Sunday Matters: Here We Are Again

Sunday Matters

When I work all week, the days drag, but then I get to these Sunday posts and I am like, here we are again.

I am still spending time with one book (Killing Commendatore) so reviews have been non-existent. I’m okay with it and we are headed the holidays so things are slowing down anyway.

Speaking of the holidays… this sounds absolutely dreamy.

Book Flood Tradition

Right Now:

We turned our clocks back so I got a little extra sleep. I really use Sunday mornings to decompress from the week. It’s like crawling out of a cave sometimes. Slow-going. For sure.

This Week:

Unfortunately, a trip to the dentist is on the schedule for the week. Not a visit for myself, but it will require me to go to work late and fight students for parking when I return. Parking on campus reminds me of the Hunger Games.


I’ve talked plenty about what I am currently reading but this is what I hope to get to soon:

Dare to Lead


I watched the return of Roseanne minus Roseanne, The Conners and it’s just not good. It has nothing to do with her departure from the show because I had the same issues with the reboot in general but the acting is forced, the writing isn’t at all clever and again, they are trying to hit every hot button topic out there. Just. No.

One more episode with Rick Grimes tonight on The Walking Dead and then he is no more. For those who do not watch, he’s the main character. I don’t think the show can survive without him.

American Horror Story continues to be really, really good. SO good.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Have you tried the skin care brand Skinfood? My local ULTA carries a few of their products and one that caught my eye was their Black Sugar Mask. Let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome. Men and woman can use it. It’s not too girly in scent. Smells lemony and fresh but it excels in exfoliating the skin. I use it about every two weeks. It’s only $10 and lasts for so long. I use it on my hands too. I get nothing for this mention but it’s too good not to share.

Grateful for:

People who SEE me. I sometimes feel invisible. I don’t really know why and I am not overly sensitive about it but when I am appreciated or recognized in some way, I am grateful for it.

My question for you this week. Be honest. If I were to go to your house right now, would it be in pretty good shape? Both my husband and I work full-time. At the end of the week my house is, well, needing attention. My big thing is clutter. Volleyball  equipment dropped into the middle of the room, backpacks and gym bags, sweaters and jackets tossed casually on the couch. PAPERS seemingly everywhere. I declutter all the time but I feel like I need a day each week just to handle the basics.

Is this you or does your home always look like a model home? If the latter, how do you manage it?

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Here We Are Again”

  1. I love that Icelandic tradition!!

    I think every college has an issue with parking.

    I think women are invisible to society once we hit a certain age and I find it frustrating.. It seems we value young and cute women more than older, wiser ones.

    My home doesn’t look like a model home. I’m asking for a bi-weekly cleaning service for Christmas this year.

  2. My home certainly doesn’t look like a model home, but I do a pretty good job of decluttering. Of course, I only have to declutter for me these days; when Sophia is home it is a completely different story!

  3. Love the Iceland Tradition, Walking Dead fan and I agree the show will hold its own w/o Rick, but will miss him. Stopped watching American Horror Story this season, but may go back to it. Gave up on the Conners. My house for the most part is neat. Boys are older and help clean up but mud room is a dumping ground for all little things in cubbies, fishing poles and shoes, work boots etc.
    I do have a cleaning woman in every other week, just sayin”
    Ive been doing this for years and it helps free up time.
    Feeling invisible?? Hmmmm thats a tough one, I say explore your thughts, when and where do you feel this way and maybe its time for a change of routine!

  4. It means that your house is a home! Not a museum piece, not a layout in a style magazine. As for The Connors, I haven’t watched any of the come-back shows. I find they just don’t work. Like the Gilmore Girls. My daughter and I hated the new one. I hear whispers of Friends coming back. I think we should let the past glory of tv stay in the past. We can watch over and over again.

    1. Friends? Really? I wonder if these producers even care about the characters or if they are just in it for a money grab. I think I know the answer. This is why I typically watch older shows over and over again because even if they remade them, the sentiment and tone is so different now.

  5. I wasn’t a giant fan of the Roseanne show even back in the day, so no to the new one. I’m not a big fan of the reboots either (movie or TV show). I sometimes am OK with cop/crime shows, but really, who wants Magnum without Tom Selleck? And he’s over on Blue Bloods. Ha!

    My house – well, I’m a bit (or maybe more than a bit) of a clean/order/tidy nut. I always have been. But, there are just the two of us and I don’t work any more. I do stay pretty busy, but I suspect that when there are two of you, things will stay a little tidier. My daughter’s house on the other hand – well, let’s just say that she didn’t inherit my ‘tidy’ gene. Ha! And it’s all good…

    1. I was never a total tidy nut but it’s seriously bothering me. I have so little time to do fun things like read, so when I do, I don’t want to have to clear off a space for me to do it in. The other day just to cook dinner I had to clean the entire counter off of election mail that ended up plopped right on the counter when it has a specific place to go.

