Sunday Matters: We Survived The Week!

Sunday Matters

This week was full of breaking news every ten minutes. I cannot wait for this election to be over. We already voted so the onslaught of mail and robocalls are too much. They should have mailed that stuff earlier given how early people are voting this year.

Also, I jumped on here to see a new WordPress platform. So far, not bad.

Right Now:

I am taking it easy. I mentioned in my last post that I wasn’t feeling well and that was due to a surprise kidney infection! Of course I waited some time before going in. I didn’t want to be exposed to COVID but after horrible back pain I went in. I also got a shingles shot while there and my arm is still giving me fits. That is quite a shot.

This Week:

I don’t see much on the calendar. I have a leadership conference to attend virtually on Saturday but it conflicts with one other item so my plan is  to participate as much as I can.

I will probably buy some Halloween candy soon. I will hand it out from afar and from my driveway. We usually have a huge turnout which requires me to buy six of those jumbo Sam’s Club / Costco bags but this year I am going to buy two and when we run out, that’s it. First, trick-or-treating was cancelled and then my city said it could happen with safety measures in place. I don’t have faith that my neighborhood will comply AT ALL. So, short and sweet will be the goal.


Nothing. My reading has been tabled this week by the President’s antics. The book that I am about 10% into is Don’t Look For Me by Wendy Walker and I hope to get back to it this week because it’s very good.


The final episode of The Walking Dead from last season was pretty good so now Fear the Walking Dead is back. I just want to see what happened to Morgan. He was left for dead in the season finale. Then, I am done with it. The writing hasn’t been good and they just keep stringing the fans along with mediocre content.

Grateful for:

  • I am grateful that the end of the election is near.
  • I am very grateful for access to antibiotics.
  • I am grateful that the end of this week was cool and foggy. Nice change of pace and has me wanting to bring out the Crock Pot.

How are you doing? Did you vote yet? Are you watching the news or have given it up? What are you doing to stay sane?

Housekeeping note: I have been posting on blogs but many of your blogs pop me out when I submit so I have no idea if you are seeing my comments or not. If you haven’t heard from me recently, let me know.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: We Survived The Week!”

  1. OMG. Kidney infection is no small thing. Glad you got meds. I also discovered the new WordPress platform unexpectedly. So far, not too bad. I just don’t like unexpected change like that. Time is precious.
    We don’t know what to expect for Halloween. New neighborhood and the virus etc. Like you, we will participate but not so much. I can NOT wait for this election to be over. We also have voted and are done with it. I read a review copy of RIck Bragg’s book yesterday. I needed it. He is so funny. Southern charm and down to earth. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Just what I needed.

  2. Ti, I so look forward to your newsy Sunday updates.

    We live in the country: no kids ever at Hallowe’en. And no election here in Canada. So life has been pretty tranquil, although I see that after weeks of “no new Covid cases”, we’ve now had three this past week. All pretty well confined to a particular flight from Toronto, but exponentially disastrous.

    I’m really grateful too that you have antibiotics! Take care and stay safe.

    1. My actual doc sent me a message now saying it’s not an infection so I am sitting here wondering what the heck is going on. Waiting for her to respond back.

      A few cases of COVID are manageable if they do proper tracing which it sounds like they have.

      I can’t wait for all of this election stress to be a thing of the past. We voted but it’s going to be many weeks before we see any relief and only if a certain result happens.

  3. Be glad if you only got a sore arm from the Shingrix vaccine. I had all the side effects and was sick for two days. Miserable. Going back for the 2nd one in December. Grateful for the warm weather we are having allowing me to be outdoors. I know winter will come so soaking up the warm while I can.

  4. That’s interesting that you say blogs are popping you out as I had that trouble with Word Press for a couple weeks. I had to log in on every Word Press blog I wanted to comment on.

    I have also voted so am irritated by the the daily mail we’re getting. I don’t think anyone realized how many people would vote so early this year, but there will always be folks who put it off to the last moment as well. I can’t wait until the results are in.

  5. So sorry about the kidney infection, hoping the antibiotics work fast. Yes, it’s been a horrible week for focusing on reading. Our early voting begins next week. Waiting for our ballots to arrive. Anxious for election to be over but, not for the chaos which is sure to follow… sad

    1. My actual doc told me that it’s not a kidney infection and told me to stop taking the meds but she has not responded since Friday so I am at a loss.

