Sunday Matters: Back to Simple

Sunday Matters

It’s strange how everything is ramping up again schedule-wise. School registration is at the end of this month and yet we have no final word on how classes will be handled this fall and school starts on 8/11. Voice, monologue and dance lessons all adding up. My calendar is slowly filling up again. I swore it wouldn’t. Can I go back to simple without having the entire world shutdown again?

Right Now:

At the moment I am prepping for a picnic with my youth group. We kept is simple. Meeting at a park. Everyone brings something to share. Not sure how much of a turnout we will have. RSVPs were spotty. I am looking forward to some fresh air.

This Week:

This week is pretty easy going. My daughter’s acting intensive starts this weekend but that’s all on her. She is very excited. Especially for the master classes with various Broadway stars. Other than that, not much else going on.

My son is moved into his rental house now. The new job is going well. Crossing my fingers that there won’t be another shutdown for California. Talk of one is looming.

My husband is glad to be back in the gym. It makes me nervous but he enjoys it.


Last week I reviewed The Last Flight and Emma in the Night. This week my review for Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine will post. Oh my gosh! That book! Why was it marketed as warm and funny?? Yes, it has some warm and funny moments but I wasn’t expecting a story like that. Stop by later this week for the review.

I just picked up The Guest List by Lucy Foley. It’s on my Summer Reading List and I’ve read one other book by this author so I am looking forward to it.


My daughter wanted me to watch The Edge of Seventeen with her. I enjoyed it but the actress in that role (Hailee Steinfeld) looks exactly like my daughter so it was like watching my daughter go through life. See a side by side here:

Grateful for:

  • Simple meals. Back to soup and a sandwich.
  • Patio coffee time
  • Plants. They’ve really cheered me up.
  • Bubly brand sparkling water

Are you also waiting for your school district to decide how fall will look? It’s causing a lot of anxiety in my house. I want my daughter to have a senior year but the hybrid models look so confusing.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Back to Simple”

  1. Whatever decisions are made about school, people will be upset; it’s so stressful trying to figure it all out! I can’t wait to see what you thought of Eleanor Oliphant; I think it is wonderful. And the Guest List is also good.

  2. I will admit that I am so glad that I don’t have a school kid. Our next door neighbors have 3 girls in elementary school and the district they attend has just announced 100% in-school or 100% online. Haven’t seen the parents so don’t know what they will pick. What a choice! Hope you have a nice picnic this afternoon. Your daughter is beautiful! I’ll watch for your Elinor Oliphant review. I read it a while back and will also moderate a discussion of in November (think it’s November – it was supposed to be June – Ha!). Have a good week, Ti, and ‘breathe’. LOL

    1. The picnic was nice but it was 107 degrees. Don’t ever let me pick a picnic date again. Lord, it was hot. We had shade and a breeze but appetites were slim to none in that heat.

  3. Like Kay, I’m very happy I don’t have kids going to school this year. I see through my sister how much anxiety/uncertainty it’s causing for the teachers, I can only imagine how bad it must be for families!

    Eleanor Oliphant was not the light, funny book I was expecting either. Still, enjoyed it though.

    1. The education issue is causing all sorts of anxiety. I want my daughter and her friends to have a senior year but at what expense? California is not as bad off as say Florida but people here don’t believe in the virus. They are still pushing the hoax narrative which means if masks are required in the classroom, they will send their kids without them and leave it to administration to deal with. Not their job.

  4. We find out this week what schools will look like this fall. I have had some advanced insider knowledge, and I don’t think the hybrid models are all that confusing. Plus, in my opinion, as long as the kids and educators understand it, then it really isn’t necessary for parents to do so.

    We are still waiting to hear about school activities and sports. I don’t know if that is part of this week’s announcement or not. Unless there is another shutdown, I don’t envision a halt to activities. I do see me having to invest in more masks though, as I suspect Holly will need several more.

    1. California was just shut down again. Still waiting on the district’s decision for school. There was a board meeting last night I guess that said choir will be suspended?? My daughter will not be happy about it but I can see how it can’t work the way it is. Online choir is a lot of work. All the songs need to be recorded individually and then spliced. Zoom is all out of sync. I don’t know. I am feeling a huge sense of dread now after news of another round of shut downs. I’m afraid theatre is not looking good either.

  5. She does look a lot like your daughter, wow! Movie star looks. I’m headed to Los Angeles & the OC on Monday …. yikes. I’ll be all geared up with masks, wipes & gloves … and glasses. More on this later, but I plan to Quarantine first …. then eventually check in with my parents.

  6. Looks like you’re reading some great books. I’m still only really reading with my daughter and her books, but there are some poetry reviews coming.

    We’re starting digital only here in our county, which I hope will go better than the last go around. It was seriously underwhelming what the teachers were doing and I was taking on the brunt of the work. They say the classes will be 50-80 min when we start in fall, which is Aug. 31 this year. It will be better than 30 min at most which is what was previously the norm.

    I signed my daughter up for reading boost, given her reading difficulties, and coding. She loves coding, but the reading teacher has serious audio issues.

    1. Our district met last night and decided on online for the first 5 weeks and then they will reevaluate. I think we are looking at longer than that but hey, if everyone suddenly decides to do what they are supposed to go maybe we can turn it around.

      When you say that the reading teacher has audio issues, you mean with her equipment? Have you told her? Sometimes teachers have too much white noise in the background causing the audio to go in and out.

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