Sunday Matters: That’s a Wrap

Sunday Matters

This week was not great and I’m glad it’s over. Health stuff. Stress. Seriously, I could do without it.

Right Now:

One of the things I am giving up while I figure out this health stuff is coffee. I never drank a lot of it but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Tea, just doesn’t do it for me but that’s what I am having at the moment.

This Week:

It is production week for Footloose with shows Thursday through Saturday.  I will probably see the show more than once but I’m not sure yet which shows we’ll see. I like to do opening and closing if possible.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. My son got us tickets to see Falsettos so I am looking forward to that.


I just finished The Wife Between Us and it was a wild ride.  I really enjoyed it and hope to get the review up soon. If you  know of other books like it, let me know.

I am reading Letters to the Church for a discussion  I have on the 14th and White Tears for a discussion I have on the 16th.


I have not been watching anything on TV but I did finally get to see Endgame! Avoiding all of the spoilers was so hard. I try to see these type of movies as soon as I can but our schedules just didn’t allow for it. Since others may not have seen it yet, please do not post any spoilers in comments. 

New Things I’ve Tried:

I haven’t tried anything new in the way of products but I need something for my skin. Maybe it’s because I’ve not been well but my skin is showing signs of toxicity and congestion. I just feel polluted. I need a new face mask or juice cleanse or something. Any recommendations?

Grateful for:

These days I am just grateful to get through the day.

How are you doing? The end of the school  year is coming and with it comes all of the end-of-the-year stress. Honestly, it’s killing me and there won’t be much of a break over summer either.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: That’s a Wrap”

  1. You seem to always have a really difficult schedule. Maybe calming tea will help. I love sipping green tea…it’s feels calming. I love the face gel I am using now…Den is using it, too. Lady Gaga swears by it! Take care!

  2. Sorry to read you are continually having health issues😢 hope, they are just stress related and that you can find an easier remedy to the stree. How about making time for yoga? Works miracles when I feel stressed.

    Not sure whether you gave up coffee because of caffeine but, a favorite tea of mine is Harneys Tropical Green Tea. I drink it as is and it’s almost like a cleanse for me when I have a few big mugs.

    So glad u loved The Wife Between Us, the audio was awesome as well.

    1. They don’t sell that brand of tea by me but I see that Amazon has it, as they do most things. I have no issues with caffeine. I just stopped the coffee because it happened to be what I was drinking when I had the one, horrible attack.

  3. Sorry the health issues are continuing. I love my morning coffee and would have a hard time giving that up. Tea is fine later in the day, but I don’t think it would do it for me in the morning either.

    The end of the school year activities always stressed me out. I know time is at a premium, but even a short walk outside or a few minutes listening to the sounds of the lake made me feel calmer. Good luck with production week!

    1. I do like to get outside when I can. This week and next are pretty busy but after that, I will be good until I take my high school group to summer camp! Good lord!

  4. I am so sorry that you’re not feeling well; it’s amazing how that can affect everything else. I’m not loving the book I’m reading right now, American Spy, so I hope to finish it today and move on to one that grabs me.

  5. I love coffee and drink it quite a bit, so I’m sure I would not fare well quitting it cold turkey. Geez, I sound like an addict. Forgive me…but it is possible, I love it that much.

    I do hope nixing it from the diet helps a little bit. i know how hard it is when dietary things are out of whack for you. I’m also hoping you can slow down that schedule a bit, since that probably isn’t helping.

    I still have not seen Endgame, but we finally saw Captain Marvel. I’m terrible about getting to the movie theater, but when all you have is rain all weekend….lol

    1. I haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet so you are ahead of the game in my book. Luckily, coffee does nothing to keep me awake so I never relied on it for that purpose. I just like it.

  6. Sorry you’re heaving health issues. I’ve been fighting allergic bronchitis for a month (I’m actually deciding tonight if I’m cancelling my trip to Mexico to see my mother on Friday. I think I have to… my chest feels too tight to fly.) A few years ago I spent a day with these lovely people who basically believed that you had to take time to find your tea before you could enjoy it. I drink both coffee and tea – coffee is my morning brew, and sometimes my late afternoon brew, but tea is what I drink in between, and there are SO many types. If herbal isn’t working for you try black? If black isn’t working for you try green or herbal. Peppermint tea (which isn’t really tea) is a lovely stimulant, but it’s also gentle on the system.

  7. I tried giving up coffee. I like tea and was able to find it an acceptable substitute for coffee for the caffeine. What I missed though was the ritual of coffee. There was something about grabbing a mug, pouring in my creamer and coffee, and taking that first sip while opening my email (on weekdays) that I missed. Steeping the tea never took on that ritualistic element, and I found myself a bit lost without it – no matter what type of tea I drank.

    Have you tried meditation? When I cannot settle, it is the one thing that can help me relax. I don’t practice regularly anymore, although I keep telling myself I need to get back to it. It really does make an enormous difference in your ability to handle any type of stress.

    Please make sure to rest when you can, but enjoy your girl and the shows this week! The end of the tunnel is getting closer; you can make it!

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