      You should have gotten your ballots already, I am thinking. This election is going to be a bother for a long time. We had fake drop boxes here in my city and the news said today they are all throughout California and operated by the GOP. Hello, that is illegal.

  6. Hi, glad your feeling better. We are planning on voting early, but it is not available yet. Agree that we can’t wait for the election to be over, and hope the results don’t bring more tumult. I have not being reading much but did start the new Bachman. I am reading Fredrick Bachman’s new book, Anxious People. So far it is disappointing😂😂- so I am hoping it gets better. The audio book I’m listening to is good, A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum. We have been watching ALWAYS on Netflix with Hilary Swank on a three year mission to March, it is very good!! Have a great week!!

    1. I just read a review of that Anxious People book and the reader raved about it, saying it was a near perfect book so maybe it gets better!! Early poll voting starts here next week but I dropped mine off at an official drop box. There have been several FAKE boxes put out by the GOP which has been reported throughout California but I made sure mine was official and it’s also right by the sheriff’s station in case anyone gets any ideas.

  7. Blogger hasn’t let me post comments on any of their hosted blogs in over a year. I have no idea why. I try logging in with my Blogger id or my Google id, and neither work. It is frustrating.

    We dropped our ballots off at City Hall last weekend, and it was a relief. Now, I just ignore and block all phone calls, text messages, and email that pertains to the election. I did get my paperwork to become an election inspector at the polls, so that’s exciting. I have a feeling that it is going to be a LONG day though.

    I hope you are feeling better! A kidney infection is no joke!

    1. An election inspector? That sounds pretty important to me given the current state of affairs. We have had two fake ballot boxes so far in our city. The GOP put them there. I have no idea what is being done about them. They take them away but what happens now? What happened to the ballots inside?

  8. Not sure if I’m on the new WP platform or not. Where or what is it? The news is exhausting with this WH … I’m ready for the election and the new president. I have voted too. This WH is giving me an ulcer feeling … real anxiety — who can sleep anymore in this world?! Hope you get rid of your kidney infection. stay safe there.

    1. You’d know it if you had been moved to the new WP platform. They may be moving sites in small batches. My editor was completely different. It was nice in that it was very streamlined but there were features not immediately visible. Still there, but I had to dig around for them. I am sure I will get used to it.

      This election. I really could use a good glass of wine but the meds and wine… should not mix.

  9. I hope you are feeling better. We voted this weekend. I haven’t been getting calls, but I am getting political text messages and ads in the mail. I was reading today and yesterday about the unofficial ballot boxes that have been found in certain parts of the state. Mouse won’t be trick-or-treating this year and we won’t be giving out candy at our house. I thought it would be a fun alternative to make up little party bags of candy for some of Mouse’s friends, and we will deliver them Halloween day. I am hoping we can catch as many of them at home as possible so they can at least wave from a distance (masked, of course). Then Halloween night, we plan to watch movies. I joked with Mouse she could go trick-or-treating to all the doors in our house, including the closets. I have a feeling she’s looking forward to that. LOL

    I hope you have a great week, Ti.

    1. Two of those unofficial drop boxes were found in my city. It’s ridiculous that they were put there by the GOP. Besides removing them I am not sure what’s being done about them. It’s illegal and there should be a penalty of some sort not to mention the ballots themselves. What happened to them?

      With this weather it doesn’t really feel like Halloween is almost upon us. I will get my candy this weekend, but I still have to figure out how to hand it out. Putting it out will not work here. Way, way too many kids come by. I’ve been wanting to watch Hocus Pocus but I need to set the mood. I need some more indoor decor, some good food and an evening to enjoy it.

  10. I hope your infection has cleared up. I have seen a comment or two from you, so I am getting them. Not sure if you are commenting on every post, but I have seen some. I am so over going to the doctor since that’s all I did during my vacation last week. Get tests, biopsies, etc. I just want a break, but now I have to have some scans redone for my mammogram. UGH.

    I read a lot on vacation, but back to work means less reading

  11. Oh no! I had one kidney infection and I thought I was going to die. Hope it clears up quickly and you are out of pain.

    I’m going to buy a big bag of candy and set it by the Little Free Library, and then sit back on the porch and watch and wave, socially distant, masked.

    Voted the first opportunity I had. Over a million people have already voted in Texas.

    1. I keep waiting to buy candy because our city keeps changing the directive. So far, trick or treating can happen with precautions but I know my neighborhood will ignore them.

      Yes. Many have already voted but I hope people don’t wait until the last minute and then give up when the lines are long. Too important.

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