Sunday Matters: Blur

Sunday Matters

I’ve hit a wall. I am so tired of looking at every corner of this house. The weather has been nice and I could take some of my work outside but just five minutes outside and I am attacked by bugs. Not a lot of bugs out there but they find me. I have blood that they apparently like. My days are all blurred together.

Right Now:

In a little bit, I will try to connect with my youth group but my connection is not great right now.

This Week:

I would like to put together a summer reading list even though I am horrible at reading from a list. I just like the idea of summer reading. Plus, things are opening up again which means we will be launched into all things summer soon enough.

Hello, Memorial Day! Almost here. Came up so fast. You have to BBQ something on Memorial Day, right? What’s your go-to meal for the day? Hot dogs? Burgers? Something more complex? I always enjoy a good burger. Not sure what we will have because it will mean a last minute trip to the market and who knows what is available? Meat has been iffy and when you can find it you are sometimes limited to only one package which doesn’t always work for a family.


I am reading this book for a discussion.

Make Your Home Among Strangers


We started the second season of Broadchurch and I am liking it even more than the first season. I recorded the new Pet Sematary and the second chapter of IT, which I haven’t seen yet. I suppose I should give them a look being a King fan.

New Things I’ve Tried:

It’s not new but it has to happen these days. Unfollow, Unfriend, and Block have become necessary on Facebook and have been used heavily this past week. This pandemic is unpleasant enough already. Why deal with ridiculous comments from people I thought I knew?

Grateful for:

  • Short road trips even if we stay in the car the entire time
  • Family meal offerings from local restaurants
  • That the little used bookstore by my house opened for curbside service!

There is a lot that it still unknown but here we are, at the end of May (almost) and we never thought we’d make it. We did it!! I hope you all remain well and that those of you who were not feeling great are feeling better now.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Blur”

  1. Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend. The bugs love me, too, and we are thinking that some friends might stop over for an outdoor visit – maybe enjoy a beer for my husband’s birthday today- but I can guarantee I will have tons of bug bites from this. The weather is rainy and cool, but then will get humid and rain again. Not a very pleasant holiday weekend, but we will grill out tomorrow.

    1. Our trip to Palm Springs was good. We needed a change of scenery. My pup is so depressed about being home again. She loves Palm Springs. We had pizza at a dine-in restaurant but no one else was in the dining room at the time and the employees sanitized our table and were all gloved and masked. But by the time we left Palm Springs, a lot of the bars and shops were open and not practicing any kind of distancing. It made me a little nervous.

      Now that we are home, our town is still somewhat locked down but not for long and many are doing what they want anyway. Did you get to celebrate with friends? My daughter has an in-person voice lesson tomorrow, the first since March. I feel like it should be okay with distancing. Also, tomorrow we have a drive thru thing to return textbooks and library books at the high school. Gotta get the yearbook too.

  2. I’m actually very nervous about everything that’s being open right now. I’m glad about it but also don’t see enough people practicing social distancing.

    My first few weeks home were terrible but I’ve adjusted better now. Being able to indulge in many interests has helped but we’ll see how long that works. Not being able to take her girl for her extra curricular classes is sad though. She is beginning to miss it all.

    1. We took a trip out of town and it was interesting to see how different counties handle the lockdown. In Palm Springs, there was a mix of cautious and not-so-cautious but a light-hearted approach to all of it. People just wanting to hang out and mostly willing to abide by mask rules.

      In my own hometown people are being stupid and refusing to abide by the rules. It screams entitlement and bugs me to no end. My daughter has an in-person voice lesson tomorrow. The first since March. I feel like it should be okay as long as they are distanced apart. Just the two of them in a public setting.

  3. I hope you have a happy Memorial Day, Ti! Get a good burger! I think we started Broadchurch once but then never continued on with it … glad you’re liking it. Right now we’ve gotten into a TV series called The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston … it has hooked us! Stay well and give Otter Pup a hug. Unfortunately Canada had its long wknd last weekend so things are a normal workday today. Cheers.

    1. We just finished Season 2 of Broadchurch and can’t wait to start Season 3. Tell me about The Morning Show. Is it on Netflix?

      We hit Palm Springs for the weekend. It was so nice to see someplace else for a change. They are not as locked down as we are right now so that felt kind of good but also made me a little uncomfortable. We had pizza IN a restaurant and it felt so wrong but also so good. I was very jumpy on the way to Palm Springs too. Not used to the traffic and also people going 100 mph.

  4. I hope you’re having a good Memorial Day. We don’t have anything planned. I worked today and then it started raining, and now it’s very humid.

    If I don’t agree with someone on something I just don’t comment at all. It’s their post and their opinion so why do people feel the need to comment something hurtful or negative? Just keep scrolling people!

