Sunday Matters: Summer Vibes (…loading)

Sunday Matters

I think this happened last year to some degree but summer is here according to the calendar. Our weather certainly confirms it but it does not feel like summer in my heart.

No vacations planned due to the Hub’s work schedule. I am taking days off to make some of my weekends long ones but the summer vibe is not there. There’s summer school to deal with and we received the school registration notice for fall last week and in a flash, July is half over. Poof.

How are you spending your summer? I need some summer vibes. I guess I’m just suck in a rut.

Right Now:

About to head out the door to church. Later, a slip-n-slide kickball event for the high schoolers that I may show up for, and then hopefully I will be able to say goodbye to a book club friend who is moving to Chicago.

This Week:

Nothing too major. I have a hair appointment, dinner with my life group, summer school drop-off. Things at work are picking up because we are prepping for the fall semester. Same. Same.


Still reading Visible Empire. It’s not taking long at all but I’ve been in a weird mood. I come home all antsy and cannot settle down to read. What’s up with that?

I’ve also been reading a book for my life group called Soul Keeping. Maybe this book is the reason for all of my angst. It’s about taking care of your soul and how easy it is to let distraction take you away from what’s important. I am not caring for the “voice” but the message is good.


Not much. Too distracted these days.


Chicken curry one night which was a disaster. It was way too salty! I don’t know what happened. I make it all the time. I made pasta one night and the pasta was gloopy. Gluten free pasta can be like that but I probably cooked it too long. Again. Distracted.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for serving opportunities because they take me out of my head and away from the news. Seriously! I cannot even stay up-to-date on world happenings anymore without a gray cloud appearing over my head. I know I am not alone in this.

So, tell me all about your wonderful summer so I can get out of this funk.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Summer Vibes (…loading)”

    1. I hit the beach on Friday and got fried. I wore plenty of sunscreen but I suspect it was expired because it did not work at all. I was reading the entire time so my eyelids are burned! Not a good look.

  1. We don’t have any vacations planned either, maybe a day trip here or there, but nothing major. My next “vacation” comes Labor Day when I take an extra day at the end of the weekend.

    I’m not having a great time settling on reading either. But I hope to change that with readathons the next two weekends. Hopefully.

    Our wonderful summer? We have a new BBQ rib place in town, makes good mac and cheese too. We just watched Love, Simon, which was really good. This Thursday, we’re planning a day trip to Corning, NY, to the Corning Museum of Glass and dinner, maybe a sushi place.

    1. ​The rib place sounds good and so does the museum. I hope you have a nice time. I’ve been taking on days off here and there which help but I may need to add a few more.

      I had some good food this weekend. Fajitas at our fave Mexican place and a very good cheeseburger as a lettuce wrap. ​I managed to get completely sunburned while at the beach last Friday. Not really uncomfortable anymore so that’s good.

  2. Hmmm…this is my first almost normal summer since all of my cancer stuff started…so…I just try to be mindful and thankful every day…I don’t yearn for travel or big trips…I am just content right now…content to sit in the sunroom and read…or hold my aging Lucy or walk with Roxie in her stroller…and go out to dinner with Den…and feel reasonably pretty again…reasonably undamaged…

    1. That last line you wrote, reasonably undamaged. Aw. Such powerful feelings. I am just happy to see you out and about and being Patty again. I knew it was just a matter of time. Once does not bounce back from that easily. I just said farewell to my friend with the pancreatic cancer. She survived the very complicated Whipple procedure but cannot gain strength because her nutrition hasn’t been good. She went into assisted living to help with that but there wasn’t much assistance to be had so now she is selling her place and moving to Chicago. She found a better living situation with more care and three square meals a day. She seemed much better personality wise but still so frail. I hope her new living situation gives her a chance to get back on her feet again. Literally.

