Sunday Matters: Heading Into November Like a Freight Train

Sunday Matters

I haven’t posted a review in a while because I am so into Murakami’s book, Killing Commendatore, that there is no time for other books while I am reading it . These Sunday posts will probably be all you see from me until I turn that last page.

But hey, it’s almost time for Halloween and then we are into November. I’ve been trying to schedule things, fun things, like Christmas light shows, the Sip & Shop tree lighting ceremony, and I am already running into conflicts. There are only so many days to schedule things when people take off for the holidays, etc.

Right Now:

I’ve bit a little out-of-it this past week. To some degree my body just gives out towards the end of the year. All that running around catches up with me. Plus, the news. GAH! Is GAH an actual word? Because, it should be.


This Week:

I am not a fan of Halloween when it falls mid-week and this is the first time my daughter will be elsewhere. I think I will make a pot of chili and hand out candy with my son (if he’s not working). The Hub and I like to watch a scary movie in-between door knocks too.


Yep. You know it. Murakami has my attention right now. I can tell you this, Killing Commendatore is probably his most accessible work and such a good representation of his style. I do not want it to end.


Oh goodness! American Horror Story really turned it up this season. it’s so good! It has Joan Collins! She is so fab in it.

The Walking Dead is still meandering along. Last weekend’s episode hinted at some shenanigans to come but it was subtle and lately, the hints and promises of something good don’t pay off. But Rick’s character has two more episodes of life and then that’s it for Rick Grimes. Not sure how I feel about it. I really don’t know why they even told the fans he was leaving.

New Things I’ve Tried:

This week I tried a boxed, gluten-free falafel mix from Trader Joe’s. All you do is add water, mix, and bake. The end product looked REALLY good and the texture was great, considering they were baked and not fried like traditional falafel, but the spices were so strong. Even covered in cucumber yogurt sauce and hummus it was too much for me.

Grateful For:

I have a really good circle of people around me and I am thankful to have them. They challenge me in good ways and make me want to be a better human.

Question for you…

Charlie Brown - I Got a Rock

If you celebrate Halloween, what do you enjoy doing that night? My neighborhood is big on fire pits in the driveway while handing out candy. I just like to watch a scary movie while handing out candy, usually with The Otter Pup. She used to hate trick-or-treaters but she gets so excited now.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Heading Into November Like a Freight Train”

  1. Halloween is no biggie for as we never get truck or treaters at our condo complex- very few kiddos here. The grandkids do go out in their own neighborhood. Glad u r enjoying the new Murakami book.

    1. After shelling out nearly $90 for candy, I am thinking it may be time to cut back but we just have so many kids come by. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s mid-week. It has no effect on numbers.

  2. Oooh! I like the fire pit idea! I am in quarantine so I can’t be near trick or treaters but we never know if we are going to have two kids or tons…our neighborhood is sort of isolated! I love falafel but not strong spices. I guess I should try these!

  3. I am watching Halloween movies leading up to, and including, the day, but we’re not much for trick or treaters. Plus I’ll be at work for most of the trick-or-treat time in our town.

    1. I’m not looking forward to the commute home tomorrow. It will definitely take me longer since most parents will be rushing home to get their kids ready, etc. I just want to hang out and eat chili. LOL. I have to work Halloween in. Although I also need to watch Charlie Brown.

  4. We’re in FL now, first time ever for Halloween. I’ve asked the neighbors and they’ve never had trick-or-treaters here. I’m thinking we might host a low-key gathering instead..

    1. I love a good low-key gathering. I’m not planning to have people over but I have to hit the market on the way home to get my chili fixins.

  5. We have so many kids come through, I generally just sit on the porch to pass out candy.

    I picked up some crud at the doctor’s office last week and am on the downhill side of that, thankfully.

    1. I sometimes take to the porch too, with the pup, when there is a bunch of people all coming at once. Easier than them stepping in my planter.

    1. And look how quickly the shooting left the headlines? Too many instances of violence to even stay in the headlines. And the news in general is so ridiculous I could spit. Every day it’s something. Every. Single. Day.

  6. We don’t really have trick-or-treaters either. We did have a few several years ago (we’ve been in this house 7 years), but then none. So, last year I didn’t buy any candy and we didn’t even turn the porch light on. I think our days of candy-giving are over for now. I don’t really want it in the house anyway. A scary movie sounds fun though.

    Hope you have a good week, Ti!

    1. They drop them off by the bus loads here. Not even kidding. Last year a tour bus stopped right in front of my house and a large group of people made the rounds. Our neighborhood doesn’t really have any cool decorations either.

  7. We don’t have trick-or-treaters. It bothers my husband to no end. He is forever trying to come up with ways to entice kids down our cul-de-sac. Now that the kids are done with that aspect of Halloween, I am perfectly okay hiding at home treating it like a normal night. It is nice not having the candy in the house to tempt us. Last year, we went out to dinner during the scheduled trick-or-treat time. I would like to do that again this year.

    The Walking Dead is one of those shows I started but stopped for a variety of reasons with the intent of watching it again via Netflix. Reading your comments about it week after week makes me wonder if I should just skip it and focus on another series. I have one more season of Downton Abbey to finish, and I will be looking to work my way through something else. I am thinking Breaking Bad or Mad Men instead of TWD.

    1. Nothing can beat the first three seasons of TWD. Great writing. We lost the writers that wrote compelling stuff but there is a new showrunner now and she seems to be injecting some life back into it. But Rick is leaving and who knows what affect that will have. I loved Mad Men pretty much all the way through. There was maybe one season where it got weird. Breaking Bad is your tea. Just saying.

      Handing out candy is pretty expensive. We go through 6 Costco sized bags at $14+ a pop. A lot of people don’t hand it out for that reason. I do like lit. I love to see the little kids in full costume and they do it pretty well up by me.

  8. Sounds like its time for a rest…vacation for you! Murakami, accessible? I’ve only read the one in the library setting…Maybe I should try this one?

    Got my Passion Planner over the weekend! Woot!

    We have a young kiddo, so you know that means trick or treating. We usually go to her friend’s neighborhood because ours was not great, but this year, we’re in a new place, so we’ll see what she wants to do. She loves Halloween, and I love decorating. We’ve been trying to watch Halloween movies with her since last week or so.

    1. When my kids were younger, I used to cook a meal, show a movie and have their friends over. My husband would then walk them around the neighborhood and then they would come back and trade out their candy. My daughter won’t be home this year. A first. It will be weird.

  9. I’ve lived in my present home for 20 years and have never had any trick or treaters other than 2 of my grandchildren. I like to watch a few movies, my favorite is Hocus Pocus,

    1. I really need to see Hocus Pocus in its entirety. Last year I watched 30 fabulous minutes, got pulled away, and never saw the rest of it. It seems to have a cult following.

  10. Happy Halloween! Have a great night. We will probably just watch a movie and hand out candy too. Sometimes we don’t get many people. Maybe we should see the S.King movie of “It” … still haven’t seen it. Have fun with Murakami’s book.

    1. If you get a lot of trick or treaters that IT movie might be hard to watch. There are little details here and there you could miss. I think I’ll watch Halloween. I am so predictable.

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