    1. It’s hard to filter hate out these days. It seems to be everywhere. I suppose it always was.

      We did have a nice weekend though. We went to Palm Springs for a few days. My dog loves Palm Springs. I don’t know why but she was so happy there and now, so depressed and mopey. I had the fixin’s to make burgers when we got home yesterday so that was good. No need to hit the market on a holiday and still managed to get a good burger in.

  5. I too hope you have a nice Memorial Day! Rest, relax if you can, and maybe enjoy something tasty to eat. My husband always plays in a golf tournament on Memorial Day weekend and that’s where he is right now. He and his partner have done very well so far. I think he will pick up turkey burgers for us this evening. Our weather is cool and rain and been around, but it’s been nice. My walk this morning was lovely. And I’ve gotten back to tracking and paying attention to my WW goals again. It was time. Feels better for me and as my usual pursuits of volunteering, yoga at the rec center, WW meeting, church are all either not happening or happening virtually, I’ve decided to focus more on keeping myself healthy. Take care and hope your week is peaceful.

    1. We went to Palm Springs for a few days and although there were restrictions there too, we needed the change of scenery. All the casinos opened up there and some dine-in restaurants. It all felt a little to risky but also nice if you can make sense of that.

      WW, I think I am going to quit. The app just doesn’t work well on my Android phone. I’ve reported it numerous times and I work in IT so it’s rather frustrating that a big company like WW can’t design for both platforms. Plus, I gained 10 lbs in quarantine. It was hovering between 5-7 but it’s a solid 10 now. I am going to go back to Noom, I think.

  6. Some weeks are just better than others it seems. Phase 1 opening begins now and, although hair salons are in phase 1, I won’t be rushing out. I’ve been dealing with severe knee pain for a few weeks now and go back to the specialist Wednesday, I hate that I have to deal with this but, I’m limping and in pain so have no choice. I’m also reading If it Bleeds, on the second story now (liked the 1st a lot). The audio is excellent. Hope you have a better week.

    1. I loved the first story in If It Bleeds too. I haven’t started the second one yet but hope to today, at lunch.

      We took a short trip out of town, to Palm Springs. We debated because they were locked down too but we all needed a change of scenery. When we got there, some places were open, even though they were not supposed to be. One pizza place had all the safety measures in place and no one else was in the dining room so we had pizza inside. It felt luxurious but then by the time we left every restaurant was kind of packed and not doing what they were supposed to be doing so I think we left at a good time.

      My poor pup adores Palm Springs and now that we are home she is so depressed. It’s kind of sad really. And our town is opening up whether they are ready for it or not.

      Your knee. It must really be out of whack. It’s been bothering you for such a long time. I know I mention my knee issue that came out of nowhere. I feel like I have one of those Baker’s Cysts behind the knee. I could feel it and it was very painful but then after months and months with it it disappeared. I hope you get some answers soon.

  7. I can’t help but feel like the entire country is opening up too soon. I see restaurants and stores opening back up to their regular hours, and even with the precautions in place – masks, separated tables, required reservations, limited occupancy, etc. – it still makes me nervous. I am tired of my house, but I am not ready to go back out into the world, and I am not ready for my loved ones to go out either.

    1. I am with you. Malls opened up today as did most restaurants for dine-in. Not everyone has things in place either. Some do. Some really used the time to make adjustments and others are screaming that their rights are being violated and just don’t care. Without proper testing, contact tracing or a vaccine, we will be in trouble in a couple of weeks. Today, I am sniffly and I don’t usually get seasonal allergies so I am being very careful and watching my symptoms. I just took every home remedy known to exist just in case.

  8. I am just about finished with Season 1 of Broadchurch and now am excited for season 2 if it’s even better. I agree that getting out of town (or the neighborhood) even if we stay in the car is important.

  9. Memorial Day here is usually a bbq with friends. No friends, but just a BBQ with the family was nice. I think nerves are fraying here…there has been some ridiculous arguments and I know my daughter is missing her friends and socializing outside of the computer.

    I am tired, but I think I’m burning the stick at both ends with distance learning and working and trying to submit poems more consistently. I’ll likely burnout at some point…I hope that we make it through Kat’s last 2 weeks without issue.

    1. My daughter is done with school tomorrow. Thank God! This year, I am really gonna try to leave it to her and not monitor so much. I just can’t anymore. It’s just with all her activities she has a hard time remembering that things overlap or that a project will take x amount of time. I gotta stop though because it’s her senior year (gah!) and she needs to be on her own if she expects to survive in college.

      On a side note. The damn crows are going off again which means the bobcats are back.

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