Fall – 10/13/20

Fall in California – It’s going to be 102 degrees today!

I saw someone else do this on Facebook. One photo a week to represent the ever-changing season. I may not post the same photo every week but you’ll get a good idea of why Californians have to “create” their own seasons with decor and the like.

This is part my backyard. That small tree blew in and then grew so quickly. Last year it turned a spectacular shade of red. Let’s see if it happens again this year.

16 thoughts on “Fall – 10/13/20”

    1. Thank you. I have been enjoying that view as much as I can during this pandemic. Coffee on the patio in the morning is my new fave thing. I can probably do that right into December.

    1. Haha. That’s only one third of my yard! It’s huge. My dog once, once, got out and quickly ran down the incline into open space so she doesn’t get to go out. Mostly, because we have so many wild animals since we back to the open hillside. We have fencing but they get over it. Rabbits get picked up by birds all the time.

    1. Some rain would be a nice change of pace and wet down the dry hillsides. October is always dry and windy. Not good because it almost always leads to fires.

  1. Ugh! That’s too hot for me. I’m happiest when it’s between 70 and 80, but we rarely see temps like that on the Oregon coast. If we get to 70, I feel lucky!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos, as the seasons change.

    1. Humidity makes a huge difference. Our heat is nearly always very dry. Today, 100! There is a different to the quality of light though. Warm, golden. Does make me think it’s fall even though temp wise it’s summer.

  2. Lovely. We have one small tree that changes color, but it only does yellow and green (but the bark turns red).

    1. That treehenge is made up of two neighbors. One likes to trim, the other doesn’t and it run all along the property so I get a little OCD when it’s uneven. LOL. One time something happened and it began to lean… on the fence. That was really bugging me but because it was affecting the fence the guy fixed it.

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