Sunday Matters: Someone is About to Turn 21

Sunday Matters

It’s super hard to believe but this guy, the boy, the lad, the college kid, is turning 21 this Wednesday. In September he moves away to college to complete his B.A. He is counting down the days. I know you are all wondering how I am possibly old enough to have a child this age. Right? You are wondering?

Evan while doing the Disney College Program at Typhoon Lagoon.

Right Now:

Trying to decide how we will spend the day. Yesterday we did the dreaded back-to-school shopping. Crowds and I do not mix. So today, I feel like I need a little break. Maybe some time outside.

This Week:

My son is heading out of town to celebrate his birthday with friends but we will be celebrating on Saturday with a nice dinner out. I hope to grab pics.

Nothing this week except rehearsals for Little Shop. Now that I freed my Tuesdays up, I need to start doing what I have been trying to do for so long. Write a book.


I finished The Summer Demands by Deborah Shapiro and really loved it. I will get the review posted soon.

I also finished and reviewed I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

Now that I finished those two I am back to The Scent Keeper.


I stumbled upon Drunk History and I love it. It’s especially funny after I did all that history reading to help my daughter with her class. Somehow I never pictured Lincoln as a nerd. Who knew?

New Things I’ve Tried:

I’ve tried a few new things this week but I can’t remember what they were. Seriously.

Grateful for:

Great smelling candles. It’s kind of a dumb thing to list but I love candles. They really cheer me up and it doesn’t matter what season I am in because there is a candle for every season. My fave are the Capri Blue Volcano candles from Anthropologie.

My question for you this week? Were you a backpack kind of kid or a binder kind of kid? I always had a backpack but my daughter likes binders but the stuff flies everywhere.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Someone is About to Turn 21”

  1. I was a multi binder kind of kid. I love binders and notebooks of all sizes! Sounds as though you are managing today quite well. Enjoy!

  2. I am wondering how you have a child that age. When I saw the title of your blog post, I thought YOU were turning 21. 🙂

    Kids didn’t use backpacks when I was growing up. We just carried our books in our arms. Gee, I’m old.

    1. Aw. You are too kind and funny. LOL.

      Binders today are not like they were when I was a kid. They are huge (5 inch) and these teachers make them paste their work into spiral notebooks, so that, plus 5 spiral notebooks full of glue and paper breaks a kids back and stuff falls all over. Not a fan. At least with a pack you can evenly distribute the weight. That is of you wear and it don’t sling it over one arm.

  3. Happy early birthday to Evan. And congratulations to you and your husband on raising such a good kid…two good kids.

    Drunk History is…well, you know…one of our favorites. So glad you’re enjoying it.

    Here, today, trying to read some for 24in48, but so far, it’s not going great. At least, we have a/c, because heat advisories. So no outside for me.

    No backpack. Binders. And papers falling out everywhere. I was…still am…very disorganized with papers.

    1. We are thinking of taking a drive to Pasadena so I can hit my fave bookstore but I spent a bit of money yesterday on back to school so not sure I should buy more books! I have so many.

      I had a trapper binder but I put it in a backpack. I had to have my hands free to read my book while walking. LOL.

      Last night we watched a Netflix original movie called Secret Obsession. It had a bunch of plot holes but was tense and fast paced.

  4. Certainly you cannot be a mother of a 21 year old!! Just as people are astounded when I say my daughter is a senior…until they see my reading glasses, and the gray streaks, and me hunched over because my back went out… oh nevermind! Happy birthday to Evan!

    *binder kids…with dividers!

  5. I’ve been watching Corner Gas on my tv via PrimeVideo and it is hilarious! My oldest son watched it when it was originally on but I just found it a few weeks ago while looking for something new to watch.

    I love candles and liked binders in school.

  6. There is no way you have a son about to be 21 🙂 Happy Birthday to Evan!!

    As for the backpack/binder question – I had a binder that I carried in my backpack – LOL!

    1. That’s the answer I was looking for!! Binder but WITH a backpack. LOL. I also had to walk to and from school so carrying all that stuff in my arms would have been difficult.

      And thank you. I knew it was impossible to think I had a 21 year old. Impossible.

  7. Happy Bday to your son. That’s fantastic! He has a lot going for him! Part of life was before backpacks caught on …. we carried school stuff but then later in college I think backpacks emerged. Thank goodness! We are watching Chernobyl now, which I think might be an HBO show (5 episodes), pretty scary stuff! Hope you have a lovely week.

  8. I hope Evan had a great birthday, yesterday. I loved binders and backpacks. LOL I’m a want-it-all type. 🙂 I have been slowly reading but I’m also making a concerted effort to make sure my daughter reads more consistently this summer, so she keeps those skills fresh. She struggled in 2nd grade, so i want her to be better prepared for 3rd

  9. Long time and happy to see your 21 year-old growing into such a fine looking young man. 🙂 Good to reconnect again, Ti.

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