Sunday Matters: When?

Sunday Matters

That is the question everyone is asking all over. When? When will things reopen? In California, there are plenty of protests about the current restrictions but none like the ones I see in Michigan.

In my city, I realized that a lot of people aren’t aware of what IS open. They are protesting saying that they are stuck inside their homes but no, you are not. You can go out, walk, run, hike, go the market and pick up food. Some small businesses opened last week after putting some safeguards in place. We were not barricaded by plywood over our front doors. What is the deal? Things are open and other businesses are opening weekly.

Right Now:

Church and youth group online. Bacon and hash browns might happen.

This Week:

I was very excited to see our local used bookstore open for curbside pick up. They share photos of their shelves and then you tell them what you want. I saw an entire shelf of Harlan Coben books. I have loved the Netflix shows so reading his books should be next. I will probably order a few this week.

My daughter’s sign language class ends this week. Thank God! High School classes go on for a little longer. My son’s spring quarter doesn’t end until July.

Classes at the university I work for will be online for fall. My work told me to continue working from home, for now.

Summer camp for  my high school group was cancelled. I knew it had to be. No way to social distance in a cabin, chapel or the dining hall but it was still a hard pill to swallow.

And my tickets to see Hamilton this August? Cancelled. We are looking for another date. BUT, did you hear about it being streamed on Disney Plus July 3rd? The original Broadway cast!


I am reading Dead To Her. It’s not at all what I expected. Quite racy, actually. I am flying through the pages though.


We finished Season One of Broadchurch. Really good. Can’t wait to begin the new season.

New Things I’ve Tried:

We tried a new-to-us Gastropub for dinner last Friday. We picked the food up, of course but the gourmet burgers were so delicious and they had a gluten free bun for me. We ate in the car. We will definitely go back.

Grateful for:

  • Good TV to keep my mind off of the news
  • That I am still employed and able to work from home
  • That our re-fi closed when it did

How are you? Going crazy? Doing okay? I know those of you with younger kids really need a break.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: When?”

  1. Glad to hear you seem to be doing well. Tried the turkey meatloaf recipe and we liked it a lot ( I cut garlic and onions in half). I loved the texture too! My knee has been acting up (slight tear in meniscus 15 years ago) it’s been great since then. Still waiting for X-ray results from Wednesday.😢Meds are not helping- not pleased with Doctor I saw (probably a reason they took me day I called).

    Have a good week.

    1. Glad you liked the meatloaf recipe. I like it a lot because it doesn’t ask for special ingredients. I had one from WW that I liked but it asked for all sort of special herbs which you never have on hand.

      Wow. Your knee. Knee pain is not fun at all. I had a weird over extended knee thing for the longest time. I really don’t even know how I got it because I am a slug when it comes to activity. With me being home, it has finally settled down. I hope you get some relief soon.

  2. Glad to hear what you guys have been up to. For us, not much different. We do indeed get outside and exercise daily. He is able to play a few holes of golf and that is a perfect social distancing sport. He’d be nuts without it. I walk and listen to books and admire the wildflowers and my neighbors’ yards. I now actually have a nodding (or waving) acquaintance with most of the people who live in our neighborhood and that’s been fun. I have a teeth cleaning appointment this week. An incredible amount of rules, etc., on the dentist’s website, but I think that’s good. Guess I’ll go now because they are being so careful, it’s probably safer actually. Have a good week!

    1. Our teeth cleaning appointments have been rescheduled twice. My hair appointment for tomorrow was rescheduled for next month so now that will be more than 12 weeks since my last cut. My hair is long and besides the layers needing a clean up I can make do.

      I am just so run down and tired of my house. I sit in different places but my house isn’t all that large so my POV is pretty much the same all the time. And I sleep well until about 2am and then I am up. Which is a drag because the dog sees me and then she is up. My pup has not been herself for about a week now. She seems okay but droopy and down. She is probably sick of us.

  3. I wanted to see Hamilton or Misery when I was in NYC a few years ago. The majority vote was for Misery which was fine with me because I love anything King, Laurie Metcalf, and Bruce Willis. I loved it! I still want to see Hamilton though.

    Things are opening here and people are acting like the virus never happened. People taking kids in places without masks etc. I want to go to the beach and a restaurant but won’t until things get much better.