  6. When my kids were all home, I didn’t worry so much how my house looked but I did make them pick up their belongings that were left around the house. I wanted my time to be spent with my kids not always cleaning. They weren’t allowed to just drop their stuff anywhere. I didn’t care what their rooms were like as long as there was a safe path to the door, my sons were slobs. My daughter kept her room neat and tidy.

    I read Elevation, I thorough enjoyed it. I don’t read King’s scary writings but I look forward to his other writings. I think you will like this little novella, you will have to let me know.

    1. I don’t allow the messiness either but we end up fighting about stuff nearly every day. Right now the big thing is her volleyball bag and gear thrown onto the couch. I make her move it but then the next morning she forgets it. I leave at 5am, long before she does so I am not there to remind her.

    1. We have staff parking but the students park in our spots and risk a ticket in order to get to class on time. Also, staff do not leave once they get there so if you come late, you are out of luck. It took me 30 minutes to find parking and it was a student space I took. Our passes allow us to park in either.

  7. It’s amazing how quickly the weekends fly by…..

    a model home? Oh, please. I feel like I need the weekend just to catch up on laundry and cleaning off my counter. The weekdays are so busy….I feel like there are some days we are barely at home except for to make dishes dirty and create laundry. I wish I had it more together, because we never invite friends over because my house is in such disarray.

    1. What absolutely sends me into spasms is when my daughter has a friend over last minute and I am at work. Images of laundry and her horror of a room come to mind. How can you have someone over without picking that stuff up? But she does. One time I said something to the friend when I came home and her friend said this is much cleaner than her house. Oof.

  8. What a lovely Swedish book tradition!

    I am no Martha Stewart! I clean when we can, but somehow the clutter always seems to build up faster than we can keep up with it. The living room is the neatest because no one really ever goes in there. It’s almost like the equivalent of the old-fashioned parlor!

    The kitchen is the most used room in the house, and it only ever looks neat when we are going to have company over. The second messiest room is the family den. Why? Because that’s where my teenage son and his friends hang out most of the time. Oh, wait, I make it look messy too because I take the clothes out of the dryer and throw them onto the air hockey table – to get to when I have time – usually days later! 🙂

    I work full-time too, and right now, I would rather spend my free time in the evenings playing tennis than housecleaning.

    1. I was reading your family room / laundry comment and thinking you were like me. I throw my laundry on the floor in front of the TV. The dog runs around on it first and then I fold it. I leave it in stacks for my daughter to pick up and take to her room but she never does and then I have sooooo many stacks. My son is 20 and does is own laundry but just throws it in a basket and then he lives out of it. They never get folded. I am convinced that much of what he washes is already clean.

  9. I’ve got that ‘tidy gene’ Kay mentioned… sometimes it’s a curse, but I can’t live in chaos/disarray. It’s a lot easier now that there are just three of us, and our house in Florida is less than half the size of the house in NY.

    1. I like to be tidy. My work space is the envy of a lot of people but home is not really within my control. I leave it okay but come back to a hurricane. My daughter likes to leave a trail of stuff everywhere.

  10. Model home? Hahahahahaha! There was a time when it did. Then we moved and my kids hit high school. Now, I barely have the energy to do a load of laundry. My house horrifies me. In fact, I am contemplating hiring someone to do a deep clean of it before Thanksgiving because my sister-in-law and her family are coming, and they are incredibly picky about the state of their house.

    1. Yeah, see that’s the thing. I don’t think we are slobs or filthy but it’s not up to my standards. To me it’s more an issue of what we own. I need to get rid of most everything. Not an exaggeration. I want to live in a sparsely furnished space like an Ikea showroom.

  11. I have Elevation on hold at the library.
    I like neat and tidy. Have since I was a kid. My mom never had to pick up or clean my bedroom because it was always clean. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” was how I have always lived. But, our house now is in a bit of a mess because we’re sorting through everything to see what we want to sell, giveaway, donate. It’s driving me CRAZY!

    I sometimes feel invisible too. Maybe we all do at times.

    1. I am like you. I feel like everything should have a place but then I live with slobs. LOL.

      The invisible thing doesn’t always bother me. Usually it hits me when I am overly tired or just plain irritated.

  12. I think people who have real lives have messy homes…there’s no model home here! LOL If I had no job or obligations, I still wouldn’t have a model home…too much clutter and mess and I’m a writer, so I tend to be a paper piler with ideas in different spots

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