#OneWord for 2020 – GATHER

Gather - One Word

I took a quiz through Live Your Faith and was given the word GATHER as my word for 2020. This is exactly where I was going on my own so GATHER, it is. I want to be more intentional with relationships. Making time to connect in real life, not just through social media.

Do you pick a word for the year? I skipped it last year but feel really good about it this year. Happy New Year, everyone!

17 thoughts on “#OneWord for 2020 – GATHER”

  1. Happy New Year Ti. I’ve never picked a word of the year but, if I did, this year would probably be: “contentment”.

    1. That would be an excellent word. I am always impressed with the words that everyone chooses. I tend to float between the same words every year so gather was pretty surprising and perfect given what was on my mind.

  2. Gather is a good one. I chose POSITIVE, hoping that I will be reminded to look on the positive side of things, events, and people.

  3. Ti, I took the quiz and got ‘Bloom’. I’ll have to think about that one and see how it might apply. I have some ideas. ‘Gather’ seems like a great word and could be used in many ways. Thanks for sharing your word!

  4. Gather sounds like a good year. My word last year was ” DELIBERATE” and that was a good word for me last year. This year, I haven’t selected one word….I’m not even sure what it would be.

  5. That’s a very good choice for one word. So many areas of life to apply it to and so many ways to use it to the fullest. I don’t have a word this year. My last year’s was Simplify and had major success with it. I guess I need to think more for this year.

    1. I did simplify or simply, can’t remember. It worked well for me at the time. I’m hoping to really put GATHER to use this year.

    1. Because I was already focused on the relational aspect of the word I didn’t even consider the other possible meanings. There are many, as you said.

  6. I picked the word “enough” last year and then let it just fall. So this year I picked it again and I’ll be making a monthly goal to focus on one area in particular to make sure I’m living that word.

    1. That’s bold of you to try the same word again. I have no patience these days. I probably would have given up. I like the word though. It sounds like it could mean many different things things.

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