.

    It’s an odd time, isn’t it? I’m either reading two or three books a day or I can’t focus to read at all.

    I’m glad your youth group will be able to get together safely. There is something wonderful about being together.

  10. My reading has been more down than up this year.

    I’m sorry you have to wait until December 8th to see your doctor. I’ll be praying that you get a good report.

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