  3. We had a good time in Oregon recently. Cool and beautiful. Nice to be away from our hot here at home. I really am a summer mountain person. Maybe you just need a ‘me’ day – yes, I know you’re reading about serving, but…if you have some days you can take off, do a fun day for Ti. Maybe get a pedicure or take yourself to the movies and see something ‘you’ want to see. Plus a delicious lunch. A suggestion only. 🙂

    1. You are right. I am hitting a milestone birthday very soon and I may take the entire week off just for me. School would be in session but the idea of a week off sounds good.

  4. Sorry about your funk but I’m in the same boat. The only thing that saves me is spending time with the little ones and lunches out — even those occasional cocktails are just a temporary “happy” fix. We have been to Maine for a couple of days, NH later this month and NY in August but no long getaways.

    I hope this week is better for you. BTW- u just finished Tin Man and although no review yet, I definitely did not like it as much as you.

    1. On Tin Man, really? I thought for sure you’d love it.

      My funk is ongoing. I really just love fall so once I can get through this wall of heat we call summer I’m sure things will pick up.

  5. Girl, my lone vacation this entire year is going to a hotel by myself for the weekend of the readathon. How pathetic is that?

    Based on our schedule, I am essentially considering the summer over. It is easier than knowing how busy we are even though it is supposed to be laid back and relaxing right now.

    1. I might have a couple of days of summer left in my head but other than that it’s back to business as usual. Quite depressing but I know a lot of it comes down to outlook. I just don’t have the energy to screen out all the horribleness in the world AND try to look at my summer through rose colored glasses. Not quite a Debbie Downer because I can still find humor in things but man, it’s taking a lot out of me!

  6. I am so sorry you are in a rut; that’s no fun. We spent a few days in SF, but otherwise are just hanging out at home and I totally get the feeling that more should be happening. Maybe day trips would help?

    1. Sure. We try to do day trips but the only day we seem to have is Saturday and sometimes my daughter has stuff going on. We still go on our own but then with pick up and other details like that we end up cutting the day short. I am just in a funk. Part of it is due to my health. Still trying to find a balance. Still trying to build up my energy.

  7. I don’t feel like it is summer, other than swim team events and super hot days. but I have no concrete vacation plans, etc. I’m stuck in a work rut.

    1. Yep. Being by the pool helps, I’m sure but I have no pool. LOL. I went to the beach on Friday but got totally fried. I seem to be doing summer all wrong this year.

  8. It’s been pretty hot here, but I’m not really feeling summer this year either. We have a trip to New England coming up next week and I’m hoping that will do it!

    1. I managed to get completely fried when I went to the beach last Friday. Kind of not the summery vibes I was hoping for. Your upcoming trip sounds fun though.

  9. I’m in a reading and general funk too. Can’t go to the beach because of a ban due to bacteria. No vacation plans. I’ve been reading The Shortest Way Home for months. I have no problem with audio though. I can’t even get interested in tv other than Big Brother.

    Sorry I couldn’t help and hope I didn’t add to your funk.

    1. We have bacteria warnings for our beaches out here too. Of course, we have several beaches to choose from so if one is closed there is another not too far away.

      I am doing okay with reading but summer is still hiding from me. I seem to have moved right into fall. I love fall. I am already thinking about my RIP challenge reading list.

      1. There are a lot of beaches near me too along the west coast but I get worried about going to any beach once a ban is posted at any of them because I think maybe they just didn’t check all of them yet.

  10. My mother came visit for a week. She has changed a lot. She is having trouble with her memory and it is really affecting me because my sister tried to tell me this was happening. I got see it for myself. I am very glad she came it cause a change in the atmosphere of the house. Her visit made it happy.

    1. It’s difficult to see our parents aging. I, too, was told of my mother’s failing health but really didn’t GET it until I saw her with my own eyes. It was very depressing for me and then she had that massive stroke and died shortly thereafter. In my mind, she was there and then not there. Same thing happened with my dad right before that but it didn’t make the second time around any easier.

      I am so glad you got to spend some quality time with her even though the memory issue probably concerns you.

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