    1. I would totally see that Misery cast. I heard it was fabulous.

      I understand people getting antsy and wanting to live their lives again. Especially the ones who have lost the ability to support their families but all this conspiracy stuff is for the birds. Seriously. Wearing a mask does not lower your immune system. When I hear this stuff I go absolutely nuts.

  4. I’m excited Hamilton will be on Disney Plus. I can’t afford tickets to the show here in DC — too pricey before the cancellations.

    I watched 3 movies this weekend. I haven’t done that in ages — Dolittle (Which we all loved), Call of the Wild (which my daughter was sad about — she didn’t know the story), and Birds of Prey (Which was just fun to watch).

  5. I just want to know when the hair salons are opening again. My hair has reached 80s pompadour status. Between that and the brown/gray roots against my red, the whole thing is horrifying. You should see Holly’s face when I wake her up in the morning without having done anything to it.

    I have not watched anything since March, but I did start The Last Dance last night. It brings back SO many memories, even though I wasn’t living in Illinois during that last season. Even Holly showed interest after the second episode. I am making her watch so that she can have proof that Lebron James is not a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.

    Jim just informed me that even though his office is giving people the option of going back to work, no one is ready. He said he will probably work from home for the next month. Some of his teams already asked if they ever have to work in the office again. Ballsy, but I love it. I have been dreaming about working remotely since grad school, which I did completely online more than ten years ago.

    1. My hair appointment was for tomorrow and my stylist offered to keep the appointment if I wanted to go to her home. I did not. So I rescheduled for June but I have long, basically a blunt cut so it can go a bit longer without looking like I am homeless. I color myself and have been for over a year so I am glad I can at least keep that up on my own. Plus, I have perfected the messy bun but won’t wear one for Zoom meetings.

      We are not ready to go back to campus but no one has asked us to either. A lot has to happen first. Our entire two floors are open concept. Not sure how they could contain spread even if they did a half on, half off schedule. Plus, my entire work setup is here at home and I am not going to cart it back and forth. Not gonna happen so they will have to figure that out too. They took my laptop last year claiming one device per employee but yeah.

      We started the second season of Broadchurch and I was wondering how they could do another season since the murderer was caught but boy oh boy… did they do another season. Three episodes in and I am loving it more than the first season.

  6. Good to know Hamilton will be streaming on July 3. I will note that on my calendar. I have yet to see it! We are trying to support local bookstores & restaurants when we can. And I’m considering whether to fly to see my folks in SoCal in early July. hmm. Will it be too soon? Or okay to go with a mask on the plane? The border apparently will open at the end of June. hmm So much unknown right now still. It’s really good you have your job still …

    1. Some airlines are social distancing by skipping seats but most are not. I don’t think there would be a difference between July or August as far as the virus. Just take as many precautions as possible.

      A lot of businesses are opening to some degree. I can’t believe that Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Our city is thinking about reopening on July 4th. How dumb is that? People will be out in droves.

  7. Broadchurch is the next show I am going to watch during my morning treadmill walks. I’ve heard such good things about it. Hope you’re all doing well.

  8. I was driving by this weekend to do the weekly grocery shopping and I saw almost all restaurants open and serving diners. It gave me quite a shock despite already knowing that they were opening. I understand life’s tough right now – for some more than others – but our cases have still been climbing steadily so what’s the deal here? It’s going to be 2-3 weeks before we start seeing the impact of all this.

    Even my daughter’s preschool is opening for summer camp. I feel mad about it because I would have loved to send my daughter in for camp but I don’t want to. We’ll see how this goes and how much of this pays off.

    1. I feel like as a country, we should have staggered the openings to that if one area got hit particularly hard, we would learn from it but also be able to assist them through it. With everything opening pretty much all at once, it’s going to be a real $hit show in 2 weeks. Our city is aiming for July 4th as the day to reopen. Can you imagine? They are talking parades and fireworks. I am like… are you nuts? We have had some restaurants here open for dining before they prepared or got the official okay. One was fined. I know at some point we have to expand our germ circle so if a business puts everything in place, I think they should be allowed to open with a watch and see mentality. Fine tune as they go.

      My daughter had an in-person voice lesson next week. The first since March. She has been meeting in Zoom but auditions are around the corner and she really needs the help with her auditions songs so I agreed to allow the lesson but with distancing.. like ten feet since she can’t really wear the mask while singing.

      I am really surprised about the summer camp though. Ours was cancelled and my youth group was not happy about it. But for little kids, when you think about all the stuff they touch and share. Nope.

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