Sunday Matters: I Kept a Secret

Sunday Matters

Last weekend we had a special visitor. Our son made the trip from Orlando so he could spend a little time with us and take us to Disneyland and California Adventure. I could not mention it here because he wanted to surprise his sister and boy, did he.

Evan at California Adventure.
Hamming it up at California Adventure.

She had NO idea he was coming. I picked him up at the airport last Friday, took him for tacos because apparently Orlando does not have good tacos, and then I took him home where we hung out for a little while before heading to dinner at IN N OUT which he also missed.

The Girl and Boy at California Adventure.
Brother and Sis together again. At least for a weekend.

The next day we hit the parks which was cool because with him being in the Disney College Program, perks were to be had. I also rode that giant Ferris wheel. I am not afraid of heights but I do not like to slide around but the kids wanted to be in the car that slid around and you know what? It was good.

The Family at California Adventure.
Us at California Adventure.

I usually try to take pics but those tacos… I managed to have a bad shrimp taco. I was battling food poisoning the entire weekend. Ugh.

Even with us shutting the park down, his visit was much too short. We took him back to the airport the very next day because he had to return to work but he will be home for good on July 26th.

Right Now:

About to head to church. Not sure what is going on later. Technically my small group has a concert to attend but it’s optional so I’m not sure what the plan is.

This Week:

Nothing but work. We are having a heat wave though so probably just to work and back. I like to go out in the evenings when I have an evening free but when it’s hot, you just want to stay in.


I started Visible Empire right before my son came to visit but reading about a plane crash when your kid is about to board a plane is not good timing. I picked it up again a few days ago and immediately got into it.


I really gotta catch up on Better Call Saul because the new season starts soon and I want to watch it with The Hub.


I have stuff to make curry chicken but we’ve been eating the July 4th leftovers. I swear, I cooked enough for ten people.

Grateful for:

The short visit my son was able to make. We go to Disneyland all the time but seeing it from a cast member’s perspective is really cool.

He’s been gone since January if you can believe it. In some ways it’s gone very quickly. When he returns on July 26th he has a dental appointment and jury duty to look forward to. He has to get it out of the way before school starts.

What’s going on with you?

26 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: I Kept a Secret”

    1. When I brought him home, I did so through the garage as , my daughter was cooking something in the kitchen. The dog gave it away but she was still surprised to see him standing there.

  1. Sounds like a great visit, despite the food poisoning (ugh). That’s great that your kids have such a good relationship and that you were able to get some quality time together.

    1. My kids are five years apart. The age gap wasn’t all that great when they were younger but it’s great now.

  2. I am so glad Evan came home for a quick visit and how great that he wanted to surprise his sister; they obviously have a great relationship! I hope the heat has broken a bit for you. I’ve been in San Francisco since Thursday so managed to miss the heat wave and the devastating fire in SB. We fly home today.

    1. We didn’t escape it really. It was 120 on Friday and 118 on Saturday. We went to Ventura for a little while but it was warm there by the time we left and so crowded!

  3. Great photos of all. So nice the visit with your son. He will be home pretty soon now. I don’t envy you with that Heat wave. Yikes. It’s a pretty time of year here. Enjoy your week.

    1. It hit 120 here. Cars were breaking down everywhere. It was really horrible. Even my own car, which was idling for over 30 minutes due to road blocks started to overheat and turning the heat on in 120 degree weather was like torture. And the following day was 118. Ridiculous!

  4. Glad you got to spend some time with your son! I do have to disagree with you about Orlando’s tacos. He just didn’t go to the right places because there are some yummy places to get tacos there. Sorry you got food poisoning. Still haven’t checked out Better Call Saul. I need to do it.

    1. As you can imagine, he is in Orlando without a car so his taco reach is limited but what he’s had has been horrible. Not at all authentic, I guess. I remember visiting DC and thinking the same thing about Chinese food. LOL. If you know of a good place close to Orlando then please share as he is marking stuff off his bucket list.

      1. Didn’t know he was without a car. There are a few places inside Disney that are pretty good. I’d ask around. Pecos Bill is decent.

        1. Oh year, it wasn’t feasible for him to drive to Orlando and he can’t afford to rent a car while there although he has used Lyft plenty. I will mention the one suggestion to him. He has asked around but their idea of “good” is not the same as his. Sometimes people just don’t know they are having a mediocre taco until they’ve had a really, really good one.

          1. There are a few “authentic” restaurants near me that are owned and operated by families from Mexico and they are really good. Also, my husbands cousin owns 3 restaurants in my area that everyone loves. But now I’m wondering if they are as good as the ones where you live. Too bad I can’t take a trip to California 🙂

            I know food from different areas taste different. When I moved to Florida from Ohio it took me about 6 months to get used to the taste of the meat here. And when I lived in California the meat tasted different too.

            1. Oh, I’m sure someone cooks Mexican authentically. You’d think someone from Mexico would but even then you will find a difference in preparation. I guess I can’t really compare since I mostly just know California. Maybe you just like what you know or what you are used to. I nearly died when a friend from Texas made guacamole with cream cheese! It’s good but not guacamole. LOL. Or the Chow Mein I’ve had in DC made from spaghetti noodles. Not the same!

              1. Guacamole with cream cheese? Never heard of that. And I do think it depends on where you’re from. I’ve lived in 3 different states and certain things tasted better in certain places.

    1. It was so much fun! Even with me having food poisoning we still managed to get on most everything. The one exception was the Indiana Jones ride because it was broken down when our fast pass came up and then remained broken for the rest of the night.

    1. We are just counting the days now until he is back for good. 16 to be exact. He has one big thing on his bucket list that was cancelled last week because of horrible weather: a trip to Gator World. I hope he was work it in before he leaves because it’s not something he’ll hit again anytime soon.

  5. Aw! He looks healthy, happy, and oh-so-tan! All that time in the Florida sun. I’m sure he has some interesting tan lines though. Has he enjoyed his time there? Any chances for future work at the parks? What next for him outside of school?

  6. Awww what a lovely surprise for your daughter! I’m sorry you got food poisoning — that is always miserable — but it sounds like the rest of the trip was really fun. I hope your son enjoys jury duty! I always find it fairly relaxing, lots of time to get my reading in.

    1. Haha. He is not a reader so he will have to spend his time some other way. I hope he just calls in and then they tells him his service is done because school is about to start.

      ​Food poisoning rots. Especially this time because I didn’t even lose any weight. What gives? ​

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